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Game Thread: Reds at Cardinals (2013.04.08)

Over the years, I have had a hatred of many teams.  Growing up, the Atlanta Braves were always on tv and in my area you were primarily a Reds fan or a Braves fan.  So I naturally hated the Braves and their fans. Then in my teenage years and through the late 90s and early portion of the 2000s, that hatred transferred over to the Red Sox and Yankees, for obvious reasons. 

However, in recent years, I have focused my hatred onto one team and one team only… The St. Louis Cardinals.  Ever since the 2010 brawl, I have despised the Cardinals and everything about them.  I have co-workers who are Cardinals fans.  Friends who are Cardinals fans.  And family members who are fans.  I can not stand talking baseball with them.

So nothing will make me happier today and for the rest of this week than taking it to the Cards.  Discuss the game here and let’s hope for a Reds thumping.

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  1. Remember when we were just hoping to scratch out a run or two? This is quite nice…

  2. I guess we won’t be arguing about who pitches the 9th at this point. Yesterday I wasn’t so comfortable in the 9th, with a 3 run lead. Even I am comfortable with a 9 run lead.

  3. That, my friends, is how you pick your teammate up after some rough defense. And that, kids, is how you keep your head up when things go wrong. Choo after the 7th inning…Single, Walk, Double, 2R, 3RBI

  4. Reds have scored more runs in this inning than the Pirates have all season.

    Chris Heisey has two outs in this inning.

  5. do you guys realize that it’s possible that heisey might make all three outs this inning? that would make my season.

  6. I’m surprised that the 2nd baseman didn’t throw the ball away as well.

  7. Todd Frazier with a mercy look at a called third strike. Guess he got bored.

  8. If I were the Cards hitters I would just stand there and take 3 straight strikes and save my energy for tomorrow.

    • If I were the Cards hitters I would just stand there and take 3 straight strikes and save my energy for tomorrow.

      If I were the Cards hitters, I’d be embarrassed to come out of the dugout.

  9. “That, my friends, is how you pick your teammate up after some rough defense. And that, kids, is how you keep your head up when things go wrong.”

    We give Dusty Baker a whole lot of crap deseverably so for some of his moves, but you got to say over the past few years the Reds have been a club that doesn’t really give up on games.

    • @earl: Giants fans I know – who don’t like Dusty – give him credit for that much. That is, the Giants were the same way with him. (Not that they’ve stopped.)

      The way one of them put it: Dusty loses about 5 games in a season with in-game strategy, the players never quitting under him wins about 5 a season, so it’s a wash.

  10. Could this mark the end of the Busch Stadium jinx for the Reds ? They’ve had a terrible record at Busch over the last 10 years.

  11. We’re having fun now! Tough day for Cards’ fans… This Reds team can score some runs.

  12. The only Cards fans still in the ballpark are the drunk ones that can’t see the 1 in front of 3 in the Reds scoreline.

  13. I’m kinds waiting for someone else to get drilled. The Cards are kinds old school like that. “Those Reds are getting a little comfy in there!” I hope Matheny and company don’t play it that way anymore. TLR and Duncan sure did though.

  14. Great play by Votto to get the out and end the game. Great tough as nails comeback win for the Reds. Lets make it two in row with a win tomorrow night. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  15. Looking back at the box score now.. Bruce went 4 for 5 and had a walk. That is huge.

  16. Just reviewing game. Could be coincidence but Choo seemed to lose focus on both fly balls when his first step hit the warning track. If anyone else would have butchered those two flies, there would be many comments about him not being a CFer. As for me, I’m still fine with the experiment even if Reds had lost the game. The question down the road might be how can we sign Choo or is it conceivable the Reds might deal Bruce?

    • @jas_428: No way the Reds trade Bruce.

      On the Choo note though, I really think it’s a bit ridiculous that they refuse to consider the idea of playing him in LF, and putting Heisey in CF. At least the 3 unearned runs Choo caused were all negated by his 3 RBI bases clearing double. Plus the guy’s getting on base like crazy.

      • @ToddAlmighty: If a change is going to be made with Choo, and I don’t think it should be yet, I would prefer moving him to RF, where he is a proven commodity with a strong arm, and move Bruce to CF.

        A problem with moving Heisey to CF is that Paul and Ludwick (when he returns) can’t play CF. Better to just leave LF to that group.

        On a related topic, it would make sense, in a late defensive replacement situation, to take out Choo, put Heisey in CF, and Paul in LF.

  17. Chris, I just read your opening statement now. I can relate. My father is a diehard Cardinals fan and I used to love talking baseball with him but now I try to stick to just talking 20th century baseball.

    As for hated teams, we have, not surprisingly, the same history. The Braves as “America’s Team”. Ugh.

    In the 60’s and 70’s I (and I think most Reds fans) hated the Dodgers.

  18. Votto saved poor Hoover’s arm. If Descalso reaches then Hoover–already over 20 pitches–would have had to keep going. But at least we would have saved Manny Parra’s arm. Great win, but bringing in Hoover in that inning is managerial malpractice. He clearly hasn’t recovered from 47 pitches on opening day. Rest was more important than getting back on the horse to build his confidence.

  19. I agree with my friend Eric The Red. I don’t understand why Hoover was brought in there. That’s a situation in which you’re going to want one pitcher to finish it off no matter how long it goes. Parra was the logical choice, to me.

  20. The AP recap of the game calls the Cardinals the defending NL Central champs. Sigh.

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