Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 0
St. Louis 10

W: J. Westbrook (1-1)
L: H. Bailey (1-1)

–Votto had two hits.

–Homer Bailey is apparently still human. Not a good start today.

–The bullpen did not help matters.

–Neither did the offense.

–The Reds lost the series.

— I don’t know. That stunk. Let’s go to Pittsburgh.

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  1. Worst game of the year. Now we know basically how the Nationals’ fans felt after the 15-0 loss. Now there’s a whole day off to think about it.

    The Reds were going to face AJ Burnett, Jeff Locke, and Wandy Rodriguez in Pittsburgh but Wandy has now been scratched with an injury. It should be easy enough for the Reds to sweep. That’s something to look forward to.

    • @RFM:

      Uhh, we don’t hit Burnett very well.
      Don’t know why Dusty doesn’t man up and play XPaul vs. all righties. Dude can HIT! Heisey, Cozart have no business in the 2 hole.

  2. Unfortunately, the Reds did not go today. 🙁

  3. Where was the rain when we needed it.

  4. Everytime I get ready to punch my ticket for the Homer Baily bandwagon, THIS happens. I’m glad we have him, but he is truly an enigma inside a mystery.

    • @preach: One could even say an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a mystery …. I’m still very positive about Homer, but does he really need Hannigan to pitch well ?

  5. Yeah, today was a little payback from the Cards for the Reds spoiling their home opener. Mama said there would be days like this. The Reds should move on and get ready to face the Pirates.

  6. What happened today? I was working all day and missed it.

  7. No matter what we always seem to end around .500 vs the Cards and don’t win much there.

  8. Votto was 2/3 with another BB, so he’s now hitting .290 with a .500 OBP. That’s more Votto-like, but he’s still only got a .387 SLG which very unVotto-like. That’s the only positive I got from that train wreck and that’s a stretch. Time to regroup and refocus over the off day and prepare for the upcoming 20 day stretch of games.

    Now excuse me while I get sick.

    • @Shchi Cossack: Failing to get to Westbrook is inexcusable. This lineup is better than that. Bruce has left 8 on in the last two games . . .

  9. This one inning blowup crap won’t fly this year…

    I know it’s only happened once with two guys (Arroyo yesterday), but the fact that it happened in back to back days is just frustrating.

  10. I am going to fixate on the 2 spot stat line I fear. Heisey killed the closest thing to an early lead and also failed to advance Choo a second time.

    Considering the option of Phillips back at the 2 hole, batting Heisey 2nd 2 of every 3 days is foolish.

    • @rightsaidred: What else can they do? It’s been a total of 8 games since Ludwick went down. Can we at least give Heisey/Paul til May and evaluate then? I like Philips in the 4 hole because it keeps Frazier 6th and Bruce has protection(1-6 is tough). If you knock Heisey down to 6th and move up the righty’s, our 6-8 look pretty weak. Dusty likes to sacrifice his #2 hole hitter quite a bit so I can live with a lighter bat there.

  11. Positive: No game tomorrow.

  12. One more positive: Fraziers’s AWESOME diving catch in 2nd Inning to rob Molina’s base hit!

    • @Love4Reds: You are absolutely correct. That catch was AWESOME. Frazier has amazingly soft hands and superior concentration. He gently cradled that ball in his glove (I counted three bounces of the ball within the glove) while diving fully stretched out. Frazier is having a fabulous year offensively and defensively. He has a .963 FPCT with a 2.89 RF (3rd behind Cruz @ 4.40 & Wright @ 3.38).

      • @Shchi Cossack: Thanks for those stats 🙂
        I actually heard Marty call the catch and didn’t get to see it until the video went up on MLB. They were talking about his second catch the following at bat that inning as well, which didn’t get posted. I know he was hitless this series. But he did make an impressive at bat in that first game with the Walk when the bases were loaded. Like you said, he’s is having a fabulous year so far offensively and defensively and no one is even thinking twice about Rolen’s glove.

  13. Mesoraco must have called a terrible game. On hindsight, he shouldn’t have called all those hanging breaking balls or belt high fastballs… 😆 😥

    • @CP: I don’t know what the issue or if there is an issue with poor pitching performances with Mes behind the dish, but it is time to find out one way or another. I’d let him catch both Latos and Cueto the next several starts. If the poor pitching performances continue, I’d deal him. If they don’t he would remain their personal catcher and play when when either started a game.

