Is it too early in the season to compare this year’s Marlins team with last year’s Astros team?  The Marlins are bad.  Of course I do not care if you are good or bad, I want the Reds to win. That is exactly what the Reds are going to do in this series!  If you are like me, you want it to say W7  beside of the Reds in the standings after this series is over.

Of course the Reds can’t get to W7 without first getting to W5 and that is what the Reds will look to do tonight.  Mat Latos has had some rough luck this season when it comes to wins and losses.  His record is 0-0 despite his 3.26 earned run average in 3 starts.  At the same time, his pitching couterpart Kevin Slowey is 0-2 for the season despite a 2.04 ERA.  That may or may not be surprising when you consider the team Slowey has behind him.

So the Reds go for five in a row tonight at the ballpark.  I’ll be sitting in attendance…watching my son in a talent show.  I’ll be relying on members of the Nation to keep me updated of the score while I wait for my son to take the stage.  Here’s to hoping my son and the Reds break a leg tonight. No wait! Too many injuries already.  Let’s just stick with going.  GO REDS!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Last night was almost not fun to watch. The body language of the Marlins, even including the coaches, was of a group that did not want to be there and did not expect to win. It looks like it’s going to be a long season for those guys.

  2. Looks to me like the weather is going to be worse that the opening week might games. Actually it brutal, temps heading under 40 with a big windchill.

    Wonder if they are giving any thought to cancelling??

  3. Was just about to ask what the weather was like down there, up north where I am it’s heavy rain and heavy wind.

    • @Mwv: Cold (mid-40s) and windy, but no threat of rain. It’s fireworks night, so that may boost the crowd. Tomorrow is a bobblehead game, so probably 30K no matter what.

      • Okay thanks, so no delays. Was getting a bit tired of those on the weeknights where it’s harder to stay up for the games due to work.

      • @Steve Mancuso: I see where the downtown temps are 3-5 degrees higher than the “official” temp I saw. 45 isn’t so bad but but the windchill is already under 40 even downtown.

        If it is too windy, don’t they cancel the fireworks. That would make a lot of people happy (not), sitting through chill then getting no fireworks.

  4. The Old Cassack has been under the weather the last few days. The thermometer seemed to have been stuck above 103 and I was sweating like a pig, so Mrs. Cossack got to take a girls night out at the ballgame with our oldest daughter, who really wanted to go to the game no matter what and weather be darned.

    I was too delerious to comprehend much from Cingrani’s game last night, so I watched the replay and relied on the Nation to keep me updated. I was not impressed with the kid’s first start and I’m really glad it was against the Fish. Against an even mediocre team, it could have been ugly. Hopefully he will have better control next time out.

    Does anyone else think the Reds could sweep the IF gold gloves this season? Goodness, every one of those guys can flat out pick it.

    For any Reds fan dogging Votto, you should count your blessings:

    .127/.200/.255 Cabrera (CLE)
    .151/.196/.264 Murphy (TEX)
    .182/.217/.255 Kemp (LAD)
    .167/.262/.333 Upton B (ATL)
    .213/.315/.319 Posey (SF)
    .200/.258/.382 Hamilton (LAA)

    So is anyone else just tickled RED to see the LAD & LAA tanking early this season?

  5. I have no real enmity towards the Angels. Probably because they’re over in the AL where it’s hard for me to get worked up about anything. Not a huge Dodgers fan, I think the team I like the least (beyond the Cards) is the Nats. I just get a little tired of all the Harper headlines.

  6. WLW cut to a news update about Boston …

  7. Sheesh. Latos made that look easy.

    • @Mwv: Pierre may not hit the ball hard, but he hits to contact and Latos sent him back to the dugout, bat in hand.

  8. CHOOOOO!!!

  9. wow, what a leadoff hitter. Can we keep him please?

  10. Choo is an absolute machine!

  11. Looking ahead.. Choo is setting the bar awfully high for Billy. I can’t help but think there’s going to be a big sense of letdown.

  12. Somebody need updates? 1-0 Reds after first inning, Choo triple and Votto sac fly.

  13. Has Stanton changed his first name again?

  14. Latos seems to be making a statement about what he thinks of being forced to pitch against triple A teams again.

  15. whoa, Fay said on the radio broadcast that Dusty pretty much admitted that he had Broxton go too long between appearances before the Pittsburgh debacle. Dusty, admit something like that?

