Redleg Nation‘s ninth season begins with more preseason optimism about the Reds than at any time I can remember. We’re all expecting a great season, right? Well, let’s get on with it!

The Queen City’s annual holiday will see Johnny Cueto facing the Angels’ Jered Weaver. That’s right, the Reds are playing the Angels; it’s the first time Cincinnati will face an AL opponent on Opening Day. No matter who the opponent, I expect it will be a fun day. Opening Day always is.

While you’re waiting for the game to begin, listen to our two season preview podcasts: first, with’s Mark Sheldon, and the most recent, with Reds broadcaster Chris Welsh.

Here’s your game preview. Go Reds.

370 Responses

  1. Chris DeBlois

    First comment for the first game of the year? Of course. Go Reds!

  2. preach

    doh! you just beat me Chris. I am excited. This should really be a holiday.

    • BenL

      @preach: As a man at work, about to go into a meeting, I strongly agree.

  3. battlerabbit

    Stuck at work and then class and also in MN, so I won’t be able to watch or listen, but I’ll be following in spirit.

  4. pmedwards

    What’s the temperature like up there in Cincy, looked cloudy earlier. El perfecto down here in AZ.

  5. preach

    I’m still a little salty about Arrondondo, but winning a few games will take the sting out of it.

    • pmedwards

      @preach: If it was between he and Hoover, though, you gotta go Hoover.

      • preach

        Agreed, but I think it was between him and Parra, which doesn’t make much sense to me. I think Dusty can’t understand Jose wears his glove on the wrong hand.

      • pmedwards

        @preach: Lefty vs. Righty matchups is such an archaic philosophy.

  6. CI3J

    Go Reds!

    Remember, if you win today it’s because good ol’ Uncle Walt put together a perfect roster, but if you lose it’s Dusty’s fault!

  7. CP

    Decided to stay home this opening day. In preparation for the game, got the MIA/WSH game on on the tv, and SD/NYM & CHC/PIT on the computer. Sweeeet.

  8. DatFan

    Happy Opening Day everyone! 🙂 🙂

    This is a great feeling. Not going to the game today, but I’ve got my tickets for Wednesday’s game and I can’t wait.

    For today, I have a sixer of High Life and a giant sub from Jersey Mike’s. I just doesn’t get much better than baseball, beer and giant sandwiches.

    Love seeing Jim Day and Jeff Piecoro (sp?) on my TV again. I also loved watching the Astros stomp the Rangers last night. It felt strange to root for the Astros, but I would love to see them succeed in the AL.

  9. Farney

    Poor college student in Utah and my slingbox isnt working… anyone know a free site to watch the game on?

    • lukeukcrazy

      @Farney: Farney, I’m not absolutely sure, but you might want to check WatchESPN or to see if the game will be broadcasted there.

    • RedForever

      @Farney: If you find one, let me know. FSN TN is not broadcasting it today…boo!

      I’ll have to listen to Marty and the Cowboy and watch MLB network for updates.

  10. CP

    Strasburg is a true ace, and Harper looks like the real deal.

    Good lord, Mitch Williams is turrrrrible.

  11. preach

    “Freezing temps for opening in Minnestota”. Yep, the Boys of Summer…..

  12. Sultan of Swaff

    Gotta admit, I’m not as jacked as in previous years. Yes, the sting of losing to the Giants is still there. It’s probably best to heed the advice of Votto who said the other day–(paraphrasing here) if you don’t put last year behind you, you’re killing your chances this year. OK, I’ll try.

    It’s not the same without Pinson343 either. Come back!!!

  13. pmedwards

    I might call in sick on Friday just so I can watch all three games against the Nats. Cueto Strasburg, anyone?

  14. Smithy

    Ah yes… Between this and Reddits hat bs… my work productivity is ZEro… can it be a negative number? Go Reds!