      But there is no denying reality the two games Mes has started the starting pitching has been an utter disaster. Probably a coincidence but let’s really find out.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Well, today was a disaster (well, at least innings 5 & 6 were…everything before that was ez pz). Leake pitched 6 IP, 4 ER. That’s pretty much Mike Leake in a nutshell.

        I’d love to get a better idea of what Mes can actually do, though I question what anyone can discern from just watching a few starts. Unless someone can show Mes is just disregarding the scouting reports or one of the pitchers comes out and says he hates pitching to Mesoraco or something, fans & guys like Lance who are relying on cERA are really just guessing. Hitting kind of speaks for itself, given enough opportunities. Mes has a nice approach, which is promising, but he needs to put up some baseball card stats to force someone like Dusty to play him. If Mes gets something 200 ABs, spaced out the way he apparently is going to play, who knows if this will ever happen…the deck seems stacked against him.

        A team like Tampa, even while competing annually for the playoffs, would play a player like Mesoraco until they have a better idea of what they have. Dusty takes a…different approach.

        Really, if I’m Mes, I’m praying to be traded or Hanigan to get hurt. That’s kind of sad.

        • @CP:

          Leake pitched 6 IP, 4 ER. That’s pretty much Mike Leake in a nutshell.

          This is my point. If Hanigan catches Leake and he shows decent improvement and Mes catches Mat & Johnny and they suffer setbacks, then I have my proof. But we need it. I’m not as interested in the how’s and why’s as I am the is’s

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Hannigan is a great game caller. Certainly better than Meso. I don’t think that is in dispute. But you can’t punish a guy because he lakes Hannigan’s superb skills, or his experience. He has to play to get better.

            Lots of people are getting up in arms because Meso isn’t playing. Only Reds fans. It’s not a rule that you have to split your catching tandum 3/2. Many teams split them 4/1. You think Buster is on a 3/2 tandem? How about Molina? How about Mauer? I think it’s time to start putting Hannigan in that same conversation. Is he MVP caliber like Buster, no. But Buster’s bat won the MVP. He is as good as any catcher in either league at his position.

          • @TC: Those guys all hit. If they hit like Hanigan, they aren’t playing everyday. Hanigan is basically AJ Ellis with less power. And no one calls AJ Ellis one of the best overall catchers in MLB.

          • @TC: As good as any catcher in either league? What are you smoking? Molina is better offensively and defensively and it’s really not close. Just the facts. Ignore the who they play for part for a minute.

          • @TC:

            Hannigan is a great game caller. Certainly better than Meso. I don’t think that is in dispute. But you can’t punish a guy because he lakes Hannigan’s superb skills, or his experience. He has to play to get better.

            It has zero to do with punishing. Whatever/whoever gives the team a better chance to win is what all of us should want. Heck, Mes catching “at least” Johnny and Mat might be the perfect thing. Will Dusty be bold enough to try such a “risky” move? That is the question.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I agree, we need to find out. But, also, I don’t think Mes needs to learn it by sitting on the bench. If calling a game is what he needs to improve upon, then he needs to be calling games, aka playing, not sitting. If it’s studying the pitchers and hitters some more before the games, then get him in the back room more before the games for that study.

        As for the games that Mes caught and the team being allowing a lot of runs, we did have the 4 and 5 pitchers up there. And, we were going up against a couple of pretty good hitting teams in the league, especially the Cards. Not to say it couldn’t be Mes, because it could. But, those are very possible valid circumstances that would be reason for having allowed so many runs in those games.

  14. Look at it this way- 3 series: Angels, Nats, and @Cards and we’re 5-4 and tied for 1st.

  15. I know none of us like watching/listening to the Reds lose. I know I certainly don’t. Especially in such poor form as today. Its painful to say the least. We all know they can’t win them all, but would like to hope that even if they lose the opposing team, especially the WLB, have to fight to beat us. Today did not seem to go that way.. it was a pounding.

    Don’t forget, they came back in that first game against the WLB and pounded them in the 9th spoiling their opening day. My take away from this series is Marty’s line about their fans leaving the games like rats fleeing a sinking ship. And I’m just going to hold onto that line.

    The season is young … Reds still have a winning record. The team is still a solid team with a lot of talent and hustle. They have not given up. We need to stay positive and acknowledge that the team is going to learn from their mistakes and make adjustments to improve where they didn’t succeed. They are that kind of team. We have a lot of good games ahead of us. The grind has just begun. So when you feel yourself reaching for that panic button … remember to keep believing!

