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Join us tonight for another podcast of Redleg Nation Radio, with host Doug Gray and the Editors from Redleg Nation. You can listen to us live at 9 p.m., play the podcast later or download the mp3 file.

Our topics tonight will include the Chapman decision, the Reds’ financial situation and implications for payroll in the next few years and what the Reds’ options are for a sixth starting pitcher, should the need arise.

We also want you to help set our agenda. If you have a topic to suggest, or a specific question for us to answer, leave it in the comments section of this post. We can’t promise how many we’ll get to, as this will be a new feature for the podcast. One question/topic per person, please.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. I’m very interested in the potential season that Choo will have. I
    Know this is a one year insurance for Hamilton to develop. Could you see
    An option of Walt to re-sign Choo and still have Hamilton in the big leagues?

  2. How about that Votto kid? Think he’ll head north with the club this year?

  3. How about the best option(s) as the cleanup hitter for the Reds? Ludwick is the annointed cleanup hitter, but if Ludwick struggles, I see Dusty moving BP to the cleanup hitter again as his 1st option and moving Cozart to the #2 hole. Under the category of this ain’t happenning in a Dusty Baker lineup: Votto & Bruce hitting #3 & #4, respectively; Frazier hitting in the #4 hole as a 1st year starter; or even the platoon combination of Meso/Hanigan hitting in the #4 hole (assuming Meso continues his scorching hot hitting into the season). Of course, the discussion is mute if Ludwick pulls his hitting stroke together (and yesterday’s operformance was a promising start) during the next week.

    • @Shchi Cossack: Ideally I’d like Ludwick there but if he struggles, I’d hit Bruce cleanup. As for Frazier hitting there, Dusty did it 7 times last year, so it’s not impossible.

  4. Serious question this time.

    Doug, what’s your thoughts on starting Hamilton at AA and Robinson at AAA?

    Robinson may ultimately be another Dickerson but this Spring he’s earned a shot at being the next guy up in the OF. (Yes, even over Phipps IMO)

  5. Is it silly to think that Chapman isn’t ready to be a starter this year and that the organization isn’t willing to derail their chances of winning simply to appease the assumption that he’ll be an ace?

    I think that if, all things being equal, this was 2006, there would have been a huge incentive to start Chapman given his level of development as well as the teams overall talent pool. I’m certain he’d have trouble bunting, fielding the position, and acclimating to the starter’s way of life at the moment, but since the Reds are a much more balanced ensemble, his strengths lie in the reality of being a foreign born, ex-patriot, and very young power-pitcher. Gotta let the chili cook before ya eat it.

  6. Sorry, one more.

    It is assumed that Arroyo will walk after 2013. What are your thoughts on extended him another 3 years?

  7. Is there any chance Kyle Lohse falls into Walt’s lap the way Madson did last year? I’d think Lohse would want to go elsewhere, but if teams are really playing hardball with him, er, no pun intended … And that would mean re-opening the “what happens to Leake” saga, but anyway …

    And piggy-backing on the Cossack question, what’s plan B if Ludwick really does struggle, but doesn’t pull out of it this time? Trade for a LF upgrade? Move Frazier to left and trade for a 3B? … Trade for a CF and move Choo to left field? I’m not seeing good internal options immediately.

  8. Here’s a question – Who do you think will be cut from the bullpen? Manny Parra, almost certainly, but after that? Hoover has options but it’d be tough to justify demoting him to AAA. Particularly did Alfredo Simon’s 2012 season guarantee him a bullpen spot despite his poor (albeit brief) spring and departure for the World Baseball Classic (where he didn’t pitch much). What about Jose Arredondo?

    This is basically the same as Brian’s question, but Kyle Lohse’s agent (Scott Boras) is supposedly still asking for $14-15m per season, does anybody believe that after standing by Mike Leake the crash-strapped Reds will replace him with Lohse? Lohse is the same age as Ryan Ludwick (who some people argue is too old) and he’s coming off back-to-back career years and I’m not convinced he can keep that up.

    The Reds seem pretty impressed by Derrick Robinson, is it possible that he will steal Xavier Paul’s job? Robinson continues to surprise everyone and impress the Reds. Is he good enough defensively to give him a boost over Heisey as a defensive replacement in CF?

    If Ryan Ludwick struggles wouldn’t moving Frazier to LF and promoting Henry Rodriguez be an option?

  9. Why does Dusty Baker seem to love to play the B Team when the Reds are on national television? Even during the regular season. All the games on MLBN this spring training have been mostly B teams, and I recall him doing it in the past too, even during the regular season. Is it part of some grand Reds scheme where if their players don’t get nationally televised recognition, they’ll be cheaper to re-sign? Or is it just Dusty being Dusty?

  10. Q: Can you discuss what you all think the Reds’ rotation will look like 4 years from now–after the current contracts on Cueto, Latos and Chapman have expired?

  11. All the comments made by Walt Jockety in Friday’s press conference talked about making decisions for this year. Yet every thing about this GM suggested his priorities were not just this year, but the future. When people criticized him for not doing more to improve the team for 2011, Walt went about spending money on the future, buying out arbitration years for Joey, Cueto, and locking up Jay Bruce for the forseeable future.

    So, why the seismic shift in thinking? Why is the future less important now? Does everyone really think this starting pitching staff is bulletproof?

  12. Thanks for commenting on my question. You guys should do these online chats more often.

    • @Kyle Collins: Gonna try to do one every week, Kyle. Thanks for the question.

      • @TC:

        @Chad Dotson:

        Great show, love the podcast. If we all hit you guys with some of greatest (i.e. stupidest) questions Marty gets on the banana phone, what would the reaction be? My personal favorite was asking Marty about bringing Adam Dunn back a couple seasons ago when he was hitting .150 & trying daily to one-up Stubbs in the strikeout dept.

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  14. You don’t need an account to listen live or to listen to the podcast afterwards.
    However, you can create an account with your RN username and you would show up in the chatroom as your username instead of “guest.”

  15. Just listened to the podcast – great job all!

    The single best moment was right around 12:15, in the middle of the Chapman discussion, when Chad sighed heavily into the microphone.

  16. Thanks guys. Great job.

  17. Also thanks for taking my questions. Only later did I notice the “only one question per person” part. Oh well, I’m glad to provide a topic other than he-who-must-not-be-named.

    I’m still curious about Alfredo Simon – Dusty recently said that basically the World Baseball Classic was a setback for Simon, who didn’t get to pitch much, and it’s like Simon is starting the spring over again now that he’s back. He’s not injury or anything though, and I doubt he can go on the DL as compensation for participating in the WBC. Is there a way to send him to extended spring training or something or would that require designating him for assignment and losing him to waivers? Will he make the Reds out of spring training if he’s not ready, and could the WBC doom a guy for the season?

  18. BTW – Regardless of the high esteem I have for you, I hope you’re wrong and they bring Arroyo back.

  19. Do we need to start a petition to retain or reinstate Richard since Chad publicly banned him for his veiled reference to the player-not-to-be-named?

  20. Nice point toward the end about if winning now is the justification for a certain closer staying there, then it should be the justification for Hoover to make the team. And to jettison Parra, we should add.

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