I would like to start today’s game thread off with an apology.  Yesterday, I exposed a lot of hatred towards a variety of teams, most notable of those being the St. Louis Cardinals.  That was not right of me and I should not have done so.

To make up for that, I would like to display all the ways I actually like the St. Louis Cardinals.  I like watching your fans cheer Shin-Soo Choo for dropping two fly balls only to have him lace a 3-RBI double against you in the 9th.  I like watching your pitchers walk countless batters in an inning.  I like watching your fans leave their seats in large numbers late in a game.  But most of all, I like how you dream about Brandon Phillips at night!

So with all the love I am sharing today,  I hope Bronson Arroyo allows your batters to return to their seat in a quick and speedy fashion today while he twirls a masterpiece.  I hope your fans did not trip over themselves yesterday on their way out the gate and are able to find their way back tonight to see the Reds offense continue to terrorize opposing pitching.  And most of all, I hope you did not dream about Brandon Phillips last night.  Instead, I hope you dreamt about Joey Votto retiring the final out from the seat of his pants yesterday!

As always… GO REDS!  Beat the WLBs!

About The Author

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Shchi Cossack

    The honeymoon is apparently over. It certainly didn’t take Dusty long to revert back to his stubborn, antiquated form. It looks like Dusty has another man-crush on another player and Cozart has a whopping .107 OBP so by all means, get him back up to the top of the lineup. After all, we’ve got to break up those two LH hitters with huge OBP in the #1 & #3 holes with a RH batter hitting 0.111.

    CF Choo
    SS Cozart
    1B Votto
    2B Phillips
    RF Bruce
    3B Frazier
    LF Robinson
    C Hanigan
    P Arroyo

    XP has a 1.222 OPS and finished last season with an 0.844 OPS, so let’s leave him on the bench against the RHP who had a very questionable start the last time out in favor of a career minor league player with a MINOR league OPS of 0.645 and an OPS since his call up of 0.400, but he’s fast, probably as fast as Stubbs. There’s a big difference in bringing up a sub-marginally hitting minor league OF to use him for pinch running or an occasionally rare pinch hitting appearance and bringing up a sub-marginally hitting minor league OF to use him as a regular or irregular starter in place of an established, proven, scalding-hot OF.

    Dusty, Reds fans really want to support everyone associated with the team, especially you and your decisions, but you make it very difficult most of the time. I hope the moves you made today work fabulously and the Reds roll on to another big victory, but the moves are simply stupid whether they work or not.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @Shchi Cossack: Gotta get Cozy goin’, man. He’ll see some good pitches there. I remember when I was playin’ with Hank Aaron …

      Seriously, it’s just more Baker nonsense about the #2 spot in the batting order. I’ll repeat, he’s never thought of it as being a place where you put a player who can, you know, hit. But in this case, it’s a player who can’t hit or walk.

      Even with this weird start for Robinson (Baker loves him some speed), why not put BP back up to #2 and try Frazier for a game at clean up? Oh yeah, forgot. He’s too young.

      Like you, I hope this works out. I hope Cozart hits and maybe even draws his first walk of the season. But it’s complete crazy.

      Free Devin!

      • Drew Mac

        @Steve Mancuso: What a curious lineup. The WLB’s, for all intents and purposes, have only one LHP in the ‘pen and XP can’t hit in the two hole?……Instead, let’s remove our best pinch runner from the equation by putting him the lineup. Maybe Cozart and Robinson will get six hits between them. Regardless, this is far from the best lineup the Reds could have put out there.

      • steveschoen

        @Drew Mac: Alright. First, the lineup itself, just for this game, good, not much of a problem with me. I can see all kinds of iterations. I think this can do the job.

        Now, in comparison, let’s see. A minor leaguer at the beginning of the season is getting his first mlb start before Devin even gets his second start of the season? Baker before the season started, on the catching situation, “I will be mixing it up. The pitchers need to be ready to pitch each catcher, right.” Words of wisdom. Where’s the mixing? Is that where Devin is? In the kitchen mixing up the team’s next meal? The more and more I think of it, the more I do believe that Mes is still in Baker’s doghouse, continued from last season. And, the only people it’s going to hurt is:

        – Devin – his skills are going to get worse and worse cooling it on the bench
        – Hanigan – since he’s going to have to be catching even more now, what his body possibly can’t take; remember, he caught the day game after a night game after he caught a 13 inning night game
        – The rest of the pitching staff – like Baker said but not practicing, all the pitchers need to be ready to pitch to each catcher; both catchers need to be ready to catch all the pitchers. I can understand one pitcher having one specific catcher. But, past that, this is suppose to be a team. Baker is suppose to be showing confidence in all his players that they can do the job.
        – and, thus, the club, simply because Baker doesn’t like something in Mes’s attitude or behavior. Whatever happened to the “players manager” stuff? Whatever happened to that “showing confidence in his players” stuff?

        Oh, yes, the old “Gotta get Cozi going”. And, we don’t need to get Devin going? How about Heisey? Paul gets going, so we sit him? Then, we’re just going to have to get him going.

        Frazier’s too young? He’s as old if not older than two other regular starters who are hitting higher in the batting order tonight. Nothing but a baseless excuse.

