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Game Thread: Marlins at Reds (2013.04.18)

Nothing special about tonight’s game is there?  Just a regular ol’ night at the ballyard.  The Reds will look to make it 4 straight wins. Oh, of course there’s the whole Tony Cingrani making his first major league start thing, but that’s it, right?

Yeah right!  That’s a big deal.  Cingrani was outstanding in Triple-A Louisville in a small amount of action this season and he’ll test his abilities tonight against a team that should be similar to those he faced in Louisvlle.

It’s Reds and Marlins.  Discuss the game here! Fishy-Fishay!  Go Reds!

157 thoughts on “Game Thread: Marlins at Reds (2013.04.18)

  1. We will see what Cingrani made up of… 3rd time through the line up. If he gets out in low 90 pitch count leave him for 6th..

  2. Breaking through against the kid. That should teach him not to shake off his catcher when he is struggling.

  3. Best part about that Cozart hit is it was on a breaking pitch. Normally he just feasts on fastballs.

  4. I wonder if Brandon Phillips could hit .250 this year and drive in 200 runs.

  5. Votto gets jammed a lot lately. Working in on the hands. Gets tied up looking for pitches away.

  6. I think the name of this web site should be changed from redlegnation.com to criticizejoeyvotto.com

  7. How ugly is that Pujhols contract looking for the Angels now? They may have to move him to DH this season.

    • @preach: He has always ran the bases like his feet are sore. Now it looks like the whole body is breaking down. they may not get 3 good years out of that deal. A-Rod says thanks.

  8. Man, Cueto has sure thrown a lot of pitches tonite. Ah, who is this Cingrani guy (I’m just channeling a little Giancarlo here)?

  9. Nice game by Cingrani. He’ll get more efficient as time goes by.

  10. So is this a good or bad job by Mesoraco, who is apparently inept at calling games? Lots of K’s, 1 run, but some walks and he threw a ton of pitches. I will await the response from the CERA crowd.

  11. Real solid start by Cingrani. If the wildness was nerves then he will be great when he settles down. You can’t pitch that high in the strikezone to a real team though.

    • @Mwv: I agree. And we’ll find out more when Cingrani gets called up to the majors before his next start.

  12. Giancarlo does not look interested in being on this team. What would it take to get him?

    • @nelly33:
      I had the same thought. If his numbers suck, could we get him cheaper and then have an attitude adjustment when he gets here. HMOG ( Holy Mother of God) that would be huge

      • @SFredsfan: I don’t blame him. Their franchise gave the one finger salute to the fans and players.

        But it would be huge as to make pitchers choose between Votto or Stanton. And our LF wall is much closer than in Miami.

  13. Jay Bruce has a higher batting average than Joey Votto.

    April Madness!

  14. I know this is probably a silly question considering it’s the Marlins.. but do they have any good arms in the pen?

  15. haha – Marty “If you’re going to throw a wild pitch, you may as well throw a major league wild pitch, and that one was.”

  16. I see Miguel Cairo in the dugout. Anybody know his role on the team?

  17. I am not sure if this point is has been made about Votto,but I cannot imagine a trade off that would be better than what it is. Would people be happier if he traded his OBP of around .520 down to .420 so that his BA could possibly go up from .270 to .370?

    That would ask him to swing at bad pitches and get a hit 50% of the time. My math might be a bit off, but if a guy can get on base over 50% I do not care if he hits .200. The other guys got to drive him in and they are for the most part. The team got some awful pitching on the road trip otherwise we all would’ve had a lot better weekend.

  18. I could get used to the amount of runs this team is producing this year.

  19. Consecutive blowout games is hard to digest. I’m not used to games without anxiety.

    Votto jammed again.

  20. Votto is the only one in the lineup without a hit (Meso has a sac fly RBI)and he just does’nt hit into that weak infield dp stuff. Gotta believe something is wrong.

  21. Thom is trying to back Dusty by arguing for “specialization” in baseball.

    It’s not that difficult, you get the best players in the most games.

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