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Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.04.24)

Despite two losses to the Marlins and Cubs, the Reds still have a shot to secure an 8-2 homestand with a win today.  I don’t care who the Reds are playing, going 8-2 during any stretch of 8 games is pretty good. 

Mat Latos will take to the hill in search of his first victory of the season.  Latos has allowed 3 runs or fewer in each of his 4 starts this season and could just as easily be 4-0 rather than 0-0.  He’ll face off against the wide-receiver guy from Notre Dame in today’s afternoon faceoff.

It’s day game, and as per Redleg Nation tradition, tell your boss to shove it because you are watching the Reds game.  I know I will be watching from my computer today!  Go Reds!

269 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.04.24)

  1. 3 K’s for Joey today…man that 2 game run he went on really had me thinking he had pulled it together. I wish we would have given him today off. We’ll need him for the road trip.

  2. I didn’t realize how good of a defensive play that was from Cozart until I saw the replay. I knew he covered a lot of ground, but I didn’t realize he threw it across his body as he was falling into right field…wow.

    • @eric nyc: Yeh I was thinking as he gloved it, nice play to keep the score tied. Didn’t see an out at first coming at all.

  3. Cubs announcer: “I might be tempted to pinch hit for Ted Williams against Aroldis Chapman.”

  4. Hopefully I’ll see Cozarts play on ESPN highlights. I definitely want see it.

  5. Chapman hasn’t thrown anything but a fastball yet. Totally regressed to a thrower. What a waste of talent.

    • @eric nyc: Yes 16 fastballs and one slider. He’s been using the slider pretty effectively this year though. He uses it against tough RHed hitters. A slider against Rizzo would have been a good idea.

  6. This from MLB.com’s Gamecast:

    “Aroldis Chapman is taking a chance challenging Anthony Rizzo in a location where he is hitting .364 for the season compared to .171 overall.”

    No no no, Aroldis Chapman laughs at chance. Then he throws a 100 MPH fastball right by it.

  7. a win’s a win, and i’ll take a homestand like this all year. but you’d have liked these games against the cubs to have had a little more breathing room.

  8. 17 fastballs and the win. I love that Chapman can put the boot down, but he’s becoming the equivalent of putting a fat guy in front of the goal in hockey. Sooner or later you’re going to have to get this guy comfortable with other pitches…

  9. Nice win ! The Cubs tv broadcasters are much better than their radio broadcasters. They were saying that if Chapman is going to be used in relief, why not in high leverage situations like today’s 8th inning. Today of course Mr. Broxton did an excellent job in the 8th, he handled Soriano as well as anyone could.

  10. Good win for the Reds and in only 9 innings to boot. Can’t say enough about Latos performance today, awesome would be a good start though. On to D.C. and some more wins for the Redlegs. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

    • @al: Right 16 fastballs and one slider (for a ball). Was just saying above, I notice that this year so far he uses it on dangerous RHed hitters.

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