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Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.04.24)

Despite two losses to the Marlins and Cubs, the Reds still have a shot to secure an 8-2 homestand with a win today.  I don’t care who the Reds are playing, going 8-2 during any stretch of 8 games is pretty good. 

Mat Latos will take to the hill in search of his first victory of the season.  Latos has allowed 3 runs or fewer in each of his 4 starts this season and could just as easily be 4-0 rather than 0-0.  He’ll face off against the wide-receiver guy from Notre Dame in today’s afternoon faceoff.

It’s day game, and as per Redleg Nation tradition, tell your boss to shove it because you are watching the Reds game.  I know I will be watching from my computer today!  Go Reds!

269 thoughts on “Game Thread: Cubs at Reds (2013.04.24)

  1. The Cubs have a strong 1-2-3 punch with Wood, Villanueva, and Samardzija. Then it’s a long way down to Jackson and Feldman.

    If the rotation holds, the Reds will face Villanueva, Samardzija, and Jackson next weekend.

    • @renbutler: Wood has been extremely lucky on balls in play thus far this year. Also, his walk to K ratio is pretty terrible. 2.08 ERA and 4.44 xFIP.

      He’s a good 4th starter, but hardly intimidating at the top of the rotation.

  2. I hope we start getting Latos some wins because he’s looking like a legit Cy Young contender. If he’s having this good of an April just imagine when he really gets rolling in the summer.

  3. Latos still looking sharp, and with a low enough pitch count to go 8. Hand off to Chapman for the 9th.

    • Latos at 90 pitches through 7 innings. He should be good for facing 6-7-8 next inning. Then Chapman in the ninth.

      You and Al are making too much sense. Prepare for sadness.

  4. Have there been any interviews with Latos about him overcoming his April struggles yet? I’d love to know what if anything he’s changed to get past it. Last year he was ice cold this month and now he’s just strong.

  5. Cubs aren’t playing by the rules if the 6-7-8 guys bat in the eighth. They are supposed to be saved for Chapman in the 9th. Stupid Cubs.

  6. Cozart is almost an automatic double play now. Dusty really has to move him back. I’d rather have Heisey batting #2.

    • Cozart is almost an automatic double play now. Dusty really has to move him back. I’d rather have Heisey batting #2.

      (Assuming bitter Reds fan guy) “Well, Cozart saved Votto from striking out again and making that contract stink even more.”

    • @eric nyc: Why not Frazier? Or Phillips and Frazier #4?

      It doesn’t make any sense to have someone who isn’t one of your 5 best hitters getting the second most ABs. There is no argument for that.

      • @al: Well assuming your options are Cozart and Heisey…We are talking about Dusty Baker here. Barring a trade or a miraculous recovery from Ludwick, BP isn’t going anywhere. And Frazier doesn’t have the patience to bat 2nd.

  7. 4 out of 5 dentists approve of using this Chooing tobacco. The 5th was a bitter Indians fan.

  8. Broxton warming up. I assume that’s just in case he’s needed in this inning. Would think they’d go ahead and have Chapman at least walking around by now.

  9. Jeez, all Mat can do is THROW strikes. The umpire has a responsibility to call a strike a strike!

  10. Reds really need this game, I would have used a fresh Broxton for the 8th and Chappy in the 9th.

  11. Yeah seems like we see this a lot. A one-run lead with an outstanding effort by the starter; and because he has pitched so well you give him a ittle extra slack which has bad results. With this offense right now the Reds have no room for error. Too bad.

  12. Reds need to get Cozart out of hitting #2 and put him in the back of the order. He is killing them. Heisey would not be much better. I would have Xavier Paul play LF and hit 2nd.

  13. Is the pitch tracker out of calibration? Or is Soriano really swinging at pitches over a foot inside?

  14. Way to go Broxton! That’s how you strand some runners! (With an assist from Cozy)

  15. well, there you go cozart, that was a great play. had him played just right up the middle.

  16. Cozart ! I thought it would at least be an IF hit to tie up the score. Good job by Broxton.

  17. What an absolutely sensational job by the Brox-town! He has now officially completed the conversion from a thrower to a top-shelf pitcher to be feared.

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