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Game Thread: Marlins at Reds (2013.04.21)

Breaking News: Joey Votto is good and Shin-Soo Choo reached base 5 more times while we slept last night.  I love watching these guys hit.  In a matter of just a few weeks, Choo has shot up the ladder of my current favorite Reds players.  It doesn’t hurt that the guy wears my beloved #17.

Today the Reds send Homer Bailey to the bump to try and polish off a series win against the Marlins.  Anything less than taking 3 out of 4 against this squad will be disappointing.  Bailey was lights out in his last start against the Phillies and I expect a similar outing today.

It looks like a nice day for baseball!  Let’s sit back, relax, and cheer on the good guys today.  Go Reds!  WOOOOOO!

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  1. This outfield is amazing. The Marlins are really earning their soon-to-be .211 winning percentage…

  2. Choo !!! I could play RF better than Stanton, and I’m over 60. He’s “redefining RF as a postion”, one of the Reds broadcasters just said.

  3. Drew Stubbs just hit his 1st home run. But I’ll take Choo all day and twice on Sunday.

  4. Dear Redlegnation,

    If the Reds strand Choo here, they suck. They would leave ANOTHER runner on base.

    Sincerely yours,

    Marty Brennaman

  5. So right now Choo, BP, and Votto all have to be in the top 10 at least for MVP.

  6. If I were managing the Marlins I might pull Stanton while we’re batting. He looks disinterested in the field and at the plate.

  7. This is how you take care of a Sunday game. No worries about extras now. And Ondrusek can get a shiny “W.”

  8. The interesting thing about Choo’s AB was that he took a fat pitch on 3-1, trying to work the walk. He’s really into the “leadoff hitters get on base” thing. But if the game were tied, I’d want him to swing at that pitch.

  9. After watching Giancarlo Stanton play like a lazy zombie all series, I’ll take back ever wanting to trade for the guy. I know playing for a crooked owner on a bad club is no fun, but be a professional.

    • @earl: it had to be expected. they should have traded him last winter. he’s young and immature, when he started tweeting about how pissed off he was, that should have been a good indication of where his mental state was at.

      i’m not defending his poor play, just saying that we all saw it coming.

  10. We also tag on Dusty for odd pitching changes, but man this inning by the Marlins – yowza, I don’t get it at all. Mike Redmond pretty much gave up on this game leaving his starter in too long and then allowing Rauch to get clobbered.

  11. Now THIS is what we should’ve been doing to the Marlins crappy bullpen Friday and Saturday. But I’ll still take 3 out of 4 anytime.

  12. Choo’s been on base 11 times in the last two games. I bet there are weeks last year where Stubbs didn’t reach base 11 times.

  13. Well that certainly was fun, listening to Brantley however was not. I don’t know which is more cruel the Reds having Brantley work solo, or the fans having to listen to him work solo.

  14. The Reds now lead the Majors in Runs scored, and have the top two hitters in OBP. Looking good.

  15. BREAKING: An MIT study on baseball just released states that getting hits with runners in scoring position can often lead to runs.

  16. I would make an offer to the Cubs for Soriano. The Cubs would have to eat most of the salry but I think a deal could be had. Once the trading deadline hits and ludwick is back, you could flip Soriano or ludwick for a reliever.

  17. Anyone know how many runs we’ve scored off errors and wild pitches, passed balls, etc. this year? It’s not always hits that are scoring us runs. I just know that if we keep clogging the bases all year we’re going to do just fine.

  18. Looks like the Redlegs have this game well in hand. Its 60 and sunny out, think I’ll take me a little walk down to the neighborhood store. I was hoping for a sweep but 3 outta 4 is the next best thing. And how bout that Votto kid I say we keep him. Next! Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

        • @eric nyc: My concern is that because of the paw he throws with, he sticks around and Hoover gets sent down. Hope not, but …

          • @Brian Van Hook: Why wouldn’t Marshall coming back push a marginal lefty from the pen? Seems like the obvious move. I already think Hoover should be replaced by Arredondo.

          • @eric nyc: I think Marshall for Parra SHOULD happen. Why wouldn’t it? If Dusty wants two lefties in the pen. (Not counting Chapman, who is saved for the obvious by-the-book usages. … I know about Arredondo’s success against lefties, unsure how Dusty values that, also unsure how Arredondo has been faring in AAA.

  19. Well that should do it for Manny Parra. Can’t even handle mop up duty against the Marlins. Good bye.

  20. Win. But lesson learned: Manny Parra should only be used with 8+ runs in the book.

  21. Thanks to Manny Parra, the Reds no longer have the best run differential in MLB. That was quick

  22. Votto just made a quasi-joke in an interview and laughed. The world is ending.

  23. This scares the hell out of me: “As the Reds try to bring out the talent, the 30-year-old Parra has worked to have his mind be an equal to that talent. He spent the winter working with a sports psychologist, whom he initially hired while still with the Brewers.” -Mark Sheldon

      • @Love4Reds: Dusty Baker’s. No matter how poorly he pitches, he will ultimately remain very left-handed. Therefore, he will remain on the roster until he either gets hurt or someone who is equally as left-handed replaces him (Marshall doesn’t count because he is left-hander #1 already). All bullpens require two left-handed pitchers. I fear it will be poor J.J. who gets sent down when Marshall comes back.

  24. In spite of the fact that Stubbs hit is first home run in the AL today, I am thinking the Reds got the better end of that deal. Last season, Drew Stubbs got on base 149 times. At his current pace, Shin-Soo Choo will equal Stubbs’ total times on base by June 8th. That’s game number 62.

  25. The value of W-L as a statistic: Ondrusek has one more W on the season than Mat Latos.

  26. Parra is not the answer with the Reds, obvisiouly. Need to either bring up Arredondo to just face left handers, or make a trade, or better yet, bring up a left hand reliever. If Dusty sticks with Parra, they are going to be sorry. Unless, he comes in with a 6-8 run lead for mop up duty.

    • Parra is not the answer with the Reds

      Depends on the question. If it’s the Reds pitcher opposing batters most want to face, then that’s the answer.

      Seriously, though, I’m not sure Arredondo is a solution to this problem either. In his splits at Louisville (admittedly small sample size), he’s been far more effective against right-handed batters. The 17 strike outs he’s recorded over nine innings is nice, but the eight walks are not.

  27. ESPN’s recap calls Choo both “Shoo” and “Chin” at various points. Fail.

  28. Can anyone tell me where I can find a “Quality Start” stat listing? I have looked several places but haven’t been able to find one. I know that it isn’t the best stat to gauge a pitcher’s success. But, like with all, many differ as to what is the best. The thing is, I have found enough of where to find all the others. I haven’t been able to find one for “Quality Start”. Can someone assist? Thank you.

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