  16. I just don’t know if Votto is ever going to hit a home run again. I really need him to hit a couple in Pittsburgh to set my mind at ease. I love the guy but I don’t think the Reds were thinking “Sean Casey with more walks” when they promised him $220,000,000.

    • I just don’t know if Votto is ever going to hit a home run again. I really need him to hit a couple in Pittsburgh to set my mind at ease. I love the guy but I don’t think the Reds were thinking “Sean Casey with more walks” when they promised him $220,000,000.

      You may be right, though. Until Joey makes an effort to yank inside fastballs (which he’s shown no inclination to so far), almost all his power will be opposite field or dead center. That’s fine with me since he’s proven it’s a winning formula, but it’s unconventional to say the least. It does get frustrating at times to see him pass up hittable fastballs early in the count.

    • @down with dusty:

      I just don’t know if Votto is ever going to hit a home run again. I really need him to hit a couple in Pittsburgh to set my mind at ease. I love the guy but I don’t think the Reds were thinking “Sean Casey with more walks” when they promised him $220,000,000.

      This from John Fay:

      ” I really haven’t taken a swing — or at least swing I’m comfortable with — since last July. I had a few hits in spring training but those weren’t typically the type of swings I take during the season.” : Joey Votto

      Ok, I’m starting to get concerned…maybe I shouldn’t, but I am.

      • @Bill Lack: How could you read that quote and NOT be concerned?

        • @Brian Van Hook:

          Fay said he was going to have a whole piece out on Votto today based on his conversation with him. I’m going to wait till I read that until I get overly concerned.

          Votto was hitting after 9 games:
          Last year: .290 with 9Ks, 3 XBHs
          This year: .290 with 9K, 2 XBHs

  17. Votto struggles and only has about an .800 OPS, and local media & fans complain. Bizarre.

    • @CP: It’s not complaining. This isn’t “down on Votto”. For me, anyways, it’s concern. I know you said he blasted the ball in ST, etc, but I still want to see him hit the ball with authority like he has the last several years. If he hadn’t gotten hurt last year, I’d have absolutely no concern. Because of the injury, though, I am concerned.

      • @Hank Aarons Teammate: The comment wasn’t really directed to you, I think some concern is okay (after all, distinguishing between a slump & injury is pretty **** difficult). It was more geared towards the irrational comments from media/fans, like Brenneman saying Votto doesn’t get paid to walk but to get RBIs.

        I personally think Votto just needs to lighten up a little. He used to swing at the 1st pitch a lot. In 2010, he did it in 39% of all at bats, then 31% in 2011, and 23% in 2012.

        Still, I feel pretty comfortable when I go to MLB’s website and search for “Votto’s moonshot”…unless he got hurt somewhere between 3/23 and today, he still has that power swing in him, he just needs to let it out.

        • @CP: Definitely didn’t take it as directed at me. Did Brenneman really say that?

        • @CP: 23% in 2012, but it was arguably his best year as a pro until he got hurt. Heck, even being hurt and then losing his power when he came back he still managed to put up over a 1.000 OPS for the season, lead the league in walks, have more BBs than Ks, and have over 40 doubles.

          If he hits 10 less homeruns in order to get on base at nearly a .500 rate, and hit 15-20 more doubles, then I am fine with him not swinging as much at first pitches. I know it’s early in the season, but his OBP was .474 last season. Right now it’s .475, and I am very okay with that, hah.

          The homeruns will come around when it gets a bit warmer, and the doubles will come once he gets some more AB under his belt.

      • @Hank Aarons Teammate: If Votto does not show improvement with his power by the 1st of May, I will be officially concerned. His start this year reminds me of his 2012 start of the season.

        • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I had the same thought, about Votto starting the same way in 2012. Too lazy to look it up, but I believe he’s had several slow Aprils, power wise.

          • @pinson343: .538, .560, .500, .628, .500, in the previous 5 years for SLG in April. I certainly don’t know how that breaks down by week in April.

            This year he’s so far way, way below those numbers. But, it’s only the 10th. We’ll see what happens.

    • Votto struggles and only has about an .800 OPS, and local media & fans complain.Bizarre.

      Votto struggles and only has about an .800 OPS, and local media & fans complain.Bizarre.