        Guys and gals, this stuff with Baker isn’t going to stop. Like many have said, the more decisions Baker makes and has to make, the worse it will be. Sure, he can make some good moves, like the batter for Cozart the other night. Or, when Baker was first hired, I liked how he moved BP to the cleanup spot back then. But, bottom line, Baker’s rep has never been an X’s and O’s guy. He’s never had a rep of developing young players. His rep has always been “the players like him”. And, why? Because he pays for their dinner every once in a while when they are on the road? Frankly, I wouldn’t care if my manager did that or not. I would be making enough money to pay for a dinner myself.

  2. Shchi Cossack

    I hope you dreamt about Joey Votto retiring the final out from the seat of his pants yesterday!

    In all the post-game discussion, I don’t recall a single mention of that play, my own comments included. I was laughing hysterically by the end of that play.

  3. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Baker will not stop until Mesoraco is off of this team.

    • Kyle Farmer

      @Hank Aarons Teammate: I am afraid that I agree 100% with this statement. I wonder if we will ever know what happened in the clubhouse the night of that ejection.

  4. Shchi Cossack

    I have to think that Boggs, Rosenthal & Rzepczynski are unavailable tonight for Matheny. Choate pitched last night but only threw 4 pitches, so he is probably available as the only LHP out of the bullpen.

    Here’s hoping the Reds work and pound Lynn early and often to completely deplete the Bird’s bullpen tonight.

  5. GRF

    What was the old saying about the stages of grief? Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance? I think I have finished the cycle with Dusty and his lineup choices. I am never going to agree with them, he is never going to change, and I have to accept the negative and try and focus on the things he does well.

    Great introduction to the game by the way…

    • Shchi Cossack

      @GRF: I agree that the intro was very clever and entertaining.

    • Jared Wynne

      @GRF: Will you council me into acceptance?

      I’m going to list 5 reasons to love Dusty

      1. Excellent manager of clubhouse
      2. Oodles of MLB experience
      3. You can tell when he is happy
      4. Sounds like he may have a nice singing voice….
      5. Always has toothpicks?

      • steveschoen

        @Jared Wynne: I don’t disagree. But, that would be because:

        1) He has Mes right now remodeling the entire clubhouse. Mes needs all the time he can do to that right. Mes doesn’t have the time right now to be concerned about playing baseball
        2) He never uses it.
        3) I really can’t.
        4) I don’t care if he can sing
        5) I should have taken stock in a toothpick company.

  6. sezwhom1

    Just one guy talkin’ and I know this is crazy talk but why not bat the speedy Robinson 2nd? Oh I know why: makes too much sense therefore Dusty would never do it. Piece of work that Dusty. Is Mesoraco still on the team? *sarcasam* Heck, BP in the 2-hole makes more sense than Cozart. I could go on but what’s the point.

  7. jas_428

    Is my hometown player Heisey being punished? Isn’t this two times on bench of past three? Don’t rationalize with matchups as the sample sizes vs Lynn are miniscule. What’s the message here from Dusty?

    • Steve Mancuso

      @jas_428: Now that you mention it, Baker might be rightly punishing Heisey. Brantley said yesterday he thought Heisey missed a bunt sign during the game. And Heisey admitted that he had lost track of how how many people were on base another. He said he slid into Molina, instead of toward the plate, because he thought it was a force play, not a tag.

      Baker has already said that Heisey would start all three games in Pittsburgh.

      • Jared Wynne

        @Steve Mancuso: Let’s not forget that Boggs had walked Choo on 4 pitches that weren’t close the AB before. Soooooooooo naturally it’s time to sacrifice the guy over instead of making the opposing pitcher throw strikes when he is clearly struggling to do so. What’s another out in the 9th inning????

    • Love4Reds

      There was an article about how Dusty plans to start Heisy throughout the Pittsburg series .. and prefers not for Robinson to go 2 weeks without a start.

  8. hermanbates

    Statistically speaking, the #2 hole is the position in the lineup that maximizes # of ABs plus opportunities with runners on base, so one of, if not THE, best hitters on the team should be there. Not Cozart, not Heisey, not Robinson. But whatever. Dusty won’t ever change, so what can ya do? Free Devin.

  9. rhayex

    I’m expecting nothing less from Derrick Robinson than 6-6 with 3 SB and hitting for the cycle. While pitching a perfect game. Left handed. At the same time as Frazier is saving the angry Cardinals fan who chokes on a pretzel with the Heimlich maneuver.

  10. eric nyc

    So what’s the story with Marshall? Saw Chads tweet and then someone replied about a certain surgery I won’t name but couldn’t tell if it was a question or not.

    • Jared Wynne

      @eric nyc: I thought the injury was up in his shoulder.


      I hope it is only “shoulder fatigue”. But I’ll be honest, if it is a bad injury, TJ is waaaaaaaay more preferable than something up in the shoulder. But it’s a big blow to the Reds this year either way. Even if he isn’t always used optimally, Marshall is hands down the 2nd best arm out of the ‘pen.

      • eric nyc

        @Jared Wynne: Yeah the story was “tired shoulder” but that’s not an actual injury so it could easily be a smokescreen. If I’m Sean Marshall’s wife I’d prefer TJ to a shoulder injury, but we have him under contract for this year and next. I don’t care about his long term prospects – I want him to win games in 2013 and 2014. TJ in May would make that pretty much impossible.

