Our good friends at GQ magazine inform us that Brandon Phillips is featured in a spring fashion shoot in their May issue, along with a Q&A.  The magazine is on newsstands today.

The picture below shows BP sporting approximately $1300 worth of fashion gear, but (and?) the interview has some interesting stuff to say about:

  • The 2012 NLDS:  “Still not over it.”  For some reason, he talks about failed bunting plays as something he wishes had gone differently.  I’m pretty sure there weren’t any such plays.
  • Twitter:  Chad Johnson suggested — quite accurately — that BP would be perfectly suited to the medium, and could use it to raise his national profile.
  • Plate Discipline:  Says he understands that he could be more selective, but he just loves swinging the bat.  It sounds better in his words.
  • Best Clubhouse Prank:  Involved terrifying an unnamed teammate into thinking the teammate’s feet had turned purple.  I like to think it was Adam Dunn.

The full fashion slideshow is here.  The full interview with BP is here.  

Photo credit: Cass Bird / GQ.

Photo credit: Cass Bird / GQ.
Jacket, $695 by Moncler. Tank top, $15 by David Beckham Bodywear at H&M. Jeans, $192 by J Brand. Sneakers, $415 by Common Projects.

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  1. Good Lord that outfit is hideous.

  2. He has huge feet.

  3. Speaking of fancy pants, I’m loving that most of the new Reds are wearing the high socks. Even SuperTodd started sporting them recently.

    • @RiverCity Redleg: I was at the game where Frazier started wearing the high socks and I started jumping all over Dusty for starting Hannahan over Frazier when Fraziers was playing other-wordly. I sheepishly recanted all the derision once I realized it was simply a wardrobe adjustment.

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