      Yeah but be realistic if .300 of the OPS is Slugging Percentage, is that what the Reds signed on to with the Big Contract? I’m waiting until May to see if Joey gets the pop back. Not ready to see what kind of package we could get in return for his services. I’m betting that Joey is back to being Joey before much longer. Hopefully starting Friday night.

  18. As I said on the game thread, I can’t get too concerned about a single April series. Sure, I hate losing to them, but the Reds have done ok, 5-4, despite, as I said after the game Monday, not really hitting that well. I think that’s been shown the last couple days. They had bleeders falling in all over Sunday and Monday.

    My concerns are global, like, is Mesoraco going to be blamed by Baker for Bailey’s poor 5th inning? Is Marshall going to be ok in two weeks? Is Votto’s knee bothering him? Is Bruce really trying to be a contact hitter this year?

  19. Like it or not the pitchers perform better throwing to Hanigan so lets stop the whining when he gets most of the playing time. I don’t care if he hits .100 (which he won’t do) he is valuable behind the plate. It’s amazing that a lot of people couldn’t wait to get Hanigan more playing time when he was the back-up and now that he’s the starter they can’t wait to get him out of there for more Mesoroco. I disagree with Dusty on a lot of things, but his preference for Hanigan instead of Mesoroco is certainly not one of them.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: Whenever someone says that it doesn’t really matter how poorly someone hits because of their defensive abilities, I kind of chuckle. It’s never true. If Hanigan actually hit .150, say (no, he won’t do that!), he would eventually be benched.

      Has anyone said that Mesoraco is actually preferable? What I’ve said is that the 2 out of 5 routine should be followed. Just like last year, and just like Baker always used to say was important.

      Also, your statement that the pitchers perform better throwing to Hanigan is fairly unsupportable, given that Mesoraco got to catch the bad pitchers. There was quite little overlap between them last year. They may like throwing to him more, but that doesn’t make a case that they perform better throwing to him. Show me some proof that isn’t dependent on Hanigan getting to catch Latos and Cueto every time out, and then I’ll listen. Not saying it’s wrong, just that it is completely unproven.

      • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Hanigan catches Arroyo and he throws up some real stinkers but people seem to forget those or write them off as Bronson being Bronson so long as he gets his innings in for the year and looks decent in the end.

        Bailey had two good runs last season; one was basically throwing to Meso, the other to Hanigan and Navarro.

        I didn’t see the game today but somebody has to stop the bleeding to keep a 2 out none on situation from turning into what it did in the 5th. And it has to be a head scratcher that Bailey was sent right back out to continue unravelling in the 6th.

        • @OhioJim: All this said, I believe it is possible that Hanigan has some knowledge that neither Bailey nor Mesoraco possess which could be a factor in helping Bailey avoid blow ups like he has today because Bailey will follow Hanigan’s lead.
          However, at this point in Bailey’s and Mesoraco’s respective careers is it fair to fault Meso because Bailey hasn’t figured it out for himself/ picked it up from Hanigan?

          • @OhioJim:

            However, at this point in Bailey’s and Mesoraco’s respective careers is it fair to fault Meso because Bailey hasn’t figured it out for himself/ picked it up from Hanigan?

            Only if the first priority is winning games, is it fair.

          • @OhioJim: Only if the first priority is winning games, is it fair.

            It’s not fair at all. Mes has only played in 2 games this season. He played none the entire last month of last season. Anyone knows that to keep in playing-condition, you have to play. Not to mention, when Mes does catch, he’s catching our #5 guy always, maybe our #4 every once in a while. I would like to know how he does if:

            1) Mes caught Cueto, Latos, and Arroyo
            2) Mes plays everyday, or at least getting the bulk of the load.

            Now, if I was concerned in winning games, then sure, I would be playing Hanigan. But, then, I would also be interested in making sure my young studs get playing time to develop.

            I will say this, also. I’ve said before definitely by the end of this season if not now, I believe the Reds need to make a commitment at catcher. I am a fan of both Devin and Hanigan. Either one I can take. But, keeping both? Devin is just going to get worse by not playing. And, Ryan calls such a good game, it would be a shame to lose him. I have to think it would be best for the team to trade one off to commit to the other. Then, we can always call up Corky or call in some other free agent catcher trying to hook on somewhere to be second string.

      • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I doubt Mez plays 20% of the time over the course of 162. I still think he’ll get that 40% you were referring to. He has to hit though no matter how much or how little he plays and should he start hitting the cover off the ball, he will play more than that.

        • @RisingRed: I agree. Last season’s hitting from Mesoraco was unacceptable. I realize it was a small sample size, and he showed pretty good patience at the plate (that’s encouraging going forward), but his actual putting the bat on the ball last year was not good. He was at something like 15% line drive percentage, a good bit below league average.

          I think he’ll be better this year, but one never knows for sure.

  20. I too will feel much better when Joey plants a couple in the upper decks and when Marshall comes back healthy. Someone made the comment earlier that he is an elite bullpen arm. He’s being misused, but I have to believe that as crazy as baseball is, he will be forced to be used as he should and we are an elite pen with him. I still think he should be the closer, but that will never, ever happen.

    • @preach: I agree that the Reds have an elite pen with Marshall. And that, as you imply, without him they don’t.

  21. We are in a good position to at least take 2 of 3 from Pittsburgh- Cueto vs Locke on Saturday and Wandy will probably miss his start on Sunday.

  22. …not that I should be worried about Marshall’s ‘minor’ injury. Our diagnostic team will get right on it…..

    • @preach: I believe Marshall’s fine and will be back just in time to help the Reds face the Nats in DC. But thinking about how a shoulder injury to Masset, described as “minor” for 3 months, seems to have ended his career, makes me gulp.

  23. Karma sure is a bit** and a proud organization like WLBs will do this to the Reds. Its April right, only 150 plus to play. We stubbed our toe in this mile of the marathon, go figure. NOw kick some ass. Warmer weather equals better pitching hopefully and just let Jay and Joey find their strides. Three good left handed bats in the line up will enable the offense to cruise. Patients people peatients

  24. Cards fan here. No worries…I’m not here to troll. I was just reading and noticed that some guys referred to the cards as WLBs and my curiosity is eating me alive. What does that mean? The only thing I could think of was “Worst Losers in Baseball” or “Winy Losing B*tches”. Enlighten me. As a side note, most STL fans deep down are glad for the recent rivalry since the Cubs are never good anyway. It gives us a division rival to root against that is actually good. 🙂

    • @stechshultsy: Google Brandon Phillips, Cardinals, and WLB. I think you’ll get both your answer and where the term originated.

      • @rightsaidred: Damnit, I should have known that. And apparently I forgot to spell “Whiny” correctly in my previous post. I had two of three correct. I thought loser looked odd in there. Brandon Phillips: gets booed by some every time he’s in town, but damnit if I don’t have him on my fantasy team.

  25. Positive: Shane Victorino, I mean Logan Ondrucek is back with the team!

  26. This lineup is better than that.

    Let’s go to Pittsburgh.


    Those are the Reds top 5 slash lines for the regulars. Those are the 5 hitters who will lead the Reds, if the Reds are going to have significant success this season. If the lineup is going to remain consistent, then those are the 5 hitters who need to fill the 1st 5 slots in the lineup. The regulars do not include whoever catches and there is a VERY significant dropoff in hitting from the first 5 hitters and the next 2 hitters in the lineup (OPS of .510 & .448).

    Dusty has stated on numerous occasions that he needs top break up the LH hitters. Dusty has also stated that he wants to field a consistent lineup so the players know their roles. I’m completely OK with those restrictions. I may not agree with his logic or basis for those stipulations, but Dusty makes out the lineup card. With 3 LH hitters in the top 5, the #1, #3 & #5 slots are simply a no brainer under Dusty’s restrictions, leaving 2 hitters for 2 slots in the top 5 lineup positions. The top 2 RH hitters need to be in the top 5 lineup positions and I don’t think it makes a lot of difference if they hit #2 & #4 or #4 & #2, but they need to be in the top 5. With that done, simply sit back and ride that horse, unless a significant roster change is made to bring in a major RH bat for the lineup.

    • The bottom 3 lineup positions for the Reds will come from the available players at LF, SS & C. Dusty wants consistent roles for the players. The slash lines for the available players filling those positions are significantly below the slash lines for the players available for the other positions, with one notable exception.