  15. Sergeant2

    buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks… I can almost smell the hot dogs & brats. Nothing like Opening Day in Cincinnati. I wish I was there, but as the late great Bob Shreve would say, I live a “fur piece” from Cincinnati. Gonna be an awesome season. Go Reds!

  16. RedinTenn

    drives me crazy that home games are blacked out on MLB TV here in TN —
    but it’s probably a good thing as far as keeping my job goes……………

  17. renbutler

    Hello, everybody.

    I used to take opening day off work, until they moved the starting time to 4:00. Why bother? I’ll get to see most of the game after work anyway.

    And I don’t mind playing the opener against an AL team (if Interleague is still deemed to be absolutely necessary). As long as the pitchers are batting, that is…

    Play ball!

    • Sergeant2

      @renbutler: I agree. If your in the lineup then stepping in the batters box comes with the territory.

  18. Sergeant2

    I wonder why my little smiley face icons won’t post.

    • Matt WI

      @Sergeant2: They’ll work if you put in the actual keystrokes, but haven’t been working if you just click on them for awhile for some reason.

  19. neestj01

    Going to need a win today to keep pace with those Cubbies!

  20. Matt WI

    Crossing fingers my appointment this hour is cancelling. I won’t be offended, really. Gotta hear the start of the game.

  21. neestj01

    Being off for Opening Day is the sole reason I became a teacher. That, and the amazing salary…

  22. Sergeant2

    Can’t wait to hear the the lineup.

  23. Mwv

    Alrighty, now to sit back and feed my addiction after the long withdrawal. Any guesses on who hits the first bomb for us this year? I’m guessing Bruce. Mostly because I just like using capslock afterwords.

  24. lukeukcrazy

    Choo, CF
    Phillips, B, 2B
    Votto, 1B
    Ludwick, LF
    Bruce, RF
    Frazier, 3B
    Cozart, SS
    Hanigan, C
    Cueto, P

  25. Sergeant2

    How sweet was it to NOT hear Marty say “and leading off for the Reds Drew Stubbs. Sweet.

  26. Mwv

    Cueto’s offspeed stuff looks good so far.

  27. RC

    The Reds should GO. Seriously. Please GO, Reds!

    Stuck at work later than I hoped, but ASAP will be hitting the nearest TV + beer establishment. Wings, too, perhaps…

  28. preach

    I’m guessing Phillips for the first HR. He’s just a drama kinda guy.

    • Sergeant2

      @preach: BP has been known to swing for the fences every now and again.

  29. Sergeant2

    I’m going to stretch out on the couch and listen to Marty and Cowboy call the game. Now that’s what I call sweet.

  30. preach

    anyplace online to listen to the game? I know someone used to post a list of stations around here someplace.

    • Sergeant2

      @preach: I don’t think you can get the audio anywhere without an audio subscription from

  31. preach

    Yeah, I just sound it on WLW. They usually don’t broadcast the games, do they?

  32. Jared

    I wish Gameday and similar game-watch things had an optional delay so it wouldn’t tell me what I’m about to hear.

  33. preach

    Choo thought about taking second on the flyball. Like the agressive thinking.

  34. neestj01

    There’s no way to listen without getting the MLB audio subscription, which isn’t too pricey. 30 bucks i think…

  35. CP

    Ugh @ the Phillips strikeout. Ugly, ugly way to start the season.

  36. CP

    Thom dropping the RISP stats early this year.

  37. Mwv

    Well, they made Weaver work more than JC I suppose. We’ll see if Weaver finds his control as the game goes on. If not things will heat up soon.

  38. CP

    lol @ “redundant talent”. What exactly is the manager’s job?

    Vernon Wells got 262 at bats. That’s on the manager.

  39. neestj01

    Can someone just tell Bruce that his ceiling is Adam Dunn and not Joey Votto? Just get your 40 homers and 120 RBI and move on.

    • CP

      @neestj01: That’s all, huh? And how many major league baseball players did that in 2012?


      • neestj01

        @CP: I’m just saying that I’d rather him focus on his strength (power) than worry about improving his weakness (contact).

