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Game Thread: Nationals at Reds (2013.04.06)

What can the Reds do to follow up last night’s 15-0 stomping of the Nationals in which they bombed 6 homeruns?  How about win again and make it 4 in a row!  Or maybe win 16-0!

The Reds will send their #5 starter to the mound today in the form of Mike Leake.  Leake did not have an outstanding spring and his inclusion as the Reds fifth starter aroused plenty of spring debate.  But with that said, fans will be cheering for him today to shut down the Nats and their “Natitude”.

Discuss the game here and as always… GO Reds!

264 thoughts on “Game Thread: Nationals at Reds (2013.04.06)

  1. Almost 5 games and no doubles for Votto. I have to wonder, is the knee healthy. Hopefully just a power slump.

  2. Two quick outs and then bang, and with the pitcher on deck. might have been better off with the throwing error and first base open

  3. Wow…there were so many things wrong with that pitch he just threw…

    I mean, the freaking pitcher is behind him, make him swing!!!

  4. And who calls all the stupid pick-off attempts? Had him swinging at garbage before those … then the balls and then the gopher ball.

  5. Get him out of there. He is cooked. Any further damage is on Dusty’s shoulders.

  6. Although I didn’t mean it literally, my last post on Cingrani may not be far off. I know it’s the first start of the season, but Leake was getting hit well all game, and the wheels just fell off spectacularly. And his spring was not good. At what point do the Reds seriously consider giving Cingrani a look? If he gives you two more absolutely unreal, dominant starts and Leake puts out two more duds? Do you wait til the end of the month? It’ll be interesting to see. I hope, for the club’s sake, that Leake doesn’t keep getting hit hard. Time will tell.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: That’s kinda why I think Dusty wanted Chapman in the bullpen, period. Leake was just the handiest excuse as a reason not to “need” Chapman there. … But it would seem like the team has to give Leake several starts after the spring training drama.

      This is ugly, but it’s one start, and it’s against an NL heavyweight.

  7. Not expecting Leake to have these type of games, particularly in GABP, is pretty crazy imo.

    Awful swing & at bat by Mesoraco.

  8. I am not a Leake fan. I realize he isn’t bad for a #5. I, like many others, would have preferred to have seen Chapman in his spot but I also have to admit was not completely sold on Broxton in the closers role? I mean what if last year was a a fluke for Broxton? If that is the case, then the bullpen is not as deep as we thought.

  9. We knew Mike Leake was going to be the weak link in the pitching staff. His stuff is just not good enough to be a consistent winner. If his location is off just a bit, he gets lit up.

    We’re seeing that today.

    We’ll get ’em tomorrow.

  10. The boys look like they celebrated a little too hard last night. Not saying that this game is over, but can we just fast forward to tomorrow’s game?

  11. Nationals 5 Reds 3 top 9th. Still very doable for the Redlegs. Hold em here, and then win it in the bot 9th. Easy as pie. C’mon Reds lets go!

  12. Soriano isn’t all that great. Just get someone on base and the the Reds have a shot.

  13. Heisey has to figure out that a walk is a fine outcome here if he ever wants to become a valuable LF.

  14. Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with them wheels. Go Joey. Wild pitch Votto scores tie game 5-5.

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