      For LF:

      For SS:

      For C:

      Only 1 of those hitters deserves and needs to be in the lineup on a regular basis and he is a LH hitter, so if Dusty insists the the LH hitters must be seperated, then there is only 1 slot available in the lineup, #7. He also has an enormously biased split between RHP & LHP. He starts against every RH starting pitcher and sits against every LH starting pitcher. When he sits against a LH starting pitcher, another RH hitting LF fills the #7 slot in the lineup. The starting SS is a given and I don’t think Dusty or anyone else questions that decision. Dusty will decide the C rotation based on whatever criteria or hunch he has and Dusty fills out the lineup card. I think the best option is for the C to hit #6 and the SS to hit #8, but I don’t think it makes any difference if the C & SS hits #6 & #8 or #8 & #6. Just set it up and simply sit back and ride that horse, since those are the players available for 2013.

  27. Very disappointing game yesterday for all. But one silver lining, with no runs scored at all, at least Bailey didn’t waste a good pitching performance. That would have been alot tougher, to lose that game 1-0 or 2-0. By now, we know Bailey is going to have one of those days from time to time. Might as well have one when your team can’t even muster up one run. Too bad Bailey’s turn didn’t come up in Pittsburgh, as he seems to pitch ligts out in PNC Park.

  28. The one stat that really floored me yesterday, was to learn that the Reds are now 3-23-2 in serieses in St. Louis against the Cards since 2003. The Reds have a hard time winning in St. Louis, period. On to Pittsburgh.

    • The one stat that really floored me yesterday, was to learn that the Reds are now 3-23-2 in serieses in St. Louis against the Cards since 2003. The Reds have a hard time winning in St. Louis, period. On to Pittsburgh.

      C Trent Rosencrans, you are plagarizing and stealing from the Redleg Nation board. Check the time stamp above and on his article on the Enquirer on the same subject. LOL.

      • @WVRedlegs:

        C Trent, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. One time stamp says 11:31am and one says 9:39am. lol. Sorry.

  29. I’ll take 5-4 vs. the level of competition we played. Now we have one average week (Pirates, Phils) and one easy week (Marlins, Cubs) before facing off against the Nats and Cards again. I see no reason why we won’t be at least 15-13 to end the month.

    • @Sultan of Swaff: Agreed! The Reds managed the requisite split against the top teams scheduled in the first 3 series and they now need to make hay against the Bucos, Fish and Stupid Cubs, while maintaining their focus in the 3 remaining series against the top teams for April. Like you said, AT LEAST 15-13 to the end of the month. At the start of the season, I think everyone was hoping for at least a split from the killer schedule during the first month and felt that a split would position the Reds for a serious run to the NLCD title.

  30. As far as Homer?
    What difference does it make if the offense doesn’t show up?
    Cardinals have a good offense. They will score some runs.
    Our offense can’t just lay an egg in two straight games and expect to win.
    Out of 27 innings, the Reds only hit the ball in two of those innings.
    Not good.

  31. I am not worried about Votto. There isn’t a more intellectual hitter in baseball, he’ll figure it out. I am also not worried about Bailey, the same Cards lineup put a 9 spot on Matt Cain in San Francisco a few days earlier, although I do wish Bailey’s start had lined up against Pittsburgh since he seems to dominate them.

    • @Jason1972: Agreed. I think these first couple times through the rotation our pitchers don’t quite have the stamina built up to manage the 6th and 7th innings as they’d like to. You’re seeing it all over baseball. If this happens in July, then I’d be worried.

  32. “I just don’t know if Votto is ever going to hit a home run again. I really need him to hit a couple in Pittsburgh to set my mind at ease. I love the guy but I don’t think the Reds were thinking “Sean Casey with more walks” when they promised him $220,000,000.”

    To this I say Joey Votto is not concerned with hitting homeruns. Joey Votto is concerned with hitting the baseball. And he does it well.


  33. If anyone is looking for a Reds gift for their kid(s), or for something for them to wear to a Reds game or while watching a Reds game on TV, I wanted to pass this along:

    It says ages 5-9. I came across this searching for something else. Thought I’d pass it along. If I had a 5 year old I would certainly get him/her one.

  34. Trade alert!

    Heisey, Leake and Corcino to the Fish for Giancarlo Stanton.

    Stanton will be dealt. He might as well come to the Reds!

    • @RedForever:
      I don’t see the Reds giving up Corcino AND Leake. That destroys their starting pitching depth. That moves Cingrani up to replace Leake .. and who is the backup in case someone would get hurt or needed for a double header?

