More “celebrity news” than “player news”

The Reds have signed Mark Prior to a minor league contract, according to John Fay and he reported with the minor leaguers today.

I don’t think this means anything…just thought it was worth noting…

12 thoughts on “More “celebrity news” than “player news”

  1. Nice pickup, even if he’s just competing for a minor league job.

    Although many fans like to blame Dusty Baker for Prior’s problems clearly Prior doesn’t.

  2. The deal is getting a lot of criticism (as one would expect) on MLBTradeRumors. Prior pitched 25 innings in 19 relief appearance for the Red Soxs’ AAA team last season and did decently, albeit with lots of walks. At least it seems like he’s reasonably healthy now and worthy of a chance in AAA. If the Reds can get him straightened out he might help the Reds’ bullpen later in the year… but who knows.

    Nice feel-good story about a guy who won’t give up.

  3. Prior is only 32. He’s got tremendous stuff. If he is healthy this could be a massive signing.

    I don’t see any comments at MLBTradeRumors and while I know they’re your peeps ;), what commentators at the Enquirer say should be of no consequence. (Okay, I know that was mean, but I was joking RFMan.)

  4. @TC: Well, I don’t get it but I’m not offended either. I don’t post there. I tend to read some of the comments on Reds articles because that’s where you can find the crazy perspectives you also hear on 700WLW. It’ll be interesting to see if he pitches for the Reds eventually.

  5. With everything that happened with Mark Prior, I would like to see him be able to get it together and be able to make it back to the bigs.

    I really loved it that years after his arm was so badly damaged that Jose Rijo was able to make it back to the Reds, even if he wasn’t great he got to pitch again and at least put a different story in the end of his career.

  6. I like this signing. Why not give him a chance? We might need it late in the year…reminds me of the D-train in 2011. Although his record didn’t show it he gave the Reds a couple of good starts and took some tough losses thanks to poor run support.

  7. @14GOREDS39:
    Mark Prior has become a reliever, I think he’s finished starting games anywhere. The only comparison to D-Train is that they’ve both had to struggle through years of injuries, but the similarities would seem to stop there. Prior WAS much better than Redmond will ever be.

  8. I didn’t say I thought he was going to start games. The comparison to Willis was that the Reds picked him up from the land of the dead trash heap and got production out of him. And with this team’s recent history of significant bullpen injuries I think another pitcher with playoff experience beats a AA-AAA low caliber prospect.

  9. I find this pretty interesting. There are some positive signs looking at his AAA numbers with Boston last season. In 25 IP he allowed only 15 H while posting 38 K. On the down side, he allowed 23 BB in those 25 IP. So he’s definitely got some control issues to work out still. Hopefully it is just a mechanical tweak he needs to make after the long layoff. I’m hoping we hear something from Spring training soon about how he’s throwing. I’ll be interested in hearing if he’s throwing the fastball at speeds close to what he did before or if he’s only dealing it up there in the mid 80’s now and trying to become a crafty veteran.

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