  40. RiverCity Redleg

    Cueto dealing through two. Gotta love an Ace.

  41. Mwv

    If there are Lego Redlegs then I need to buy that for my nephew.

  42. RedManifesto

    Anybody else have a perma-smile going on? Nothing sweeter than a post-winter opening day.

  43. RiverCity Redleg

    First hit of the day! #SuperTodd

  44. Y-City Jim

    Looking at the Reds schedule for April. I see the Marlins are in for the third weekend. Wonder if there will be Groupon specials on tickets for that series? :-D:-D:-D

  45. Bruuuuuce

    Anyone with video care to divulge the location of the Iannetta HR pitch? Did Cueto miss?

  46. earmbrister

    Arghhh. Iannetta of all people. I jinxed the Reds by checking in.

  47. Matt WI

    Chooooo! Double. I tuned in just now.

  48. Brian Van Hook

    Atta boy, Choo! now get him in!!!!!

    • Mwv

      No sac bunt, was just a hopper up the middle that advanced the runner.

  49. Farney

    We’ve got a wide strike zone today, boys

  50. Chad Dotson

    Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto, leaving guys in scoring position. Cue up the complaints about hitting with RISP.

  51. preach

    Since WLW kicked me off, I think I’ll have to find something to do outside the office for the rest of the afternoon……

  52. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Dang is Ludwick okay?


  53. lukeukcrazy

    Nice hustle CHOOOOO!!!!! Hope Ludwick is okay.

  54. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    I hope they can put that baby back in its socket.

  55. Mwv

    Looks like he jammed his shoulder pretty good, hopefully nothing serious.

  56. earmbrister

    how did Ludkwick look coming off?

  57. ToddAlmighty

    Dislocated if I had to guess.. he didn’t lift his right arm once.

  58. Bruuuuuce

    Choo-Choo Express. New nickname. Mark it down!

  59. PRoseFutureHOFer

    Every year I say the same thing: how did Pete Rose manage to slide first every year for 23 years and never get hurt, yet these guys get hurt every time they try it? And oh by the way, Pete was running through walls, running over catchers, etc., etc. Amazing.

  60. RedForever

    Will the Reds ever get another hit with RISP? ** Sarcasm Alert! ***

  61. earmbrister

    Weaver threw alot of pitches in that half.

  62. RedForever

    If ludwick goes on the DL, will they recall Hamilton?

  63. Farney

    I highly doubt it. They’d go heisey/paul and leave hamilton to keep getting consistent AB’s. Gotta think they’d pull someone up to be a bat off the bench tho, but not hamilton

  64. CP

    I think Donald or Robinson would be first guy up.

    • CP

      @CP: Donald b/c he’s on the 40 man, Robinson b/c they can add him and not worry about DFAing him when/if Ludwick comes back.

      • CP

        @CP: Actually Donald is no longer on the 40 man due to having to make room for Izturis. But same thing…can’t see the Reds bringing up a Hamilton or Lutz for non-frequent at bats.

  65. Brian Van Hook

    any chance they’d give a look at “big lutz?”

    • DatFan

      any chance they’d give a look at “big lutz?”

      John Fay tweeted that Lutz has a good chance of getting called up if Ludwick is hurt badly because he has a hot bat right now.

  66. CP

    Cueto’s slider is pretty nasty today.

  67. earmbrister

    How about Edison’s start this season? 3IP, 6 ER vs. the mighty Mets. Maybe he figures it out next year …

    • Brian Van Hook

      @earmbrister: and maybe, after the game, he blamed the offense for not scoring more runs for him. not that I’m bitter or anything …

      nice job, Johnny, careful with this next guy!!

  68. Farney

    Love that he threw the slider on a 3-2 count there! ACE.

  69. Mwv

    I don’t think Weaver comes back out next inning unless this one is super quick. His pitch count is really up there for the first start of the year.

