2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Phillies at Reds (2013.04.17)

The Reds will enter tonight’s regularly scheduled contest with either a 2-game winning streak to keep intact or a 1-game losing streak to try and snap.  The Reds and Phillies will resume last night’s scoreless affair at 5:30 with Zach Cozart at the plate and Joey Votto waiting in the on-deck circle.  After Votto hits the game winning hit, fans will then have to wait until the regularly scheduled time to watch the conclusion of the series.

How ironic will it be if the first game goes to extra innings and we see Aroldis Chapman “start” the 10th inning?  The irony is that Mike Leake will start the series finale. 

It is raining buckets outside right now where I am.  Hopefully everyone is dry in the Queen City.  As the saying goes… It is a good day to play 2!  Go Reds!

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  1. Remember 22-1! Reds have 9 runs after three, on their way to avenge that drubbing in Philly in 2009.

  2. ESPN says if no hitter in Pittsburgh continues they will cut there live to cover it. If they do I hope its split screen. I want to keep watching the Reds I don’t care what the score is.

  3. One thing also with Leake. In both his games this season, the Reds scored second. Leake was working without the lead. It is a lot easier to pitch with the lead than without it.

  4. Was hoping Leake would get a double. How about a complete game shutout while hitting for the cycle

  5. Me thinks Votto needs a day off, starting right this minute and continuing until Friday night. He looks lost.

    • @George Culver: it looks like hes going up to the plate trying to draw a walk, and is EXTREMELY hesitant to swing at anything, hence the half swings. hes being WAY too selective and needs to get more aggressive. seems like hes letting alot of hitable pitches by in hopes of working the count and walking to first.

  6. By the time June rolls around, if someone ask remember when Votto struggled to start the season, you’ll answer “not really”

  7. The only thing that’s keeping me from being worried right now is that Votto will someday soon be the ONLY guy hitting for us, and that will be enough to win some games. And he’ll be okay. We’re so used to him not slumping that when he shows some normal human tendencies, we get worried. He’ll be okay. He’ll get a day off, he’ll recollect and he’ll be fine. But for now…he looks BAD.

  8. Looks like Mike Leake morphed into Johnny Cueto. Maybe it is the short hair?

  9. Phillies waving the white flag by pulling some of the regulars. As are the Reds.

  10. Just have to love Jay’s new approach at the plate. When it warms up a little, those homers will come.

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Absolutely. If Bruce continues staying back and going with the pitch, the HRs will come in bushels. He’s strong enough to hit the ball out to any field.

  11. That kid makes me want to clean out my bank account and send it to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

  12. Game ending DP perfect end to an enjoyable night of Reds baseball. Why can’t they all be like this. (insert smiley face) I don’t know who’s up next for the Reds, but whoever it is, the can beat em with one hand tied behind their back. Go Reds!!! Adios Amigos.

  13. Loved the game- sheesh they smoked them. Meso, Frazier, Cozart were all big. Leake pitched like a stud- love the idea of competition. Now can Cingrani use his off speed pitch well enough to be nasty? We’ve had injuries, yet the youngsters will stand up and make us tough. See ya in October

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