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  1. Nice piece Jason. Good stuff. One more question I would like to add is How well will Broxton do as the closer?? As the story in today’s Enquirer goes, JJ Hoover could end up as the closer later in the year. I have predicted this on here a couple of times, that JJ Hover will be the closer by the all-star break. I really like him, as he is a great plan B for the closer role if Broxton starts blowing save opportunities. Looks like Bryan Price does too.
    Opening day–18 days away!!!

  2. I am not really impressed with Hoover’s numbers when I take a deeper look at them. I do love his makeup though and I think he has the right attitude for a closer. I can’t help but root for him.

  3. Look at what he did at Louisville last year before being called up to the Reds. Its impressive. Don’t just look at the 30 innings he pitched for the Reds, look at the whole picture. It may sway your opinion a little.

  4. Fair questions … Regarding Frazier, I thought it was interesting the point that the guys made during the last RLN radio show. I believe one of the guys was pointing out that the Reds’ minor league parks are not nearly the “hitter havens” that GABP is, so a guy like Frazier arrives and suddenly shows unexpected power. Maybe that would be the case for Cozart as well. Not to argue that they will or won’t regress, just hadn’t heard that point of view before.

    Regarding the OF, I’d LOVE the idea of Hamilton and Choo, although I was thinking of 2014, not later this year. But it begs the question of what that would do to this year’s lineup. With no Ludwick, who would bat fourth? Phillips? Not my first choice. Could go with Hamilton, Phillips, Choo, Votto? Sounds OK to me, but then Votto loses some plate appearances over the course of the season, plus it means Votto and Bruce hit back-to-back, a Dusty no-no, unless Frazier goes up to fifth and Bruce goes down to sixth. …….. Rather hoping Ludwick performs so well that the scenario doesn’t arise.

  5. I looked at Hoover’s game by game stats from last season with the Reds. Totals are 28G, 30.2 IP, 31K, 13BB, 2 HR, 2.05ERA. The knock on here from some about Hoover is his # of BB’s and his ground ball to fly ball ratio. I just don’t see the concern.
    In those 28 games, Hoover did not pitch more than 2.0 innings in any game. Only 3 times did he give up more than 1 hit in an outing. Only 1 time did he walk more than 1 batter in an outing. He gave up ONLY 2 HR’s and they came in the same game. Of the fly balls he gave up, 11 were infield pop up outs.
    Delve into his numbers a little deeper and I think your impression might change.
    Glad you like him, I think he’ll be the closer for years to come after Broxton.
    Lets root for him and Ondrusek to have stellar years in 2013 and beyond.

  6. I love this statement by Sheldon:

    “Hamilton is hitting .111 (2-for-18) with three steals in nine games. He has a .289 average in four Minor League seasons”

    I like the subtle implication, “he was doing fine until Baker got a hold of him.”

    Okay, okay, maybe Sheldon isn’t implying that, but you’ve got to think that things like that cross Sheldon and Fay’s minds from time to time.

    • @TC: I don’t think there was any subtle implication that Dusty was responsible, it was just a comparison so fans understand why writers like Sheldon and Fay discuss Billy Hamilton so much. I think they’ve been writing all along (particularly since Shin-Shoo Choo was acquired to play CF) that Billy Hamilton wasn’t ready for a promotion, and this proved it.

      Henry Rodriguez is hitting .400 (10/25) after hitting .282 in the minors in 2012. Both Henry Rodriguez and Billy Hamilton have put up unrealistic numbers (albeit at the opposite ends of the spectrum) this spring, and comparing it to prior seasons helps to put that in perspective.

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