  70. CP

    Pitchers basically shouldn’t swing, ever.

  71. Mwv

    4 pitch inning. Sorry about that guys.

  72. Matt WI

    OMG, Votto leading off an inning. I thought we fixed that. 🙂

  73. CP

    Thom “Old Man Yells At Clouds” Brennamen

  74. Y-City Jim

    Did Thom Brennaman really say that Trout had just an okay year last year?

    • CP

      @Y-City Jim: I Rewound It…He Said Trout Was Spectacular But Harper Was Not Even Good (Harper WAR=5.2).

  75. earmbrister

    Heck, Trout’s only had 1 hit in 2013

  76. Y-City Jim

    Of course, from what I hearing, Marty and his pals are just having conversation while a baseball game is going on.

  77. Brian Van Hook

    C’mon now, Heisey, make ’em pay for that!!!

  78. ToddAlmighty

    Heisey just got robbed on that call.

  79. CP

    Perhaps Dusty should consider getting someone up in the bullpen?

  80. pmedwards

    Is there work in the pen right now?

  81. Brian Van Hook

    ludwick dislocated right shoulder

  82. Matt WI

    Oh dear lord, Brantley took 30 sec to explain what happened on that bunt. Going into detail before actually saying an out had been recorded. For all I knew, someone had scored.

  83. Brian Van Hook

    whoa, walk this guy to get to the guy who hit a homer? guess i was expecting to try to whiff this guy and walk the next guy

  84. CP

    If only the Reds had a nearly unhittable strikeout pitcher sitting in the bullpen, ready to pitch with the game on the line…

    • Y-City Jim

      @CP: If only that was the way they would use that pitcher rather than having him coming into the ninth inning with no one on base.

  85. pmedwards

    C’mon, Johnny. Get out of this silliness.

  86. Mwv

    Wow, that is a gutsy pitch to call there.

  87. Brian Van Hook

    yes!!! halfway home!!

    this kid can hit a little

  88. PRoseFutureHOFer

    And Weaver is out of there. I love National League baseball.

  89. Mwv

    JC is the man. 9 K’s and none sweeter than those last two.

  90. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    And that gentlemen is why JC is the #1 Starter on this club.

    Master craftsman.

  91. Matt WI

    C’mon. Get out of this inning, turn it over the bullpen, and let the offense carry the team around. Yesssss! Big K. Gut Check strikeouts to get out of the jam!

  92. Bruuuuuce

    Here’s Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

    Way to be Cueto

  93. pmedwards

    He may not get the win, but Johnny smoked it.

  94. Brian Van Hook

    Score here and reward him with a win. Masterful on Opening Day!!!!

  95. Richard Fitch

    Johnny’s pitching like it’s June, not April.

  96. ToddAlmighty

    So clutch, now they need to get a run on board this half inning to get Cueto set up for the W.

  97. Matt WI

    And so it is down to their bullpen and ours in a 3 inning game. Advantage, Reds.

  98. Tourniquette

    Holy crap, the memory of this Cueto was starting to get fuzzy after the game-that-shall-not-be-named. Go Reds!

  99. MrSaturdayNite

    Johnny Freakin’ Cueto, man.

  100. Tourniquette

    Pretty sure the Whoo! just made a comeback

  101. RedZeppelin

    Excellent starting pitching.
    No run support.
    Idiotic “Whoo!”s from the GABP crowd.
    It’s like the 2012 season never ended.

    At least the lead off hitter has been on base twice already.

    • Matt WI

      @RedZeppelin: You ok with continuing late comeback wins? I’ll take ’em however they can get ’em.

      • RedZeppelin

        @Matt WI:

        Yeah, I’d be fine with that.

        @pmedwards & @Mwv : I forgot about that part. Probably because I haven’t been to the Reds HoF yet this year so I haven’t seen the 97 Wins trophy on display yet.

    • Mwv

      You forgot the stellar relief pitching and the 97 wins.

