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Game Thread: Marlins at Reds (2013.04.20)

I guess it was too much to ask that the Reds take all 4 games against the lowly Marlins in this series.  But not winning 3 out of 4 will be pretty disappointing.  I refuse to panic at this point of the season (See: Pirates Sweep, Last Night’s Loss, Joey Votto’s Swing) and tonight’s game is just 1 of 162.  But I would not feel to good losing two in a row to the Marlins.

But these guys are playing baseball at the highest of levels so anything can happen.  Bronson Arroyo will be going for his 3rd win of the season today as he faces Wade LeBlanc, who I personally hopes has 4 losses on his record after today’s contest.

Discuss matters here and …. Go Reds!

187 thoughts on “Game Thread: Marlins at Reds (2013.04.20)

  1. The way these teams are hitting the ball, Ludwick’s going to be eligible to pinch hit here soon.

    • The way these teams are hitting the ball, Ludwick’s going to be eligible to pinch hit here soon.


  2. If this games goes to the 14th, both teams select a position player to pitch the balance of the game. Now tell me that wouldn’t be interesting and pep up the crowd?

    • @Sergeant2: Two hits in the game.. bunt single and swinging bunt single. Neither traveling further than like 30ft.. but in the box score they’re both sizzling line drives to right field.

  3. If Buck Showalter got so much credit for winning all those extra innings/one-run games, why, then doesn’t Dusty receive “credit” for tanking them?

  4. Are they really taught to put their fingers on the front of the bat when bunting? I learned in 6th grade you don’t expose your fingers.

  5. Love seeing Frazier on the top step of the dugout, first to congratulate Izturis even after he’s been taken out of the game

  6. Brandon delivers on his bobble head day. Awesome. See what happens when guys get on base? I guess that’s a good use of base clogging.

      • @RedTitan19: It’s not really contradictory. You don’t want to leave runners on in a given situation, but high scoring teams leave a lot of runners on.

  7. I like the bunt in that situation. Votto’s going to be walked if the base is open anyways, and Cozart and Izturis are very unlikely to be walked. If it had been a runner on 1st, I would have hated the bunt.

  8. Hope Cozart is ok. Not sure I’m ready to see Cesar batting 2nd everyday.

  9. The Choo Train strikes again. Boy I like this guy more and more. If I were Uncle Walt and Uncle Bob, I would do everything I can to secure this guy long term. Seriously, I would definitely dump Ludwick’s salary somewhere, or even Bruce’s.

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