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Game Thread: Phillies at Reds (2013.04.16)

OK, we can all now breathe a sigh of relief.  The Reds finally won a game and were not destined to lose their remaining games this season.  Now the club looks to start a winning streak that will hopefully last the better part of a week!  Bronson Arroyo pitched a pretty good game last night (minus the one pitch to Utley) and Homer Bailey will look to duplicate Arroyo’s effort and take down the Phillies again tonight.

It is a beautiful day here in my location so I can not think of nothing better to do tonight than sit out on my deck, prop my door open, turn the game on the television, and enjoy the nice outdoor weather while viewing the Reds game.  Maybe I’ll even stop by for a comment or two with the fine folks of Redleg Nation tonight while watching the Reds win!

Go Reds!

284 thoughts on “Game Thread: Phillies at Reds (2013.04.16)

    • Hanigan walks – Bailey bunts him over – Choo drives him in.

      Dusty’s dream: Hanigan bunt singles, Homer bunt single, Choo commits a mass suicide squeeze and they both score.

  1. As awesome of a pitcher’s duel this is, I cannot stomach the howls from GABP.

  2. Big decision….Who bats second ?
    I would leave Homer in the game and put the pressure on Hanigan, yet pulling him is not a bad idea.

    • @localboy: Just thinking the same thing. I mean, if Hanigan gets on, that would call for a sacrifice, what a pitcher is suppose to do. But, then, we are needing some offense tonight, what we aren’t getting.

      I have to say, if Hanigan gets on, have Homer bunt. If Hanigan doesn’t get on, pinch hit.

  3. Thom: “I’m not going into some mass diatribe about the designated hitter, but……” (insert mass diatribe here).

    • @preach: “I believe there should be a constitutional amendment outlawing astroturf and the designated hitter.”

  4. Tom and Jeff have decided that Dusty Baker would be perfect as an American League manager.

  5. So far, it doesn’t look like Homer has missed one step from last season. He’s finally found something it looks like.

  6. I want Mes to PH if Dusty goes that way for Homer. I want a HR and I want it now.

  7. Mesoraco should try and get Janish’s old number – it probably still has Bat Boy on the back.

  8. Just think, Mesoraco is getting paid $450,000 to sit around and watch baseball. It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

  9. If the benches clear, I’m finding out where Krantz is at and staying the heck away from him.

  10. So, you still don’t think Chapman doesn’t have enough pitches to be an effective starter?

  11. I can’t recall a time when major league umpires did such a terrible job of calling balls and strikes.

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