  102. Matt WI

    Oh yeah! Broxton deals it to the top of the order! See ya Pujols!

  103. PRoseFutureHOFer

    Too bad Broxton’s not good enough to close.

  104. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    This is where 2013 will hopefully be superior to 2012: Choo batting second than Votto is the 4th man up. I like our chances to plate at least 1 this inning.

  105. Mwv

    That was great because now even if it goes extras we’ve still got Marshal.

  106. Matt WI

    And the Angels crack the door open for us in the 8th. Let’s go Choo. Take one out of here.

  107. rfay00

    Boy it would be great to have Billy H. up here to steal some bases as a pinch runner now…

  108. Brian Van Hook

    marty expressing some surprise that choo hasn’t showed a bunt

  109. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Welcome to Cincinnati Mr. Choo.

  110. CP

    Next game, let’s play a drinking game where you take a drink every time a Brennamen mentions the word “bunt”

  111. Brian Van Hook

    gonna take the bat out of votto’s hands with a bunt here?

      • Brian Van Hook

        @CI3J: i saw too much of this last season. i’d love to see bruce make this work, but i’d risk a DP if it meant letting Votto bat

  112. RedZeppelin

    A lead off hitter on base three times in a game? A tear just ran down my cheek.

  113. Mwv

    Angels seem determined to give us every chance to score this inning.

  114. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Okay it is up to Heisey now.

  115. Mwv

    Now why wouldn’t they want to pitch to Joey?

  116. Abel

    I think I’d rather see BP hit into a DP than Heisey and Bruce strike out with the bases loaded. Prove me wrong!

    • desertred

      I think I’d rather see BP hit into a DP than Heisey and Bruce strike out with the bases loaded.Prove me wrong!

      nice call

  117. LWBlogger

    I am a Dusty Baker supporter but that was dumb. He took the bat out of Votto’s hands with that bunt.

  118. CP

    Shocker! Guy that isn’t that good at hitting strikes out in key situation. Meanwhile, your MVP is chilling at 1B.

  119. hoodlum

    where does one sign up for the “i hate giving up outs with our #2 hitter and setting up an easy walk of our MVP club?”

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @hoodlum: Line forms around the block.

      Dusty matching wits with Scioscia is not a pretty sight.

      • desertred

        @hoodlum: Line forms around the block.

        Dusty matching wits with Scioscia is not a pretty sight.

        Plural wits? How about halfwit?

  120. desertred

    Way to take the bat out of Votto’s hands. The Dustman will just never learn.

  121. LWBlogger

    @hoodlum – The #2 hitter that has spent a lot of time in the 4-hole.

  122. RedZeppelin

    Not the greatest move, but it shouldn’t take your team MVP to get a sac fly.

    • Brian Van Hook

      @RedZeppelin: i would have disliked that strategy either way, but i like even less when you’ve already lost your cleanup hitter to injury earlier in the game

  123. Tourniquette

    Man, Bruce is Stubbsing it today hard.

  124. Bruuuuuce

    Bruce with an afternoon to forget. 7 LOB. Ouch

  125. Farney

    I hate taking the bat out of BP’s hands only to get a walk for Votto.

  126. hoodlum

    pretty upsetting that Heisey can’t make contact there.

  127. LWBlogger

    Angels fail big time in the 7th and Reds lay a big egg in the 8th.

  128. desertred

    Hope John Fay asks Dusty about that move later. But I doubt it.

    • Brian Van Hook

      @desertred: i suspect that if he does ask, the answer will come with a “bristle”

  129. RedForever

    Nice game by Jay Bruce. 0-4 with 3Ks. Did Jay Bruce morph into Drew Stubbs?

  130. concepcion13

    A little late to the party here – but with Ludwick out for who knows how long, what are the chances that Phillips winds up in the #4 hole again, with Cozart moving to 2nd? Because the other option is moving Bruce to cleanup and that’s not possible because that would be two lefties back-to-back & we all know how the Toothpick feels about that.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      Phillips winds up in the #4 hole again, with Cozart moving to 2nd?