      • @Love4Reds: The chance of getting Stanton for those three guys is below zero. One subpar position player, one subpar pitcher, and one reasonably good pitching prospect might be enough to get Stanton’s shoes and a six-pack, but not Stanton the baseball player.

        Florida could get way, way, way more for Stanton.

        • @Hank Aarons Teammate:
          I don’t doubt they can and I’m sure by the end of this year or during the offseason they will. But I still don’t think Cincy would give that paticular mix up for him even if the Marlins were willing based on their current pitching depth. It just doesn’t makes sense from either side.

          • @Love4Reds: Stanton is worth so much more than those three guys that the Reds could trade for Stanton and then flip him somewhere for way more.

            If you told me, though, I either have to have Stanton, or have the two pitchers, I’d take Stanton in an instant. If I need pitching depth during the season, I’ll pick it up in July for very cheap. Leake’s a #5, and you can get veteran #5 starters in July for a song.

    • @RedForever: In one second, I’d make that deal.

  35. I hate the Cardinals, and I hate losing to them. That said, I’m not particularly worried about the Reds right now.

    I think Paul should start to see some time in left vs. righties, but I think Heisey will come around like he did last year.

    I’m surprised that Bruce and Votto haven’t hit a HR yet, but considering the fact that we’re 5-4 against mostly playoff caliber teams, I think we’re in good shape. They are going to hit. The fact that Votto is walking a ton and Bruce is going the opposite way will pay dividends.

    If Marshall ends up needing shoulder surgery, that would officially become my first big worry of the season.

    • @al: What does it mean for Heisey to come around?

      Bruce and Votto are different cases. I’m not nearly as worried about Bruce as Votto. Bruce is healthy. It seems unlikely he’s going to completely change his hitting style this year. Votto walked a ton last year post injury also…

  36. MLB Network just discussed ranking the best leadoff hitters in the game. Plesac said Carl Crawford…okay, he’s taking a leap of faith but whatever.

    Mitch Williams threw out Dexter Fowler. Okay, he’s pretty good.

    Not a single mention of OBP. Not a single one. 😥

  37. Mark Sheldon has a piece up on Reds.com yesterday, quoting Baker as saying that Mesoraco will catch Leake today, giving Hanigan 3 days off.

  38. This Padres/Dodgers brawl is just ridiculous. Zack Greinke, who wasn’t throwing at anyone, is now out with a broken collarbone. What an embarassment to the sport..

    • @CP: Guys throw at, or near, hitters often to send messages. I was watching this game last night and Zack had impeccable control all night until his nemesis showed up. At the very least, this was intended as a signal that the Dodgers were not going tolerate the pitching around the head of their best player – Matt Kemp. Apparently there is a history between Geinke and Carols Quentin that is not cordial. Yes, that was most definitely a purpose pitch. I would say that the majority of the time these, shoulder height and above, are with intent. Maybe not to actually hit the guy but send a message it wouldn’t bother the pitcher if he did.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I realize this, but it’s very unlikely that Greinke was sending Quentin any messages on a 3-2 pitch, with a runner on first base, in a 2-1 game. The pitch sequence even argues against it.

        In my opinion, Quentin should be suspended until Greinke steps back on the field. He won’t, but he should.

        Baseball fights are so incredibly lame anyway. Whenever Joey gets hit, someone wants the Reds to hit the other teams best player to “send a message”. All it accomplishes is getting a pitcher tossed and maybe suspended.

        • @CP: Agree with all except the 3-2 in a 2-1 game stuff. Check Chris Welch – every time a guy is hit or brush-backed, it “could not have been on purpose”. Better to consult Jim Maloney or Nolan Ryan on this. There is “always” an argument against it. To me, it was getting even for the Kemp close call earlier in the game. Probably didn’t want to hit him given the situation but wanted to send a message. Greinke seems to have a lot of confidence in his abilities so he might just think if he does hit the guy, he can pitch around it.

          I agree Quentin needs to be suspended. Things were even at that point and the matter should have been dropped and normally is. It is amazing that the guys that this happens to are generally not named Izturis, Cozart, Harris, etc. but rather Kemp, Votto, or McCutchen.

  39. This is a critical 2 weeks coming up for Chris Heisey. By April 27th, if Heisey is still hitting below .250 and can’t nail down the LF job, a trade for a LF is going to be explored or made. Depending on the caliber of player traded for, it could also impact the decision on whether to sign Choo to an extension. This is an important 2 weeks coming up.

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