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Roster Cuts

I guess we should note, for posterity, that the Reds made some roster cuts yesterday. Twelve guys were sent away from major league camp, their heads presumedly down in a dejected pose.

Left-hander Tony Cingrani and right-hander Daniel Corcino were optioned to Triple-A Louisville, right-handers Kyle Lotzkar and Josh Ravin were optioned to Double-A Pensacola, right-hander Carlos Contreras and outfielder Yorman Rodriguez were optioned to Class A Bakersfield and left-hander Ismael Guillon was optioned to Class A Dayton.

Right-handers Nick Christiani and Chad Rogers, catcher Nevin Ashley, infielder Kristopher Negron and outfielder Ryan LaMarre were reassigned to Minor League camp.

A number of these guys are real prospects, although Cingrani is likely the only player who will have a chance to make an impact in the big leagues in 2013.

Consider yourself informed.

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  1. Poor Kris Negron, he had a great spring and was still gone in the first round of cuts. I hoped Tony Cingrani would do better this spring, but hopefully he’ll get off to a strong start in Louisville. 🙁

  2. Cingrani, Corcino, Villareal & Reineke will provide the foundation for a pretty good Bats starting rotation.

  3. What is the difference between being sent to the minor league camp and those sent down to specific team?

    • @dn4192: i believe the difference is whether you’re on the 40-man roster or not. to send a player on the 40-man roster to the minors requires using one of that players 3 option years. so that’s why those guys are listed as being optioned, and the rest are just reassigned.

  4. I had figured the Bats OF would look like Perez (LF), BHam (CF) & Phipps (RF) with Puckett as the 4th OF. Then the Blue Wahoos OF would look like Lutz (LF), LaMarre (CF) & Fellhauer (RF) with Smith as the 4th OF.

    With BHam’s struggles in ST and only about 1/3 of a season in AA last year combined with Lamarre’s full season and success in AA last year, I wonder if the Reds might be wiser to start LaMarre at AAA and BHam at AA. If BHam is not ML ready to start 2014 and Choo is not extended, LaMarre may be the man in CF for 2014 and getting him AAA experience would be neccessary (not to mention that he’s earned it). Of course both LaMarre and BHam could start in AAA as another option.

    I also wonder if Lutz has started to force consideration of bumping him up to AAA after his success in the AFL and ST. After the scrap heap filling the Bats OF last season, this is a good problem to have again, a log jam developing in the upper levels of the Reds minor league system.

      • @TC: I completely on board with that sentiment. Extending Choo would remove a lot of ‘?’ going forward and provide a lot of possibilities going forward. The bottom line is still the bottom line. Is there enough $$$ available to extend everyone the Reds NEED to extend and can WJ manage a deal with Boras to extend Choo with FA pending.

      • @TC: @Shchi Cossack:

        I am on board with you on this too. Extend Choo past 2013 and move him to LF and trade Ludwick after 2013. If Choo wants to consistently play for a ring, he’ll want to be back.

  5. If the season goes well for both the Reds and Tony Cingrani, where Cingrani is at at the end of August could be interesting. Being a lefty and hopefully a nasty one, he might be someone of interest at that point of the season.

      • @LWBlogger:

        “I think everybody is going to be in a comfortable spot,” right fielder Jay Bruce said. “In the past, Brandon was a ‘wild card’ guy, and we were fortunate to have that. But Brandon wasn’t a really, really high on-base guy. Choo gets on base at a great rate. That’s something that’s huge. You get guys on base more often, and he puts pressure on the pitchers. Because he’s not clogging the bases.”

        From Anthony Castrovince’s article about Choo on MLB.com 3/13/2013.

  6. In the month of March, Olivo has 11 ABs, 6 Ks, no hits and no BBs.

    With Donald’s ability to play SS and 3rd, and the decent spring competition between Izturis and Burris, is Hannahan the surprise infield candidate on the hot seat?