  11. RC

    Putting a positive spin on a move I don’t like, either: Cozart hit better in the 2 slot than anywhere else in the lineup last year. Which is unsurprising given who’s on deck. Even though Votto hasn’t gone much this season (in the “Go!” sense), he’s still feared.

    So maybe Cozy gets a couple of hits tonight…

    • Sergeant2

      @RC: That’s correct, Cozart did hit better in the 2 slot then anywhere else. C’mon Reds Lets Go!

  12. eastcoast redsfan

    Informal poll: Will Mesoraco start tomorrow?

  13. preach

    I was about to have a temper tantrum. I cannot stand trying to find the Reds game on Insight Columbus. It’s on the station marked “Jewelry Channel”. Of course it is.

  14. Brian Van Hook

    Dusty said on the pregame show that Marshall says he doesn’t feel right. … Dusty says tests have shown no problems, but that they have to go back to the drawing board on what to do. … I take that to mean planning on not having Marshall for awhile, but I can’t swear that was his meaning.

  15. Jared Wynne

    2 pitches from Cozart. Nuts and bolts.

  16. Kyle Farmer

    Someone tell me it is early and that everything is okay with Votto!

    • preach

      Someone tell me it is early and that everything is okay with Votto!

    • CP

      @Kyle Farmer: 8 games. He’s running fine, hit bombs during spring training, he’ll be fine. He’s fine. Definitely, he’s be fine guys.

  17. eric nyc

    I checked the numbers on Fangraphs the other day and it said Joey wasn’t swinging for strike 3 more than his career average, but damn if it doesn’t seem like its happening WAY more than usual.

  18. preach

    I see the Angels placed Weaver on the DL with an ouchy elbow. Not good.

    • Kyle Farmer

      @preach: non throwing elbow. He hurt it dodging a line drive.

  19. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Got to get Cozzy going. The heck with the rest of the team, winning, and the fans. Utter nonsense.

  20. Jared Wynne

    Woo baby. Robinson can patrol the grass. Gotta give him that.

  21. George Culver

    Those strike calls at the knees were almost in the dirt but the swing at number 3 = Votto looks really lost at the plate.

  22. hermanbates

    I tell you what…between Robinson, Paul, Heisey, Bruce, Choo, Luddy, and Billy Hamilton, the Reds have got to have the best OF depth in all of baseball.

    • CP

      @hermanbates: Eh? I really don’t know how you can include Ludwick in there. And although I like Heisey & Paul, they’re just spare parts, useful, but nothing special. We have lot of parts, but no real starter-caliber players waiting in the wings

      I’d rather have the Cards OF depth wise (lots of guys play multiple position + Tavares), or even Tampa’s OF since Wil Myers >> Hamilton, who we really don’t know what the Reds will be getting.

  23. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Easy 1st for BA.

    I guess Dusty figures we are 5-2 so we can afford to lose one.

  24. preach

    3 out of 5 set down by K’s. Glass half full moment: Pitch count takes a beating……I’m trying here….

  25. hydeman

    Wow! Lynn’s got this pitching thing down so far tonight….

  26. eastcoast redsfan

    Hopefully we get good Bronson today.

  27. ToddAlmighty

    Sure glad that Cozart went RIGHT back into the 2-hole…. and that Mesoraco has started 1 game of the first 8 (Mike Leake)… and that Chris Heisey is benched after having two doubles yesterday.

    Because here I was thinking that Dusty Baker was being too sane and quasi-reasonable. “Hey guys, lets change the lineup that’s scored 40 runs the last 4 games. I think we need to shake things up offensively.”

  28. Sergeant2

    The Cardinals broadcast got pushed off of Fox Sports Midwest by the Blues. The game is being broadcast on a station that earlier today was selling Magic Bras. : )

    • ToddAlmighty

      @preach: Maybe he was trying to show Dusty that he could bat #2 as well. So Cozart can go back to being #7.

  29. Jared Wynne

    Nice AB from Robinson, anyway.

  30. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    The radar gun at Busch needs calibration. Lynn has to be throwing the upper 90s tonight.

  31. CP

    The real bizarro thing about Derrick Robinson starting & batting 7th is that he’s never done **** in the minors, but Mes basically destroyed AAA, and can’t hit above the 8 spot. Dusty is so ridiculously weird.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @CP: That’s because catchers bat 8th. Everyone knows that. Just like center fielders and shortstops should be 1st or 2nd.

  32. Kyle Farmer

    I cannot believe that I am going to defend Dusty but here it goes. I think Heisey deserves to ride some pine. The slide at home he admitted was because he did not know the game situation and Cowboy seemed pretty sure he missed a sign in the 9th yesterday. Those two things are just not acceptable at this level, especially inthe same game.

    Free Devin!

  33. Jared Wynne

    New thought. If Hanigan continues to struggle….could he find his way into the 2 hole to get him going??? Is this a Dusty is a Mad-Genius moment here???

  34. Sergeant2

    There was an excellent article in the St Lo. Post-Dispatch today on Brandon Phillips, written by Bryan Burwell. I don’t have the skillz to post a link, but its well worth the effort to look it up.

  35. preach

    Bench would have hit eighth for Dusty. That’s where catchers bat, silly.

