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Reds 3B coach Mark Berry has cancer

Some sad news today, but there appears to be reason for hope:

Reds third base coach Mark Berry told the team Sunday morning that he has been diagnosed with cancer, but expressed optimism that he will beat it.

“I have cancer,” Berry told reporters after the team meeting. “I know it sounds bad, the word cancer, but there are plenty of people in this clubhouse that have had it and I know people around the game who have beaten it. My sister had it and beat it. That part hasn’t bothered me.”

The cancer is on his tonsil and two lymph nodes.

Berry plans to stay with the team as they determine a course of treatment.

I hope the Nation will send him all your thoughts and prayers.

4 thoughts on “Reds 3B coach Mark Berry has cancer

  1. My prayers are with Mark and all those close to him during his treatment and recovery.

  2. Best thoughts to Mark and his family! I don’t think the 3b coach in the sky is ready to send him home just yet.

  3. Thoughts and prayers for Berry and his family as he begins treatment, healing, and recovery.

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