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Game Thread: Nats at Reds (2013.04.07)

After scoring 30 runs combined in games one and two of this series, runs may prove a little tougher to come by in today’s rubber match between the Reds and Nationals.  Johnny Cueto faces off against Stephen Strasburg in what should be an old fashioned pitchers duel.  One is a Cy Young Award frontrunner.  The other is Stephen Strasburg.

Can the Reds make it back-to-back series wins over two of the top competitors in Major League Baseball?  It may be a tough task but I think the good guys are up for it. Discuss the game here and… GO REDS!

179 thoughts on “Game Thread: Nats at Reds (2013.04.07)

  1. How bout that situational hitting today fellers! Lets see some more of that! Washington makes me love our defense.

  2. Nice to have Marshall back. He was goooood. The bullpen is just so much better when he is available.

  3. I’d really like a couple runs here so the Reds can avoid using Chapman. They have the bottom of the order up in the 9th.

  4. I’m ok with Chapman pitching. It should be an easy save, and I like the idea of establishing a bit of dominance vs a probable opponent in the playoffs. Let’s make sure we take this series.

  5. Another reason I really don’t like Chapman as closer. He isn’t the same pitching consecutive days, and he really isn’t the same three days in a row.

  6. And the fact that this save will count equally with all the others… don’t get me stahted…

  7. Took him a few batters to get going with any velocity. I find that a bit strange.

  8. Nice home stand against two strong teams. Waste of Chapman there, though.

    The scary thing is Votto isn’t even seeing the ball well yet.

  9. Now its off to face the e’ville Cardinals in the Cards home opener. Rain is in the forecast in St. Louis. Great series win over the Nats. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  10. I have nothing against Drew Stubbs (except his K rate), but I’m not really missing his defense right now. Choo Choo Ka Choo.

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