    • eric nyc

      @preach: So far this is sure looking like the year Hanigan comes down to earth and loses his job to Mesoraco. I’ve been saying for 2 years Hanigan isn’t as good as his numbers at the plate.

  36. eric nyc

    Well that was a craptastic inning.

    Jacoby has obviously had success with our offense, but Dusty is on record as saying repeatedly he wants our batters to go deeper into counts. Still we have to be at the top of the league year after year in K’s. for all Jacobys success, I still think we need a new hitting coach. #Controversial

    • ToddAlmighty

      @eric nyc: Dusty says he wants them to go deeper in the count.. but he’s also said he thinks walks are clogging up the bases, and that aggressive swinging guys are what he prefers.

      So I guess his ideal player is someone who swings and fouls off like 10 pitches until he finds one he can hit for a homerun.

  37. hydeman

    I don’t get all the love for Meso tonight…He was horrible at the plate last year and Hanni is still fresh…I don’t care what you did in the minors…I just saw a lost guy at the plate last season.

    • eastcoast redsfan

      @hydeman: Hanigan looks tired and lost at the moment. So far this season Mesoraco has had better at bats (the few he has gotten) than Hanigan.

    • hermanbates

      @hydeman: You can’t reach your potential sitting on the bench. That simple.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @hydeman: The love for Meso is because the fact is, Meso is the catcher of the future. He was crushing the ball in spring training. He won’t get better though playing 1 out of every 5 games, and the only pitcher he gets to work with is Mike Leake. What happens if Ryan gets hurt? Suddenly we have a guy who never catches Cueto, Latos, or Arroyo, and barely Bailey as the #1 catcher.

    • Kyle Farmer

      @hydeman: I love Hanigan but I want to see Devin get a chance. He could be an elite catcher but won’t get there playing 1/8 of the games. I also want Hanigan fresh in October which he will not be playing 7/8 of the games.

      Free Devin!

      • CP

        @Kyle Farmer: Yeah, the fact is that Mes was never put in a position to succeed.

        Let’s just say this, Tampa, an organization that has outperformed the Reds over the past 10 years by pretty much any measure, and an organization that is always competing (with much more difficult competition btw)–they will bring up their top prospect Wil Myers in late April and he’ll play every day.

        That’s how other good organizations treat their elite prospects. They give them room to succeed…and fail. I wouldn’t blame Mes for asking to be traded out of Cincy. The Reds might never “know” Mes could or couldn’t cut it.

  38. hermanbates

    If Hanigan gets hurt, which is NOT something I want to see at all as much as I want Devin playing, does Dusty make Devin the #1 guy…or does he just not use a catcher at all? Take the out at the 8 hole every time?

  39. preach

    Lynn is getting that low strike. I hope this strike zone stays consistent. I think the way it’s been called so far favors Bronson.

  40. Love4Reds

    Pitchers duel with Arroyo and Lynn.. odd

  41. preach

    It’s funny hearing Welch talk about how effective batting practice would be if the teams used someone throwing curve balls. He should look back at his career. He was batting practice with the curve ball.

  42. eric nyc

    I’m with Chad: When Bronson is on he is one of my all time favorite Reds to watch. So old school.

  43. preach

    That’s why I swear that George Grande referred to him as the “Crappy Lefthander”.

  44. hermanbates

    Zack Cozart. Workin it like a boss.

  45. preach

    Dusty’s move to bat Cozart in the two hole was pure freakin’ genius.

  46. ToddAlmighty

    8-pitch base hit for Cozart… best at bat all game for the Reds thus far?

  47. eastcoast redsfan

    If Cozart had hit that to Cozart – he would have been out.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @eastcoast redsfan: Well, suppose that’s why Cozart was in the conversation for NL Gold Glove as a rookie… though I have to admit, I do play that game a lot while I watch. “Zack Cozart/Brandon Phillips/Joey Votto would have gotten that ball.” Haha

  48. hermanbates

    At what point can I justifiably cry out for Hessman? Dudes been tearing up and Votto is obviously a…3 year wonder? 4-year wonder?

  49. Mwv

    Now that is an at bat. Votto is a true professional.

  50. hermanbates

    Well..it was weak..but that ominous .231 avg is creeping back up.

    • Mwv

      Are you really doubting Votto after 7 games? Really? I could understand if you were joking but it’s hard to tell that sort of thing sometimes over the internet.

      • hermanbates

        @Mwv: you right, but total joke. I’m never worried with Joey Votto. Dudes a stallion.

    • George Culver

      Well..it was weak..but that ominous .231 avg is creeping back up.

      It’s a DP without sending the runner. Not exactly tagged. Somethings gotta be wrong still. Just no juice in the contact.

  51. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    It looks like the secret to Lynn is to keep him pitching from the stretch.

    • eric nyc

      @Jared Wynne: If I was a Cards fan I would sit on my hands when BP comes up. I know you hate him, but he clearly feeds on it. That was almost a 2 or 3 run shot. He LOVES beating the Cardinals in St Louis.

  52. ToddAlmighty

    That might have been gone in GABP. Either way, got a run in and the lead. Good job Dat Dude.

  53. eastcoast redsfan

    That ball kinda died. I thought it was going to be at least a double.