      @concepcion13: Right on the money.

      • hoodlum

        @concepcion13: Right on the money.

        at least we dont have to worry about Cairo in the 2 hole this season.

      • desertred

        Uh oh. I smell a Scott Rolen comeback.

        @concepcion13: Right on the money.

        It’s perfect Dusty logic. With 2 men on and no outs, BP has to bunt. But he’s good enough to bat in clean-up in a pinch.

    • desertred

      A little late to the party here – but with Ludwick out for who knows how long, what are the chances that Phillips winds up in the #4 hole again, with Cozart moving to 2nd? Because the other option is moving Bruce to cleanup and that’s not possible because that would be two lefties back-to-back & we all know how the Toothpick feels about that.

      Uh oh. I smell a Scott Rolen comeback.

  131. LWBlogger

    By the way, Miller for the RedSox was throwing harder than Chapman today. He’s a lefty too. Couple of nasty lefties there.

    Chapman’s slider is nasty today.

  132. concepcion13

    I’m optimistically predicting a SuperTodd walkoff HR in the bottom of the 9th….

  133. ToddAlmighty

    Wow.. this umpire has a terrible strike zone all day.

  134. nvilleredsfan

    Wow, what did Chapman do to Scott to get those calls?

  135. LWBlogger

    That last pitch to Trumbo was low but there were two bad calls in that AB. Chapman got squeezed.

  136. desertred

    Why is Chapman pitching in a tie game?

  137. Mwv

    So now he calls the exact same location a strike…

  138. CP

    Gotta love the human element of umpires!

  139. neestj01

    Call me crazy…but i would move Hanny to the 2-hole. We’ve seen BP asked to bunt twice today to move Choo over. I’d rather have Hanny, who can hit well oppo and lay down a bunt, get the bat taken out of his hands than BP. Move Hanny to 2nd, then BP/Frazier to the 4 and 6 spot. Thoughts?

    • concepcion13

      I’d leave Phillips there & either move Todd to 4th, or go Bruce/Frazier/ Paul or Heisey as 4,5,6.

      • neestj01

        @concepcion13: I like BP in the 2 hole, but Dusty is a fan of moving the runner over. With Choo getting on base more than what we’re used to, it’s going to take the bat out of his hands more than I’d like to see. I completely agree with bunting him over though. The though of a runner at 2nd with Votto up must make Dusty ecstatic!

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @concepcion13: I’d look for Cozart in the two-hole because he has “experience” hitting in that spot. And that more than anything counts. Dontchaknow?

  140. Mwv

    Chapman starting to dial it up now that he got ahead.

  141. Mwv

    Well whatever.. he calls 2 in that location a ball and 2 in that location a strike.

  142. Brian Van Hook

    methinks that umpire was giving chapman a makeup call there

  143. Tourniquette

    I promised I wouldn’t talk about it anymore…but I can think about it awfully hard…

  144. Mwv

    Now they must face the wrath of the mustache.

    • Tourniquette

      @Mwv: That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard so far this week

  145. ToddAlmighty

    Why did Cozart get taken out anyway? I really feel like Cozart could have made that play.

  146. eastcoast redsfan

    Double switch so that LeCure could pitch more than 1 inning if they need it.

  147. LWBlogger

    Prediction time… Choo will hit a walk-off.

  148. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    I really hope that Sam LeCure retires as a Red and then becomes the Mayor of Cincinnati.

    • Mwv

      Or the new spokesman for Wendy’s. I’d buy that.

  149. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Choo is like the anti-Stubbs

  150. rfay00

    Starting to get an uh oh feeling…

  151. Eric the Red

    Here’s a crazy thought. With Chapman stretched out, and no game tomorrow, and his spot due up first in the bottom of the 10th….why not let him pitch another inning?

