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Game Thread: Phillies at Reds (2013.04.16)

OK, we can all now breathe a sigh of relief.  The Reds finally won a game and were not destined to lose their remaining games this season.  Now the club looks to start a winning streak that will hopefully last the better part of a week!  Bronson Arroyo pitched a pretty good game last night (minus the one pitch to Utley) and Homer Bailey will look to duplicate Arroyo’s effort and take down the Phillies again tonight.

It is a beautiful day here in my location so I can not think of nothing better to do tonight than sit out on my deck, prop my door open, turn the game on the television, and enjoy the nice outdoor weather while viewing the Reds game.  Maybe I’ll even stop by for a comment or two with the fine folks of Redleg Nation tonight while watching the Reds win!

Go Reds!

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  1. From above:

    Chapman……Cozart / MVP / MVP
    I like our chances

    …let’s go Redlegs!

  2. I had it all worked out that Joey was going to hit a bomb while lightening struck, Natural style.

  3. I gotta say though, I’m blown away by that effort by Homer. That was just plain fantastic.

  4. Well I hope the rain is all out of its system tonight. I don’t like getting wet. It’s not allowed to rain Fri Sat or SUnday either. Actually the weather man needs to discuss all future rain events with me.

  5. So…has anyone seen Milwaukee’s SS, Jean Segura? The dude is tearing it up: 425/.465/.600

    Not too shabby. Doesn’t make up for Alex Gonzales being their 1B, but having a SS who can hit makes a big difference.

      • @localboy: Well, I’d say Cozart is fine, but the Reds can’t tolerate Hanigan, Cozart, and Heisey hitting the way they have in the same lineup for long, Something has to give.

        • @CP: We have Hanigans solution in Meso and Barnhart in the pipeline. We have potential in the pipeline for LF, SS is weak right now.
          Heisey is just not everyday material.

  6. I know the Reds are going to score in the bottom of the inning (whenever that occurs) but just for discussion, if the game is suspended until tomorrow and the Reds don’t score, does Dusty bring Chapman back out? (He could get a 2 inning stint that way)

  7. I guess I’m about to lose the audio feed. Marty said they will be back in 30 min. for an update. I’ll check back in 30 min. Go Reds!

  8. Poor Homer Bailey just can’t get any run support.
    For Bailey, the Reds offense puts up more Zeroes than the Japanese Navy put up over Pearl Harbor in 1941.

  9. What’s gotten into Baker? A good use of Chapman today. Did he get confused and think we scored a run there?

  10. Well so far mlb.com is broadcasting banana phone time. I think they’ll wait at least an hour before they suspend the game.

  11. No more audio. At least there’s a couple of episodes of Family Guy on now to bide my time.

  12. Dang. I’d love to see a walk off win but not at the expense of injury to our guys.

  13. Reds fans…u think u have gotten off to a bad start. Check out the Halos’ start: 4-9 and getting drubbed by minnesota right now

  14. Idea for the editors of this amazing site! ESPN’s boards have an automatic page refresher thingy. IDK if it is expensive or what but would be nice to come here and get live streaming feed from the wonderful posters in here

    • @zab1983: In case anyone’s reading this the day after the game….please don’t do this. It’s not that hard to hit “refresh”. Meanwhile, with the automatic refresher thingy (Tm), the page is constantly jumping around and it’s hard to read. IMHO, of course 🙂

    • @zab1983: In case anyone’s reading this the day after the game….please don’t do this. It’s not that hard to hit “refresh”. Meanwhile, with the automatic refresher thingy (Tm), the page is constantly jumping around and it’s hard to read. IMHO, of course 🙂

  15. I’m calling Mercy. Long day at work tomorrow….well actually short. SUpposed to view batting practice from the field tomorrow if they have it then game then LONG day at work. Reds clothes packed, time to go to bed.

  16. Votto is coming up in the 9th. Can’t the Phillies just forfeit and we can all go to sleep?

  17. Game officially suspended. Will restart at 5:30. Don’t forget the 7:10 game will be broadcast on ESPN Wednesday night. Two wins on the same day, can’t beat that. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  18. I hoped play would resume, felt the Reds would score in the 9th off Aumont. Now we don’t know who the Phils will pitch in the 9th.

    If it goes to the 10th, I’m not confident. The Phils have Rollins, Utley, and Howard coming up, calling for a lefty. That would indicate going with Chapman, but it would be his 4th day in a row.

    Ordinarily I’d be comfortable with LeCure, and my understanding is that he’s ready to go, but he hasn’t pitched for a while. Broxton’s terrible outing on Sunday doesn’t affect my thinking too much, the rust is presumably off. But Broxton is not as effective against lefties as righties. Marshall sure is missed.

    • @pinson343: Oh, wow. So if this goes extras, and Leake has a rough outing … I don’t even want to finish the thought.

      How about a quick win and a good day for Leake!

      • @Brian Van Hook: Yeh I don’t even want to finish the thought either. But others on the blog seem optimistic about tomorrow, I hope they’re right.

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