Tony Cingrani is scheduled to make his first major league start later this afternoon. A surf around the interwebs uncovered no shortage of good articles on the Reds hottest prospect:

— Doug Gray of provides a detailed scouting report on Cingrani, including how he has looked so far this season in Louisville. If you only read one of the articles linked to in this thread, this is the link you should click.

— John Sickels wrote this profile on Cingrani when Tony was promoted last September

— also posted a couple of articles about Cingrani last September, which I summarized here.

— Mark Sheldon of with news of the announcement yesterday.

Reds manager Dusty Baker is hoping that the rotation doesn’t miss a beat with Cingrani taking over for Cueto.

“That’s what the depth of the organization is about,” Baker said. “We’re here to win ballgames and not see who the next rising star is, even though it’s exciting. We want him to fit in like we hope he does.”

— C. Trent Rosecrans with the Cincinnati Enquirer story.

“Obviously his fastball is very, very good. It’s not a (Aroldis) Chapman fastball, but because he has deception, it gets on guys and looks a lot harder than it is,” Louisville pitching coach Ted Power said last week. “He’s very, very competitive. If you watch him out there, he’s huffing and puffing and gritting his teeth — not because he’s tired, but because he’s fired up. He seems to be able to focus even when he’s like that. Sometimes you worry about guys like that, you worry about them getting out of their game.”

— JD Sussman of questions whether Cingrani is being rushed.

— Robert J. Baumann of Fangraphs realized that Cingrani is Venn-Dominant

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  1. That Baker quote from Sheldon is telling about how Dusty feels about prospects.

    Dusty, sometimes rising stars need MLB service time to actually become a star. There can be some type of tradeoff (much smaller than Dusty apparently assumes though) between present day wins, but the payoff is potentially huge.

    • @CP: Agreed. Baker isn’t concerned about “rising stars”. But, you know, the “rising stars” don’t care about being “rising stars” either. They want an opportunity, especially when the one in front of them aren’t playing up to the “rising star’s” standards. They also want to win, just as much if not more than anyone else out there.

      If Baker was so concerned with “winning games”, he wouldn’t have been starting Harris in front of Frazier last season. He wouldn’t have been putting Stubbs, Gomes, Tavaras, and Patterson out there so many times. He wouldn’t have pitched Chapman and Hoover in so many games right away only to have them have to sit for about a week. Baker may even be concerned with winning games. But, these things aren’t how you go about it.

  2. Cingrani would be a better bullpen option right now that Ondru/Parra/Simon at least. He is being brought in to start because he is capable of so much more (sounds like Chappy). Dusty will never be accused of ‘handing’ anything to a rookie. Just ask Todd Frazier or Devin Mesoraco.

  3. I’m hoping, if nothing else, Cingrani has a great outing because the Marlins don’t know him… the advantage of being unknown. Sure feels like it happens when the Reds face a new guy.

  4. I hope that Baker and Price sit down with Cingrani and put him at ease. Not to put any extra pressure on himself. Just tell him what his role is. That he is up for 2 weeks only and 3 starts more or less. That no matter, when Cueto is activated off the DL that he has to go back to AAA to work. Tell him, you aren’t here to try to win a job. Give us 3 good starts with 6 good innings each start and it will be mission accomplished.

    • @WVRedlegs: Well said. But I do trust Dusty in these waters.

    • @WVRedlegs: Sounds good, but what happens if Cingrani throws 18-21 innings of 4 run, 24 K baseball in that span and Leake throws 15 innings of 12 run baseball? Suddenly you start having to ask some questions and wonder.

      I know Leake just had a great game last night, but that was against a Phillies team that looked terrible and scored 2 runs against the #3&4 starters in 16 innings. Not really sold on the guy. Still think he could benefit from some AAA time where development matters a little more than results.