  152. Sergeant2

    That’s what ya call a hairy inning.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Sergeant2: Hey Sarge – I was beginning to wonder if the Good Lord had called you home.

      • Sergeant2

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Hello CharlotteNCRedsFan. Fortunately I have yet to meet my untimely demise. I commented a couple times at the beginning of the game, then stretched out on the couch. You can guess what resulted in me doing that. C’mon Reds lets Go!

  153. Y-City Jim

    Come on, Joey. Win this sucker.

  154. DatFan

    Heisey took a souvenir from a fan. 🙂

  155. Brian Van Hook

    c’mon, Joey. CHOOSE not to make an out!!!!!!!!111

  156. Brian Van Hook

    that’s one way not to make an out

  157. Eric the Red

    Are the Angels really this bad defensively?

    • Tourniquette

      @Eric the Red: It’s pretty cold out there, that probably has a lot to do with it. Remember, they are from LA. Do they even know what snow is out there?

  158. jas_428

    that’s what he should have done in eighth with bases loaded?

  159. rfay00

    So we bunt and take away the opportunity for Bruce…c’mon Dusty

  160. RedZeppelin

    Would whoever told the Reds they would be fined $100,000 for each RBI please tell them it was just an April Fools joke now? Thanks.

  161. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    I say let Hoover pitch until his arm falls off.

    • Y-City Jim

      @Mwv: …and that is with MLB stingiest strike zone today.

  162. Brian Van Hook

    hitters have no idea whether these pitches will be called strikes or not

  163. Sergeant2

    No one can accuse the HP Ump of calling strikes like he has a dinner reservation. (Hey Charlotte I replied to your earlier commet : )

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Sergeant2: Good to see the nap end. Give us some good luck Sarge. I thought we may have lost after Game 5 of the NLDS.

  164. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Hoover picking up Choo. Nicely played, young man.

    This guy is going to be a closer is someone’s bullpen in the not too distant future.

  165. PRoseFutureHOFer

    This bullpen is amazing…almost good enough to spare Chapman to the rotation!

  166. LWBlogger

    Figures that Hanigan hits a rocket an Lowe handles it with his buttocks.

    @CharlotteNCRedsFan – Yes, real nice for Hoover to pick up Choo there. Maybe Choo pays him Angkor with a solid hit.

    • Eric the Red


      Figures that Hanigan hits a rocket an Lowe handles it with his buttocks.

      @CharlotteNCRedsFan – Yes, real nice for Hoover to pick up Choo there. Maybe Choo pays him Angkor with a solid hit.


  167. Sergeant2

    I wish there was a thumbs up icon to click on. Lotta great comments today.

    • Brian Van Hook

      @Sergeant2: I know it’s only Game 1 of 162, but do you still have that defib thing handy?

      • Sergeant2

        @Brian Van Hook: Ahhahaha You know, I haven’t even thought about the defibrillator, but now that you mention it I better make sure its tuned up and ready to go. Feel free to borrow it any time.

  168. RedZeppelin

    Do you think anyone would notice if Billy Hatcher were to sneak up there to hit?

  169. CP

    Kinda Makes sense To Use Mike Leake If This Keeps Going

  170. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Love how Hoover short-arms that ball – looks like it is shot out of a cannon.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Mwv: Agree with you. Got to give props to DB here.

  171. desertred

    And the feared Howard Kendrick was intentionally walked why?

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @desertred: Hank Conger – Career .201 Avg.
      Howie Kendrick – .292
      Easy call but Hoover was gassed.

      • desertred

        @desertred: Hank Conger – Career .201 Avg.
        Howie Kendrick – .292
        Easy call but Hoover was gassed.

        There were two outs. If Hoover can’t get Howie out, then what’s the point. it’s not like it was Pujols or Hamilton batting. And if Hoover was gassed, why was he still in there? Leake’s got five or six days before his next start.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @desertred: The point is that there was the equivalent of pitcher up next.

        Come on Chris get on base by Hook or Crook.

