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Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals (2013.04.09)

I would like to start today’s game thread off with an apology.  Yesterday, I exposed a lot of hatred towards a variety of teams, most notable of those being the St. Louis Cardinals.  That was not right of me and I should not have done so.

To make up for that, I would like to display all the ways I actually like the St. Louis Cardinals.  I like watching your fans cheer Shin-Soo Choo for dropping two fly balls only to have him lace a 3-RBI double against you in the 9th.  I like watching your pitchers walk countless batters in an inning.  I like watching your fans leave their seats in large numbers late in a game.  But most of all, I like how you dream about Brandon Phillips at night!

So with all the love I am sharing today,  I hope Bronson Arroyo allows your batters to return to their seat in a quick and speedy fashion today while he twirls a masterpiece.  I hope your fans did not trip over themselves yesterday on their way out the gate and are able to find their way back tonight to see the Reds offense continue to terrorize opposing pitching.  And most of all, I hope you did not dream about Brandon Phillips last night.  Instead, I hope you dreamt about Joey Votto retiring the final out from the seat of his pants yesterday!

As always… GO REDS!  Beat the WLBs!

369 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals (2013.04.09)

  1. Hitting with RISP doesn’t really matter all the much. Look it up.

  2. Wait, didn’t Price go to the mound before Carpenter HR ? That’s 2 visits

    • @George Culver: You’re totally right. Good catch. The umps (and Dusty, apparently) blew it. I went back on my DVD and Price definitely came out before Adams. Then Baker went out. I’ve never seen the umps blow that before. Baker, did too, though.

  3. Come on.. you can’t honestly think it’s a good idea to keep Arroyo in.

  4. Dusty: “I’m not sure I really want to win tonight…let’s just see what happens.”

  5. Dusty is gonna stay with his guy no matter how many runs scores.

  6. Choo with a heck of an arm!

    But really Dusty? The only person who didn’t see that coming was you!

  7. I want to punch Bryan Price and Dusty Baker simultaneously. Seriously? Did we REALLY just watch that?

  8. Jesus, great gun by Choo, but you can’t honestly tell me leaving Arroyo in there to give up another 2 runs was a good idea. Ridiculous Dusty. Is he even trying to win this game?

    • @ToddAlmighty: Even the site raged due to Dusty keeping Arroyo in there. I posted that and got an “internal server error”. Nobody isn’t angry and yelling at Dusty right now.

  9. Its not all bad, Dusty’s goal of letting Bronson finish the inning was accomplished.

  10. Dusty is going to give the opponents 7 to 10 games a year. Mark it down. Book it. Whatever.

  11. Bet Matheny doesn’t let that happen to his pitcher this inning,

  12. If the Reds win this one, which as we saw yesterday is entirely possible, it’ll be a classic case of winning IN SPITE of Dusty. Not something you should really ever have to talk about.

  13. I can’t believe Dusty left Bronson in… no way the Cards bullpen gives up a bunch of runs 2 days in a row.

  14. To add to the utter, disastrous, terrible mismanagement by Baker in handling the pitching – as George Culver commented above, the Reds “got away” with two coaching visits to the mound. Bryan Price had visited before Adams hit the home run. Then Baker went out and talked to Bronson but left him in. So Baker apparently didn’t know or remember that Price had gone out. That’s awful. Maybe by the same token that he benched Heisey tonight, maybe Baker will self-deport during tomorrow’s game.

  15. I am just so confused.. I still do not understand what just happened. Did I really just see what looked like Price pulling Dusty back down into the dugout to stop him from getting Bronson?

  16. It seems like if you leave Arroyo in past the 5th inning you are really playing with fire.

  17. @LVW: I knew the “Jay Bruce sucks campaign, brought to you by LVW” would be back soon.

    • @preach: It seems doubtful…very doubtful..that the umpires violated the two-visit rule. There can be mitigating circumstances, I’m sure. There are four umpires. All four would have had to have screwed up, AND Matheny and crew not notice.

  18. Good question. If you had to spend $75 mil on Bailey or Choo, whose pockets are you lining?

    • @George Culver: As much as I’ve hopped on the Choo Choo Train and hope he’s here for a couple more years, I have to go with Bailey. Solid young SPs are just so valuable and tough to find… And we’ve got Hamilton to take over in CF.

  19. Boy, Hanigan’s bat looks very, very, very slow. in fact, it looks slow slow, I’d swear he was bunting.

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