  54. CP

    I despise the camera angle Fox Ohio has to use in St. Louis

  55. Mwv

    Frazier does it all, incredible catch by Joey too.

  56. BearcatNation

    Joey Votto is the definition of a professional baseball player. Every play he is involved in is isolated. He never lets one thing affect another at all. He brings his focus to every play.

    Just incredible. If there was ever a smart investment of the amount of money we gave him, its giving it to a guy that works like him and studies the game like him.

  57. Steve Mancuso

    The Cardinals got news tonight that their closer – Jason Motte – has a torn ulnar collateral ligament and may need TJS.

  58. Sergeant2

    My take on the Hanigan/Mesoraco deal is this: With Dusty being a “players manager” as long as Hanigan tells Dusty he wants to play, Dusty’s gonna let him play. And no competitor like Hanny is going to tell the manager that he thinks he needs a day or two off. And that’s that.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @Sergeant2: Dusty isn’t a players manager. He’s an established players manager. He’s whatever the opposite a players manager is for young players.

  59. BearcatNation

    What an at-bat by Robinson! Bravo, rook!

  60. Love4Reds

    Nice AB by Robinson .. way to push up the pitch count! 🙂

  61. hermanbates

    First pitch popping up…the arguments are making themselves.

  62. hermanbates

    I know his pitcher ERA is crazy good…but doesn’t that mean that Hani should be catching the guys who tend to have higher ERAs, like Leake? That seems to make sense to me…

    • George Culver

      I know his pitcher ERA is crazy good…but doesn’t that mean that Hani should be catching the guys who tend to have higher ERAs, like Leake? That seems to make sense to me…

      I agree. He could help those pitchers that need it.

  63. George Culver

    Other than Hanigan’s 1 hit this year has he hit a ball out of the infield?

  64. RedForever

    bet Mesoraco is in tomorrow and Hannahan at 3rd.

  65. Bill Lack

    If the Reds win tonight…you’ll probably see Dusty’s Sunday lineup tomorrow…

    • earmbrister

      @Steve Mancuso: Good point. The Cards normally have committed an error or two by this point in the game …

  66. BearcatNation

    BRUUUUUCCCEEE! What a catch! Thats what I like to see.

  67. Love4Reds

    Amazing Defense by the Redlegs tonight! 🙂

  68. George Culver

    This game is beginning to look like one that should not be named after so many great defensive plays behind the good Arroyo.

  69. hermanbates

    Well this is a thing now. A quiet thing, but a thing. Keep it going Bronson.

  70. Mwv

    Regardless of a certain statistic it would probably behoove us to go to our pen in the 8th and 9th if things remain the same. Won’t happen but that’s the smart play in my eyes at least.

    • George Culver

      Regardless of a certain statistic it would probably behoove us to go to our pen in the 8th and 9th if things remain the same.Won’t happen but that’s the smart play in my eyes at least.

      In a 1 or 2 run game the team effort should be strongly considered.

  71. Sergeant2

    @jas_428 Thanks for posting the link on the BP article in today’s St. Lo. Post-Dispatch.

  72. hermanbates

    Good golly. That dude has worked 3 excellent counts and it pays off with a hit. I LOVE this dude being on our team.

  73. earmbrister

    Just when you thought that Hanigan’s BA could not go lower … But hey, he’s a high OBP/lots of contact guy. I certainly hope he works for the walks, cause he looks awful so far this year swinging the bat.

  74. preach

    Choo isn’t going anywhere, but I like the attention lynn is paying to him.

    • SGT Ethan

      @preach: I sure wish Dusty would call for a bunt every now and then…


  75. eastcoast redsfan

    90 pitches for Lynn – a good inning here will probably end his night. He bats 3rd coming up.

  76. Mwv

    I think that’s 11 walks now for Votto?

  77. preach

    I think pitching around Votto was smart. Still keeps the DP in order. Lynn at 94 pitches.

  78. George Culver

    Fay and Sheldon are using that “word” on twitter.

  79. preach

    Bobbled ball may have kept us out of the DP. I definately prefer our defense to anything we’ve seen so far this season.

  80. George Culver

    Unbelievable. They’re trying to walk Bruce and he won’t accept. Truly bad baseball.

  81. George Culver

    Get the bullpen busy. No glory tonight.

  82. preach

    Bruce sure has a cannon out there. Between him and Choo there will not be too many folks taking an extra base.

  83. earmbrister

    Oh well, we can all not talk about something else.

  84. ToddAlmighty

    Any arm besides Bruce’s, and that’s a triple.

  85. Mwv

    Gonna be tough to get out of this without the run scoring, Bronson just isn’t that kind of pitcher.

  86. eastcoast redsfan

    Brandon was going to go to 3rd except the umpire was in the line of the throw.

  87. Jared Wynne

    I don’t like Bronson against lefties as a rule….

  88. Jared Wynne

    Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll poop socks

  89. SGT Ethan

    Alright, so now we’ll have to beat them the old fashioned way…

  90. Mwv

    Flashbacks to last year. When Bronson slips it tends to be memorable and in a hurry.

  91. George Culver

    Should have pitched around that one to set up a DP.

  92. Sergeant2

    And just like that. 2-1 Cards bot 6th.

    • earmbrister

      @preach: Sans is Greek for With, right? Cuase I like our chances against Motte also.

