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Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals (2013.04.10)

For the third consecutive series, the Reds will play in a rubber game to decide the victor of a series.  The Reds are 2-0 in these decisive games and will hopefully make it a perfect 3-0 in today’s afternoon matchup with the Cardinals.

The Reds will call on Homer Bailey to clinch that series victory.  Bailey was sharp in his first outing and will hopefully be equally as impressive today.  It is another afternoon contest, so skip work, turn the game on the tv or radio, and tell your boss to shove it!

It’s day baseball!  Go Reds!

177 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals (2013.04.10)

  1. Unless the Reds starters can figure out how to get hitters out with men in scoring postion in games like this (Beltran) for example, or (Posey last year) for example, they will not go to the next level against teams like the Cardinals or Giants. I rarely see teams get runs against the Reds by hitting around the order, for example, double, single, single, triple, double, ect…..It is usually single, single, and then a home run by the other team, especially at Great American Ballpark.

  2. Just can’t believe how much the Reds have hacked away at Westbrook today. The guy walked six in his last game. Seems like any time the Reds have been willing to take pitches they have a chance to walk. But hitter after hitter from the start of the game on has just hacked away.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Besides Choo, the only guy that has been patient is the guy making his 2nd start of the year.

      Still, what do you expect when you have Chris Heisey, Brandon Phillips, and Cesar Izturis in the same lineup?

      • @CP: This goes way deeper than that. Our gameplan is obviously “swing early”, which makes no sense but ther you go.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Westbrook actually has pretty good command today. When these sinkerball-types are on their game, they make you pound the ball into the ground. Also, Westbrook is dependent on getting the first-pitch strike and pitching ahead in the count, so I can understand the approach of swinging at the first decent pitch over the plate.

      He’s been pretty good today. Tip your cap.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Also, even though Westbrook walked six and gave up six hits last game, he still only let up one run. That means he’s done a pretty good job of stranding runners.

    • No wonder Mesoraco doesn’t play.He clogs the bases.

      If Mesoraco called the game for Homer Bailey we might have seen why Bryan Price would prefer having Hanigan in, and it’s not because of who reaches base more.

  3. ESPN game thread fail. What happened after Ondrusek came in? After Mesaroco walked?

    • @jas_428: – D. Freese singled to center
      – M. Adams homered to deep right center, D. Freese scored
      – P. Kozma doubled to pitcher
      – L. Ondrusek relieved H. Bailey
      – J. Westbrook sacrificed to pitcher, P. Kozma to third
      – J. Jay grounded out to second
      – M. Carpenter homered to deep center, P. Kozma scored
      – M. Holliday flied out to right

    • @jas_428: – T. Frazier grounded out to shortstop
      – D. Mesoraco walked
      – C. Izturis flied out to left
      – J. Hannahan hit for L. Ondrusek
      – J. Hannahan flied out to left

  4. Before the season, I’d have been glad to go 5-4 over the first 9 games, but that’s little consolation over back to back games like this.

    And it just gets a little worse.

  5. If we can hold the Cards lead at single digits, the Reds can… Oh well never mind.

  6. I’d say they officially have paid the Reds back for what they did to them on Monday. Call it even, get out of town.

  7. Why in the world do you put Ondrusek in for just a couple batters? I just don’t understand Baker. Leave Ondrusek in and rest the other guys. It’s 10 to zip.

  8. The Reds did spoil the Cardinals opening day party, so there is that to leave town with.

  9. Mesoraco failed today in Baker’s eyes. You can be sure he won’t catch Bailey again, as this will all be blamed on Mesoraco (just wait and see). Plus, he didn’t get any hits; he only walked a couple times.

  10. What odds would you have laid before the season that after nine games, Votto and Bruce combined for zero homers?

    I don’t care about all about losing this series in the grand scheme of things, but those things concern me.

  11. Joey Votto has become the most expensive singles hitter in baseball history

  12. Hopefully the Pirates will cure what ails the Reds. Its back on the winning track starting Friday. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.

  13. Positives:
    Choo got on base for the 9th consecutive game. Glad to have him on our team.
    Votto hits his second extra base hit today with the double early in the game.
    Even though we lost the series … we spoiled their Opening Day in a BIG way.

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