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Go buy the Redleg Annual. Now.


The season is nearly upon us, and I know everyone is getting excited for another fun season of Cincinnati Reds baseball. Right? Right?

Well, what better way to prepare for that season than by purchasing the one item every good Reds fan needs to have: a digital copy of the “Redleg Annual.” The Annual is a new publication this year, best described by fellow RN editor Jason Linden thusly: “a preseason guide to all things Red along with a bit of history thrown in for a bit of flavor. Redleg Nation makes a strong showing with contributions from me, Steve Mancuso, Chris Garber, and our Dear Leader, Chairman Chad Dotson. The whole project was put together by Joel Luckhaupt, formerly Slyde of Red Reporter.”

I promise you, it’ll be the best four dollars you ever spend. As a matter of fact, much of the feedback we’ve received has been astonishment that you can get all this quality content for only four bucks.

Plus, every time someone purchases and downloads the Redleg Annual, an angel gets his wings. Check it out. Please?

13 thoughts on “Go buy the Redleg Annual. Now.

  1. I 2nd everything Chad and Jason mentioned above and I’m still enjoying my copy.

    Another (and the last) off day of ST today.

    There have been a lot of reassignments for players not headed to GABP for opening day but nothing unexpected. Henry Rodriguez had a small (very small) chance of sticking as a utility IF, but not with the defense he showed in ST.

    Put a fork in the battle for the 2nd catcher, it’s done. Meso looks focused and hungry. Olivo will be playing for the Bats of will be playing for another organization. The Meso/Hanigan combination at catcher may be a major asset for the team this season.

    The battle for IF utility positions is still competitive, but winding down. As many anticipated the final decision may simply come down to te 40 man roster, giving Donald and Hannahan a decisive edge. I think it’s time to cut one of the middle IF utility candidates (ahem…Burriss) as the team and players begin the final push to opening day.

    Going into ST, the OF positions were locked down, baring a major calamity. Heisey & XP have stacked their claim for the 2 OF utility positions and those are carved in stone. With that said, the one big eye opener of ST will require some real consideration. Derrick Robinson has had a marvelous ST. The 25 year old SH OF hit .268/.344/.325 last seaon in AAA for KC and is hitting .371/.389/.459 in ST.

    As for the pitching staff, the Chapman saga will play out however it’s going to play out. Hoover has pitched simply lights out and it will be a baseball travesty if he doesn’t make the 25 man roster, but options and such, blah, blah, blah. Massett will probably be retroed on the 60-day DL to free up a spot on the 40 man roster until (if) he is ready to pitch. Broxton looks solid and ready for the season. You can’t hardly argue with a 0.40 WHIP, even in ST. The Parra experiment still scares me because I know Dusty wants another LHP in his bullpen, but Parra simply ain’t the answer, not for the quality available for this bullpen.

    • @Shchi Cossack: Robinson intrigued me when the Reds picked him up. I like his OBP and his speed… As for Parra, that signing doesn’t make sense unless Chapman is going to the rotation. Of course it wasn’t even necessary if Chapman with Chapman going to the rotation because of Arredondo’s strange reverse splits. I mean his splits are over a large enough sample size that it doesn’t seem like a fluke. I didn’t like the Parra signing at the time and still don’t.

      Now @everyone-else, as for the 2013 Redleg Annual – What are you waiting for people??!! This is a good book.

  2. What? You mean there are people still out there who haven’t bought it? That’s insane!

  3. Buy the annual – it’s the best 4 bucks you’ll spend all year. The only better value in all of baseball is a 5 dollar seat at GABP!

    • @TC: I’m just the guy for the cover!!! If you want to see my portfolio, just let me know. I’m happy to share.

      • @redsfanman: You know what? I could actually see a tastefully, humorous promotion or sports cover story like this possibly happening if the starting rotation reaches it’s full glorified potential. I can see the byline, “Reds staters swimming in the glory of their success!” with the entire starting rotation clad in circa 1920 swimsuits.

  4. This was an excellent read and I strongly recommend it to every citizen of the Nation.

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