Herewith is Grantland’s 2013 NL Central Preview.  Jonah Keri explains why Cincinnati is the favorite, bows down before the baseball’s resident hitting savant, and warns that a drop in defense and a less than serendipitous year from the starting rotation could leave the Reds in a dogfight with the Club that Must Not Be Named.

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  1. Nice preview Richard. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Grantland’s review is pretty decent His concerns, specifically about Arroyo & Leake, are probably accurate.

    Also, Dave Cameron’s SP positional power rankings over at fangraphs is pretty good.

    Reds at #13 overall, and #7 in the NL is probably about right, though I can’t imagine many of us agreeing with the stupid Cubs at #8 overall/#5 NL.

    • @CP: Cameron et al did a good job with the positional power rankings. Although, it is strictly a ZiPS projected WAR comparison based on forcasted playing time. I imagine it will prove to be generally accurate.

  3. Keri is pretty good and give a good nuts and bolts preview without alot of bloviating and irratioal bias. Sure he has his quirks and favorites. Who doesn’t

    His AL west preview was good as well and he is doing a division-a-day until opening day.

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