  93. jas_428

    Do the Cards develop or find great hitters? Crap!

  94. hermanbates

    Our top 2 pitching prospects had excellent games today. Cingrani went 6 and a third, got the W w/ 7 k’s & 0 R allowed. And Stephenson went 5 IP, got the L but only gave up 1 R and K’d 9.

  95. George Culver

    Arroyo’s going south fast.

  96. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Hope they get someone up and quick.

    • desertred

      Hope they get someone up and quick.

      You mean no one’s up yet?

  97. Jared Wynne

    Crap. Ball hits Hanigan’s bare hand. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite us.

  98. George Culver

    You wanted Mez, you may get your wish.

  99. nvilleredsfan

    Man, that looked like it hurt…

  100. Sergeant2

    Dusty’s gonna try and let Bronson get through this inning, no matter how many runs he gives up.

  101. hermanbates

    Oh, the phone isn’t working? Sounds like St. Louis mischief to me.

  102. BearcatNation

    If that happened to St Louis in GABP we would NEVER hear the end of it…

  103. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Hitting with RISP doesn’t really matter all the much. Look it up.

  104. hermanbates


  105. nvilleredsfan

    Dusty, please pull Bronson before this gets out of hand…

  106. ArkansasRedsFan

    Holy crap get him out of there.

  107. CP

    We are seeing some classic Dusty tonight!

  108. George Culver

    Wait, didn’t Price go to the mound before Carpenter HR ? That’s 2 visits

    • Steve Mancuso

      @George Culver: You’re totally right. Good catch. The umps (and Dusty, apparently) blew it. I went back on my DVD and Price definitely came out before Adams. Then Baker went out. I’ve never seen the umps blow that before. Baker, did too, though.

  109. desertred

    Chapman anyone? I know, I’m just dreaming.

  110. ToddAlmighty

    Come on.. you can’t honestly think it’s a good idea to keep Arroyo in.

  111. hermanbates

    Dusty: “I’m not sure I really want to win tonight…let’s just see what happens.”

  112. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Dusty is gonna stay with his guy no matter how many runs scores.

  113. CharlotteNCRedsFan


  114. Mwv

    Can someone please explain to me what just happened?

  115. BearcatNation

    Choo with a heck of an arm!

    But really Dusty? The only person who didn’t see that coming was you!

  116. CP

    Holy crap at that throw.

    Awful, just awful Dusty.

  117. hermanbates

    I want to punch Bryan Price and Dusty Baker simultaneously. Seriously? Did we REALLY just watch that?

  118. ToddAlmighty

    Jesus, great gun by Choo, but you can’t honestly tell me leaving Arroyo in there to give up another 2 runs was a good idea. Ridiculous Dusty. Is he even trying to win this game?

    • ToddAlmighty

      @ToddAlmighty: Even the site raged due to Dusty keeping Arroyo in there. I posted that and got an “internal server error”. Nobody isn’t angry and yelling at Dusty right now.

  119. preach

    If it wasn’t for Choo’s arm, this game would be freaking out of hand right now. Ridiculous.

  120. Sergeant2

    Its not all bad, Dusty’s goal of letting Bronson finish the inning was accomplished.

  121. George Culver

    3rd time through the lineup gets Arroyo again.

  122. desertred

    Dustyball: the opposite of moneyball.

  123. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Dusty is going to give the opponents 7 to 10 games a year. Mark it down. Book it. Whatever.

  124. George Culver

    Bet Matheny doesn’t let that happen to his pitcher this inning,

  125. hermanbates

    If the Reds win this one, which as we saw yesterday is entirely possible, it’ll be a classic case of winning IN SPITE of Dusty. Not something you should really ever have to talk about.

  126. nvilleredsfan

    I can’t believe Dusty left Bronson in… no way the Cards bullpen gives up a bunch of runs 2 days in a row.

  127. Steve Mancuso

    To add to the utter, disastrous, terrible mismanagement by Baker in handling the pitching – as George Culver commented above, the Reds “got away” with two coaching visits to the mound. Bryan Price had visited before Adams hit the home run. Then Baker went out and talked to Bronson but left him in. So Baker apparently didn’t know or remember that Price had gone out. That’s awful. Maybe by the same token that he benched Heisey tonight, maybe Baker will self-deport during tomorrow’s game.

  128. Mwv

    I am just so confused.. I still do not understand what just happened. Did I really just see what looked like Price pulling Dusty back down into the dugout to stop him from getting Bronson?

  129. desertred

    I’m sure Dusty will make sure Hannigan gets another bat, too.

  130. Truman48

    It seems like if you leave Arroyo in past the 5th inning you are really playing with fire.

  131. Hank Aarons Teammate

    @LVW: I knew the “Jay Bruce sucks campaign, brought to you by LVW” would be back soon.

  132. preach

    I think because of the dugout phone situation, they allowed the visit. It’s legal, I believe.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @preach: It seems doubtful…very doubtful..that the umpires violated the two-visit rule. There can be mitigating circumstances, I’m sure. There are four umpires. All four would have had to have screwed up, AND Matheny and crew not notice.

  133. hermanbates

    Hannahan…over Paul…WHAT IS GOING ON.

  134. George Culver

    Good question. If you had to spend $75 mil on Bailey or Choo, whose pockets are you lining?