      • CP

        @desertred: Okay, one of your questions is pretty meh, but the other is a good one to ask.

        It isn’t JUST the better matchup, it’s also removing the Angels’ last remaining bench player.

        Hoover being gassed is a good question. The dude was obviously tired, and this isn’t the middle of the season, guys haven’t built up their arm strength, and there are other pitchers available…

  172. Sergeant2

    Sound the bugle boys. Charge!!! C’mon Reds lets come back and win this baby.

  173. RedZeppelin

    Once again the starting 8 need to sign apology cards to every pitcher in the game. Freaking ridiculous.

  174. mthomas5810

    The Reds batters need more spring training. And they need to apologize to the bullpen and JC

  175. LWBlogger

    They just can’t buy a key hit today. Maybe Heisey can keep it going here.

  176. Sergeant2

    Knock the ball outta the park Heisey

  177. LWBlogger

    @Preach – Dislocated shoulder.

  178. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Wow, Bruce needs a day off tomorrow.

  179. ToddAlmighty

    Three hits in 13 innings… where’s Milton?

  180. jas_428

    two of Heisey’s swings were out of zone…ouch

  181. nvilleredsfan

    Not that it mattered but that was a terrible call on the last strike. Didn’t even look close. Looks like a little hangover from spring training for the offense. Great pitching but the lack of offense and Dusty taking the bat out of Votto’s hands with that sac bunt from Phillips hurt. Still, so glad baseball is back…

  182. Sergeant2

    If nothing else it was great to see the old gang o’ mine are back for another season of great conversation, and cheering our Redleg’s to a N.L Championship and more. We’ll get em Wednesday. Go Reds!!

  183. LWBlogger

    Wow my favorite Red goes 0-fer with the Golden Sombrero and 8 LOB

  184. Sergeant2

    I’m not worried about the Reds hitting. Pitching is always ahead of the hitters at the beginning of the season. You know baseball, the next game could be a 9-8 affair.

  185. LWBlogger

    Ok all. Going to watch the end of Phillies vs Braves and then headed to bed.

  186. Brian Van Hook

    Did somebody ask about Ludwick? The announcement given during the game was that he has a dislocated shoulder, will be evaluated again tomorrow. I suppose after that evaulation, they’ll estimate his return.

    And does this mean the Cubs are in first place?

  187. preach

    Jim Day: “With Ludwick out Dusty may move Phillips back to cleanup and Cozart to the two hole.” So basically, Billy Hatcher will sharpen his Korean skills by all that conversation he will be having with Choo while he is standing on first.

    • CP

      I was thinking about Ludwick. I hate pure speculation and we don’t know the severity of the injury, but shoulder injuries are terrible for hitters, they often don’t get their power back the rest of the season. There is a good chance he isn’t the same hitter for the rest of 2013. This really stinks.

      Also, I debated on whether to bring this up: yes, Ludwick was hurt on a freakish play. But 34 year olds tend to get hurt more often than players in their prime. Hopefully the Reds dodge a bullet and don’t regret allocating valuable resources to a aging corner OF (resources that they could’ve spent extending Latos or Choo).

    • redsfanman

      @preach: I think Todd Frazier will get the first shot to hit cleanup. Some people might call for Bruce, others for Phillips, but I think Frazier is the likely option at the moment.

      So much for Choo ending all the debates over the starting lineup, now it’s started all over again.

  188. MrSaturdayNite

    I’d much rather see Heisey batting 2nd, but he’s nor a middle-infielder.

  189. CP

    Just moving Frazier up to 4th or 2nd & moving BP back to 4th is way more logical. Going with Cozart is madness. The guy never walks (not that BP or Frazier are great on base guys either).

  190. preach

    I wouldn’t have such an objection to Brandon hitting cleanup as long as he didn’t try to be a clean-up hitter. Just use your normal game. You gotta think with Joey and Choo ahead of you, there will be opportunities to drive in runs; or at least bunt them over…..sigh.