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Game Thread: Phillies at Reds (2013.04.15)

Do the Reds really have to play again today?  Maybe it will rain or an act of god will strike and the club can regroup and get a day off.

I am not panicking right now.  But like many fans, I am concerned and ready for the Reds to show they are the team that many feel they are.  If there was a part of the schedule that was set up to allow the Reds to have some success, it will be over this homestand.

So let’s all hope the Reds get back to winning tonight!  Go Reds.

217 thoughts on “Game Thread: Phillies at Reds (2013.04.15)

  1. I’m tired of Heisey’s bat too, but I’m still rooting for him. Ditto Cozart and Hanigan.

  2. Hooray! Chapman pitched in a high leverage situation. Good thing for Baker that Frazier and Heisey made outs there in the 8th.

    I don’t think Ryan Howard could hit Chapman if he had 27 at bats per game.

  3. Dusty had zero-point-zero to do with this win. Congrats to the guys! That was an inspiring game and Baker should not even share the same bench with this team.

    Go Reds!!!

  4. And this one belongs to the Cuban Missile. Thanks to Brandon Phillips that is. Lets make it 2 in a row tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  5. I still cannot get my head around bunting Choo to get to Cozart.

  6. Wasn’t on line during the game, but I was watching it with my 11 year old. When Bronson came back out for the 8th, he looked at me and said with a very puzzled expression “Dad? I don’t understand.” I just said “I know son, I know.” and BINGO, my son ended up yelling at the TV before the end of the inning “Our coach is so dumb.” To which I said, “He’s called a manager, but your point is taken.”

  7. Whew. That was fun. Dusty… I’m still looking at you for having Arroyo in there. See Preach’s comment. But, nice for some good luck to come Cincy way… wild pitches, poor outfield play. Nice to see a win. In fact, it was so fun, let’s do it again tomorrow.

  8. BTW – After hearing all the Pirate fans wooing the other night. I’m officially became ANTI WOO. Now one of the Red’s PR tweeted: Friends watching game out of town wanted to know why fans call Chapman “Woo” . I am joining the “Stop the Woo” movement.

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