    • @rightsaidred: I don’t think Hannahan is in the hot-seat. The reason being the Reds would still be on the hook for $4-million over the next 3 years. Not that I don’t think it outside the realm of possibility that they would cut him at some point during the season if he underperforms. I just find it very unlikely they would cut him based on spring training. He’s also a very, very solid defender at both the corners and he bats LH.

      • @rightsaidred: Isn’t Ryan Hanigan, Arroyo’s long time catcher, dealing with a minor injury? I think Dusty is giving Olivo every opportunity while at the same time allowing Olivo to eliminate himself as a candidate. Nobody will be able to claim that Mesoraco won the job unfairly.

        @LWBlogger: Yep, Jocketty cited a lot of things other than Hannahan’s hitting when they signed him, including fielding, batting lefthanded, and intangibles like clubhouse leadership. The Reds stood by Rolen and Cairo last year and I think they’ll stick with Hannahan this year, even if he doesn’t hit well in the spring.

      • @LWBlogger: There is some stuff in the Thursday Enquirer where Dusty is saying that he “knows” he has “an emergency third catcher” in Hannahan. So putting all the pieces together, it sounds like he is as safe as a utility man can every be.

  7. Meso has 5 assist already this spring with 3 pick offs and 2 caught stealing. In a comparable number of innings, Olivo has caught 2 stealing for his only 2 assists.

    Olivo though has probably caught Reds starters more thus far having just started with Arroyo yesterday.

    I am watching this one closely because I don’t think Dusty was just paying lip service to Olivo by calling the competition close (when it shouldn’t be).

    • @rightsaidred:
      Not saying you are wrong. I’ve just got to see it. Where did Baker say the catcher competition is close. For, I agree, it isn’t even a competition. Devin is the better catcher. There is no use putting Olivo on the major league squad.

      • @rightsaidred:Not saying you are wrong. I’ve just got to see it. Where did Baker say the catcher competition is close. For, I agree, it isn’t even a competition. Devin is the better catcher. There is no use putting Olivo on the major league squad.

        It was one day last week. On here it brought a collective groan of WTF is Dusty talking about. It isn’t a close competition. Meso and Olivo aren’t even in the same zip code.

  8. It seems like the bench is getting clearer with Hannahan, Heisey, Meso, XP, and Donald locking down their claims. I see no reason to move any of them off the 40 man to make room for Izturis or Burriss.

  9. Has anyone seen or heard any more regarding Soto shifting to 3B this season? This could be a good option on many levels, the 1st being Votto just ain’t going anywhere, making Soto’s path to the bigs with the Reds effectively and absolutely blocked as long as he’s playing 1B. I also don’t see Vidal or Mattair ready for the jump to AAA, leaving a AAA vacancy at 3B. A vacancy at 1B would also leave another option for Lutz to jump to AAA after ST. Rodriguez and Negron are certainly in the AAA IF mix along with Izturis or Burriss if one of those players stays on a minor league contract at AAA for middle IF insurance rather than opting out.

    • @Shchi Cossack: Personally I think Neftali Soto will be blocked either way and they should leave him at 1b and concentrate on his hitting to build up his trade value.

      I think Henry Rodriguez will play 3b in AAA, despite his fielding struggles this spring.

      I think the plan with Donald Lutz is for him to move to a corner outfield spot in AAA.

    • @Shchi Cossack: I have heard about Soto moving to 3rd. I don’t think he would be necessarily blocked at 3rd. If Frazier is a stud in 2013 then yeah, he’s blocked. Pains me to say since I love Frazier, but he hasn’t locked that position in stone, and has shown he can effective as a utility player/pinch hitter.

  10. Per Mark Sheldon…

    The Reds had another round of cuts Saturday morning.
    Optioned to Triple-A Louisville: RHP Curtis Partch, IF Henry Rodriguez, 1B Neftali Soto and RHP Pedro Villarreal;
    Optioned to Double-A Pensacola 1B/OF Donald Lutz.
    There are 39 players on the spring roster remaining.

    Nothing earth shattering or unexpected here. I personally disappointed that Lutz was farmed out to AA, but all he has to do is simply keep doing wha he has already done…hit and hit for power.

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