    • schottzie_sabo

      @George Culver: As much as I’ve hopped on the Choo Choo Train and hope he’s here for a couple more years, I have to go with Bailey. Solid young SPs are just so valuable and tough to find… And we’ve got Hamilton to take over in CF.

  135. RedForever

    Boy, Hanigan’s bat looks very, very, very slow. in fact, it looks slow slow, I’d swear he was bunting.

  136. nvilleredsfan

    Hanigan doesn’t look like the same contact hitter he was last year. I’m sure he’s feeling the hit to the hand big time right now, but that AB was ugly.

  137. Mwv

    Okay, I think I have it figured out. I knew they did some lineup shuffling today but it’s a Tuesday and Cueto isn’t pitching so I was fooled. This is the Sunday special game. Now it makes sense.

  138. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Thinking big picture, how long until Mike Leake is farmed out in favor of Tony Cingrani? Maybe sometime in May? June?

  139. preach

    That foul tip he took off the hand certainly didn’t help, I bet.

  140. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Can’t believe he took BA out of the game. Gotta believe he had 1 more inning in him.

  141. nvilleredsfan

    Wasn’t Parra horrible for the Brewers last year?

    • Steve Mancuso

      @nvilleredsfan: Yes, dreadful. But Baker remembers some previous time when Parra looked good in a game against Votto and Bruce. Baker’s first hand observation of a tiny sample size of AB trumped the collective evidence of, you know, lots of statistics. I’m not sure Baker was the person who wanted Parra – maybe it’s related to Marshall’s fatigued shoulder – but he’s so bad that Baker has been really reluctant to use him. Let’s hope he can work out of this one.

  142. George Culver

    I hope this isn’t pouring gas on the fire.

    • eastcoast redsfan

      @George Culver: If this is a throw-away game, might as well use the least effective pitcher today and save the others for tomorrow – makes perfect sense.

  143. Sergeant2

    Instead of Arroyo getting credit for, and feeling good about an awesome performance early on, the highlights will show Bronson getting hammered. I give Bronson a thumbs up for his performance tonight. Its not his fault he was left in the game.

  144. preach

    Reds are playing bunt. with Manny on the mound? No. freaking. way.

  145. Hank Aarons Teammate

    The person I’m really tired of is not Baker, but Walt Jocketty. There is zero excuse for the general manager of the club to allow one of the team’s top prospects to rot on the bench while an above average but not great (despite what the media says) catcher is playing at least 4 out of every 5 games.

    I have no inside info, of course, but either Jocketty is allowing this, or he should be smacked by Castellini. Either way, I’m not happy.

    I really thought Mesoraco would be in another organization by this time, and he’s not, but he’s sort of not in this organization either.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Hank Aarons Teammate: Most GM’s I have heard interviewed do not want to take on making out the lineup. Especially with a manager of Baker’s experience.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: There is a world of difference between making out game lineups and instructing the field manager that a given young catcher will play slightly less than half time, as opposed to 20% of the time at most.

  146. EdEddandEdWerder

    Heisey instead of Paul.


  147. hermanbates

    My brain is melting. Simply melting. I’m not angry right now because I simply cannot feel. And we’re lucky Molina is the SLOWEST dude ever.

  148. jas_428

    Wait…Heisey is on a timeout…where’s Paul?

  149. ToddAlmighty

    Leaving Arroyo in.. and following him up with Parra even though LeCure was warmed up. Did Dusty Baker have any intention of actually winning this game?

  150. nvilleredsfan

    I think Dusty has waved the white flag in the name of saving his bullpen…

  151. preach

    5 pitches thrown, runner on second and third. Anyone suprised here (Besides Dusty)?

  152. Mwv

    Whew. Okay. Now um.. let’s try to hit some fastballs.

  153. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    This would be the inning to do some business.

  154. hermanbates

    Despite Dusty’s best efforts, the Reds are still in this thing.

  155. nvilleredsfan

    Wow, nice recovery… Thank God Molina was the leadoff and can’t run.

  156. van

    Parra got out of it. There’s still hope.

  157. preach

    I understand this move. Heisey is usually fairly good at hitting the heater, need baserunners for our bench to make a real difference, and Heisey is a better defender…..of course by the time I am done typing, Heisey strikes out, but I still don’t mind the strategy.

  158. nvilleredsfan

    and the beat goes on for Choo… isn’t it wonderful to have a lead off hitter that gets on base?

  159. George Culver

    Choo on base twice again. Consecutive game streak at 8.

  160. nvilleredsfan

    and Cozart pees in the Wheaties…

  161. George Culver

    Oh yeah, Cozart in the 2 hole was a real good idea.

  162. SGT Ethan

    Hard to believe Choo is ONLY batting nearly .400…

  163. Love4Reds

    Yeah.. so Baker is saving his Bullpen

  164. hilp

    Did Dusty have money on the Cards tonight? I can’t believe those pitching decisions. 😡

  165. SGT Ethan

    So yeah, that Ask Marty isn’t going to make the “best of”…

  166. ToddAlmighty

    So… sure glad we get two innings of Parra. Rather than you know, a good reliever.

