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Game Thread: Stupid Cubs at Reds (2013.04.23)

“Cubs gonna cub” – Chad Dotson

Classic line that pretty much sums up the Chicago Cubs.  Tony Cingrani will make his 2nd big league start against Carlos Villanueva who has been tough this season.  There isn’t much to worry about though, because at the end of the day, the team we are playing is still the CHICAGO CUBS, and Cubs are gonna cub!

Cheer for the Reds tonight!  Hopefully tonight’s game will end before I fall asleep!  Go Reds!

425 thoughts on “Game Thread: Stupid Cubs at Reds (2013.04.23)

  1. Guys, something great is going down on Twitter.

    Keith Law is trying to get John Fay to respond to his criticisms of Dusty. Let’s hope Fay responds…

  2. Is Thom condemning Dusty’s bullpen management? Without really saying it?

  3. “Three to one, Chigago” ….. he’s commenting on this game, but is he even watching it? How do you get 3-1 out of 4-2? Both team’s scores wrong.

  4. Chapman is going to pitch about 4-5% of the team’s innings this year. Might as well get someone who will affect every game for him.

  5. Maybe Parra is being asked for too much. He did the job last inning. The Reds could do better with this roster spot, I think.

  6. Wow, sure glad that Dusty didn’t wait too long to take Parra out or anything. Here comes Alfredo Simon. Dusty clearly never had any intention of winning this game. Miller/Parra/Simon. The white flag A-Team.

  7. corky is fun and all… but i think this should be his last game in the big leagues. not sure who else we could call up and pull of waivers/free agent, but the reds should probably go down that road.

  8. Talk about things going from bad to worse, could there be a one hour rain delay.

  9. Darwin Barney had a negative OPS+ coming into the series and wouldn’t ya know he’s the one hit the go ahead homer in the 10th. Manny Parra/bullpen management are unbelievably awful for this reds ball club.

  10. I agree, why not have Chapman pitch in the 10th. You just got the momentum by tying it up in the 9th, and Chapman did not throw that many pitches last night. Chances are Chapman holds them in the 10th and gives Reds a chance to win it in the bottom of the 10th. Also, I think obvisiouly with his outing tonight Parra just gave himself a pink slip for the Reds with this outing.

  11. not sure what was more predictable:

    Bruuuuce getting K’d;
    Parra getting jacked;
    Dusty leaving in Parra.

  12. Please let this be the last of Parra.

    I would take Arthur Rhodes who is probably on a couch last now over him.

  13. Guys, Chapman’s value is clearly only throwing 14 pitches a game.

    Of course, if you bring that up on twitter you get 5 appearances in 7 games thrown in your face.

  14. If you’re going to put in a pinch hitter for Miller, why not just have Mesoraco bat? That guy’s on fire and if they manage to tie it up here, he’s coming into the game anyway.

  15. Dusty dodged a bullet in the 9th and therefor playing with house money. He should of just walked away from the table and put in Simon. But he is Dusty.

  16. After the ninth inning, the Reds are playing with one arm (Chapman’s) tied behind their backs.

    What a miracle if we could tie this back up. Let’s go Choo!!!

    • After the ninth inning, the Reds are playing with one arm (Chapman’s) tied behind their backs.

      What a miracle if we could tie this back up. Let’s go Choo!!!

      Unfortunately I have no faith in any of the beat writers to actually ask him about it. Jon Fay is the worst of the bunch.

  17. Horrible strike zone.. horrible offense… horrible management. Losing to the Stupid Cubs just makes me so angry.

  18. Leaving Manny Parra in for a second inning is one of the worst bullpen decisions all year, and that’s really saying something. Could have used Hoover or Chapman and maybe Broxton. Even Simon for the fourth night in a row would have been better.

    I sure wish Dusty Baker or whoever it was that saw Manny Parra with their own eyes in some game some year ago pitch well against the Reds would just forget about it and read the facts.

  19. Down and away, who would have thunk it. With the way the home plate ump was so inconsistent in calling that pitch, Votto had no choice but to take a hack. Maybe its me but I can’t remember a time when the umpires as a whole did such a terrible job of calling balls and strikes. Oh well we’ll get em tomorrow afternoon for sure. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  20. Okay, if the Reds somehow come back there, Mesoraco has to come into the game anyway…why is D. Robinson pinch hitting ahead of him? Why is Cozart allowed to hit at all?

    Why, Dusty, why?

  21. The Reds are sure frustrating for a team that’s 12-9.

    I’m a complete non believer in the “it’s a problem when you score a lot or not all” theory that is sure to resurface here, but geez, guys, bank some of the runs in the blowouts. There’s no excuse for the offense scoring as few runs as they are against the quality of competition they’ve faced over the last two series. And I completely get that you’re going to lose games, I have no problem with losing to the Cubs (we’re not going 18-0 against them), but the way they are losing is a bit irritating. Can’t they just lose 6-4 or something? And in 9 innings, please.

  22. Zack Cozart is sort of a microcosm of the Reds offense as a whole. He has had 3 or 4 monster games and has essentially done nothing else in the others. The Reds lead all of MLB in double digit run scoring games and they are tied for 2nd most games having scored 1 run or less. Bipolar

  23. I will not be surprised if the Reds don’t send Parra down when Marshall comes back. After all, these are the geniuses that decided Willie Harris was better than Todd Frazier at the start of last season and that Dusty is actually a competent manager. What gets me about this team is that no one in the media or anyone remotely close to the Reds complains or even bothers to QUESTION Dusty’s management. John Fay, Lance McAlister, Mo Egger, and others are quick to criticize and complain about the WOO, but you will never ever hear them second guess Dusty Baker. Pretty Pathetic.

  24. Parra 2013?! The guy is the holder of a career 5+ ERA! We signed him to have another LHP in the pen, but don’t even use him as a LOOGY (which I’m not a huge fan of having, anyway – waste of a roster spot). I’d rather have an effective RHP or Cingrani. We want Cingrani to develop for when Arroyo retires and Bailey or Latos leaves via free-agency (hopefully won’t happen, but we gotta groom some starters, such as him and Corcino). But in the playoffs, it’s all Cingrani in the ‘penani. Parra should be out, yesterday (or better, before the season).

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: And everyone here is certain that the Reds are the better team. It’s way too early to make a determination on this.

      Seems like deja vu on this topic, every year.

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