  16. Latos is on his way to a big game: 2 IP, 23 pitches, 18 strikes, 4 SO. The pitching stats against the Fish count?

  17. Long out there, he was right on that.

  18. I love Hanigan’s defence .. but his plate appearances are just painful right now.

  19. Free Devin

  20. Update: Still 1-0 Reds after 2 innings.

  21. Iffy call there on that strikeout but we’ll take it.

  22. Great throw by Bruce. Can’t believe they tried to get that guy in from 2nd on him.

  23. Hanigan needs to tag runner like he means it.

  24. Latos gave up 3 hits in one inning to the Marlins. Hanigan must be calling a bad game.

  25. Update: 1-1 after 3 innings. Marlins get two singles, a sacrifice bunt, a strikeout but then a two-out single to score a run, Bruce throws the second runner out at the plate on the play.

  26. Update: Still 1-1 after 4 innings.

  27. Latos is throwing daggers inside.

  28. I wish the Redlegs would give Mat Latos some run support! He’s earned it!

  29. Latos doesn’t get cheated when he hits.

  30. The team that shall not be mentioned is trailing the Phils. Sure would be nice to pick up a game…….let’s go offense!

  31. Update: Still 1-1 after 5. Latos had a 2-out double but was stranded.

  32. Is 2013 officially Screw Mat Latos Year?

  33. LOL Pierre trying to run over Hanigan.

  34. Beautiful play by Super Todd.

  35. Solid Reds defense

  36. Juan Pierre will dream about Ryan Hanigan tonight.

  37. The offense is poo-poo tonight.

  38. Update: Still 1-1 after 6 innings. Each pitcher at about 80 pitches, Latos with 9 strikeouts.

  39. Free Teddy!

  40. Slowey is making this O look like vs. Halladay/Postseason 2010. C’mon, man!

  41. Would love to see nobody else but Brantley doubled up.

  42. The seventh inning has been an issue for Latos this year. In all four games he has pitched, he’s given up just one earned run through the first six innings.

  43. God I didn’t want to see Manny Parra.

  44. Bigtime pitching there by Latos.

  45. Still 1-1, Latos snuffs out a threat, Reds have a base runner but don’t score.

  46. That’s a darn shame for Mat Latos.

  47. Brox looking a lot sharper so far.

  48. It’s freezing. And I’m inside. A little nippy for baseball.

  49. Good inning for Broxton.

  50. Broxton works, when used.

  51. That just means a Votto walk off tonight.

  52. Heisey batting .161 and of course he only has two walks all year, so his OBP is .190.

    Hanigan batting .079.

  53. Going to the 9th inning, Chapman on for the Reds, still tied 1-1. Marlins at 4-5-6 in the order.

  54. At this rate, Aroldis may go into the All Star Break with a 8-2 record with a 1.40 ERA.

  55. Heisey appears to have little strike zone knowledge

  56. Not good. That was a bomb.

  57. Welsh called that all the way.

  58. 94mph and up.

  59. JV we need you.

  60. Nice hustle by Cozart.

  61. C’mon Joey. Time to sooth our jangled nerves.

  62. With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel, “Where’s your bat gone Joey Votto, Redleg Nation turns our hopeful heart to you.”

  63. Not struggling

  64. Marty, after Votto struck out: “You really don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.”

  65. Can Votto hit a baseball or is he just fine with taking walks and going 0-2 every night?

  66. I don’t understand why guys are even walking him right now. Zero contact with the ball that AB?

  67. I’m surprised Marty didn’t call for Joey to bunt.

  68. Get ’em tomorrow fellows.

  69. Well I guess if we can only get 5 hits off the Marlins we deserve to lose.

  70. Update: Oh, pooh!!!!

  71. Who’d thought that Mat Latos should have begged the team to save some runs, against the Marlins, the night Tony Cingrani starts? This is why this game is un-freakin’-believable.

  72. Hey can’t win em all, heck we’ll teach em a lesson they won’t soon forget tomorrow. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  73. Supposedly a cold and windy night in Cincy. I wonder if the boys mailed it in tonight? No injuries and we will get them tomorrow- love the marathon.

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