    Also, Isturis and Hanrahan and all of them are going to play whenever Cueto next pitches. Dusty loves to give Cueto the B-team lineup. He did it like 8 times last season.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @ToddAlmighty: The alternative is blowing out Sam Lecure’s arm. I like this move, actually. The chance of scoring 3 runs in the 9th isn’t high. It’s very low.

  167. Mwv

    This Parra guy seems less than awesome tonight.

  168. Hank Aarons Teammate

    What is the deal with Marshall? I mean, still fatigue. And they pitched him one day so no retro DL move to spring training is possible. Meanwhile, the bullpen is going to be overworked because the starters aren’t going deep into games. I just don’t get it.

  169. George Culver

    Remind me why Parra made this team?

  170. SGT Ethan

    Sounds like, from Marty and Jeff, that he’s out there to work out of it or not…

  171. Mwv

    That ball landed like 5 feet short of the plate.

  172. Mwv

    Is Parra our long relief guy now? If so I’m afraid.

  173. CP

    -Cozart batting 2nd.

    -A struggling veteran playing over the hotshot prospect.

    -Bronson Arroyo left in 2-3 batters too long.

    -Questionable double switches

    While the world changes at a breakneck pace, it’s nice to know that some things never change. We are witnessing vintage Dusty. And we didn’t even have to buy tickets!

  174. preach

    I know I’ve been a Arredondo apologist, but Parra over him? Really?

  175. RedForever

    This one is over. let’s get them tomorrow.

  176. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    God, this just dreadful. Reds slide to the #2 position in CharlotteNCRedsFan’s Power Ranking. Moving the Nats backup. DJohnson>DBaker.

  177. Sergeant2

    Thankfully there are some Family Guy episodes coming on the TOON network in a few minutes. I could use a few laughs right about now.

  178. CP

    Arredondo release surprised so many people around the league that no one bothered claiming him off waivers…shocking!

  179. Mwv

    Well, only gave up 1 run somehow.. okay.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Mwv: Guy reminds me of a hand grenade with a very loose pin. Just waiting to blow up in our faces.

  180. Sergeant2

    The Cards just threw a life preserver to the Reds. Boggs is coming in to pitch the 9th.

  181. eastcoast redsfan

    Looking at the bright side … That inning wasn’t as bad as it could have been and the rest of the bullpen is good for tomorrow now.

  182. jas_428

    I suppose another nine run ninth would be asking for too much? I thought I saw Fred Lewis tonight too.

  183. preach

    Cards really helped out. Let’s have another ninth like last night.

  184. George Culver

    Votto missing cake pitches right down the pipe. Weak to second. Ouch. Hurts to watch.

  185. Mwv

    I don’t know what happened tonight but on offense we just look asleep at the wheel.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @Mwv: Really, they haven’t hit that well the last several days. The numbers are really misleading. Lots and lots of cheap hits.

  186. JEFFMO

    Can anyone explain why we have this Parra guy on the roster? I know Marshall is hurting, but I believe he had a high ERA in spring training, and I see he has already given up a run and four hits this game. Why didn’t the Reds go after Burnett? He is now with the Angels?

  187. Hank Aarons Teammate

    I really don’t understand why some people are so sure that Votto is fine. He sure doesn’t look fine.

    • OhioJim

      @Hank Aarons Teammate: I am starting to wonder too.

      I wonder if the long layoff from the injury followed by the off season is making it harder on him to get back to being his complete self. With his skills and approach, he could fall out of bed and be a singles hitter OBP machine like he was in September. It is another whole thing to get back to the top of his game by adding in the clutch power aspect.

  188. CP

    You know who looks pretty good this year? The Kansas City Royals. Their SP is still a little thin, but their lineup is solid, got a good mix of young players and vets, solid bullpen.

    • preach

      @CP: And look at their farm system. It’s probably the best in baseball. Certainly in the top 3. They could be solid for a while or deal from some serious strength.

      • CP

        @preach: The Shields trade really hurt their system, but still they’re pretty decent. Kind of similar to the Reds system really, some pitchers on the way, but not very many bats.

        Still, they have a lot of players seemingly entering their prime. The Shields trade was too expensive relative to the Latos/Gio deals, but still, I’m sure they felt the pressure to have some pitchers to go along with the hitters entering their prime years.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @CP: 100% agree and the manager does not mess with the lineup. Good call.

      • CP

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Yeah, Yost pulling Holland for Escobar in the first week of the season was refreshing. I thought he was gonna do it again tonight…

  189. JEFFMO

    Reds struck out 14 times tonight. Way too many times!

  190. Sergeant2

    Pack a lunch for tomorrows game. St Lo. is expecting thunders boobies all day tomorrow (speaking of thunder boobies I’m looking forward to seeing Front Row Amy when the Reds travel to Mil.

  191. CI3J

    Well, I did tell them to save some hits for today….

  192. JEFFMO

    I wish there was a new MLB Law that said that any General Manager and especially the Manager of a MLB team has to log on to a blog like this and answer all our questions, one by one.

  193. preach

    Do I want to watch this post game show? Nah, don’t want to endure that again.

  194. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Think the Reds had a tough night? Astros are pounding the Mariners 9-0 in the “2nd inning”. How is that even possible?

  195. Sergeant2

    Now that this sacrificial lamb of a game is over, I’m looking forward to a Reds win tomorrow. We’ll get em tomorrow. Go Reds!! Adios Amigos.