      • @ToddAlmighty: I think Leake and Cingrani must both be aware that one of them is returning to Louisville when Cueto returns. Leake is the established frontrunner with a job to lose, but Cingrani could realistically take the job. If that competition somehow motivates them both to do well it should be an exciting few weeks, offsetting the disappointment we should feel about Cueto being out.

      • @ToddAlmighty:

        What if Cingrani and Leake both pitch well during Cueto’s absence??? Its baseball, you never know what is going to happen next.

        One thing is certain though, since Cueto went down, the starting pitchers have really really stepped up.

        • What if Cingrani and Leake both pitch well during Cueto’s absence???Its baseball, you never know what is going to happen next.

          One thing is certain though, since Cueto went down, the starting pitchers have really really stepped up.

          If Cingrani and Leake both pitch well… that’s a problem I can live with. Dusty, Price, and Jocketty will have to decide who to demote and their decision may be controversial amongst fans (Mike Leake stinks vs Cingrani needs to work on breaking pitches in AAA)… but I don’t think the Reds particularly concerned about what the fans think of the pitching staff. They didn’t care what fans wanted to see with Leake vs Chapman and I doubt they’ll care how fans feel about Leake vs Cingrani.

          Who they choose to keep should be interesting. How the decision is receive by fans should also be interesting. I think the excitement of promoting Cingrani (and seeing what he can do) really balances out for the frustration of losing Cueto.

  5. It took me a second to process JD Sussman’s statement that Cingrani projected to a #4. He has been so highly touted by fans as to believe he is the next Lance Lynn. At his current state he may be projected to be a #4, but from what I see from others he has the potential to be as high as a #2.

    The only pitchers in the Reds minor leagues that have the potential to be a #1 are Robert Stephenson and Amir Garrett (now that he’s consentrating on baseball alone).

      • @Greg Dafler: I don’t know about Travieso being a #1. His stuff plays more like a #3 type to me or perhaps a setup reliever in the bullpen if his change-up fails to improve significantly. He has a nice fastball and his slider shows some promise. His change-up however is just not up to snuff. It could end up being an adequate 3rd pitch but I don’t see it ever being much better than that.

      • @Greg Dafler: LWBlogger has a more acedemic answer than I. Truth is, I do not like Nick Travieso. I hope they trade him well before he makes it to the bigs.

      • Man, you guys are tough. Travieso can throw 100 MPH. As a starter he throws 90-96. An 18-year old with a change up that isn’t up to snuff means he is a reliever or a #3 starter? Tough, tough crowd.

        • @Doug Gray: Not dissing his stuff. Just don’t like the guy.

        • @Doug Gray: BTW – You’ve been getting around lately! You’re Lance’s, JD, etc go to guy.

        • @Doug Gray: You’ve seen him more than I have. I have never seen or heard of him hitting 100 but know he can do mid to high 90s. I forget he’s just out of HS sometimes. He’s definatly got a serious fastball. My main concern is his third offering. You’re right though, he has a lot of time to develop as he’s very young. If his slider can become what a lot of folks think it can and if his change can become even a decent pitch, then yes, he may indeed be a #1.

    • @TC: I’m a huge fan of Tony Cingrani but what I really hope for is just that he emerges as a legitimate MLB pitcher and a serious candidate to replace Bronson Arroyo next year. Arroyo’s level of performance (an ERA around 3.80) is what I’m hoping for, and anything better is just a bonus.

      I think Homer Bailey really suffered from being a future superstar and can’t-miss-ace, and I hope Cingrani isn’t treated the same way, for failing to meet arbitrary performance requirements expected of a #1 or 2 starter. If Cingrani looks like a capable MLB starter and I’ll be happy.

  6. The kid pitching tonight for the Marlins is also suppose to be a real hot young pitcher with some unique qualities according to the Phils as they faced him the other day. Could be a very interesting pitching matchup tonight.

  7. It’s a match up of stud pitching prospects tonight, it should be really interesting. Fernandez has looked phenomenal in a few starts so far, he could be a star for the Marlins for many weeks before Jeff Loria trades him away for supplies or something.

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