2013 Reds

Mat Latos takes the mound

The Reds are about to start play against the KC Royals. They are on the road in Surprise, AZ. Mat Latos makes his first start of the season.

  1. LaMarre CF
  2. Burriss 2B
  3. Bruce RF
  4. Ludwick DH
  5. Lutz 1B
  6. Frazier 3B
  7. Heisey LF
  8. Cozart SS
  9. Mesoraco C
  10. Latos P

27 thoughts on “Mat Latos takes the mound

    • Hmmm…Mesoraco catching him. Wonder if this is a sign of things to come?

      Hanigan was scratched with sore left oblique. Choo with sore left quad. Per John Fay

    • Hmmm…Mesoraco catching him. Wonder if this is a sign of things to come?

      Ryan Hanigan was a late scratch with a sore left oblique, according to John Fay. I wouldn’t read much into that, other than that Mesoraco has caught for him before.

  1. Ervin Santana is going to be a key piece in the Royals attempting to become relevant again. If him and Shields can take over that rotation, the AL Central might become a rough division.

  2. It looks like the Royals have more of their A lineup in the game today than the Reds do.

  3. I’m telling you, Lutz is going to keep hitting until somone in the Reds organization sits up and takes notice.

  4. It might be spring training, but Brantley is in midseason form in making me wonder WHAT JUST HAPPENED … brutal at play by play.

  5. Mesoraco homers with long two-out home run. Second of the spring. Good early signs. “Whatever he’s done with his swing has been tremendous.” – Cowboy Marty “Over the winter months he watched every single at bat from last year. And that’s going to school.”

  6. If it’s Devin Mesoraco’s job to lose he sure hasn’t done anything to lose it yet.

  7. Is that Billy Hamilton’s new plan? Try to get picked off 1b because he can run to 2b before the ball gets there?

    • Losing gets old in a hurry even if it is still early and they are just getting their work in and {add your personal favorite spring training cliches here} .

      Oh well I guess the WBC is underway

  8. @Jason Linden: You are absolutely correct and I will be the first to admit that my staunch support for Lutz is somewhat irrational based on his level of development, but I really like this kid’s potential. He’s still learning the game due to his late start and I think he has a real shot at making the show in two years, but you are correct, now is the time for him to show what he can do against better competition and time is running out quickly if he doesn’t.

  9. @Shchi Cossack: I’d hope the timeline is a bit relaxed for him since he threw his first baseball a year or so before he was signed by the club.

    I agree though. Lutz is a prospect I like to keep a close eye on.

  10. @TC: How dare Jason bad mouth poor little Donald. I know, while the old Cossack distracts him, you jump him from behind while he’s not looking and we’ll teach him a lesson. Then while he’s down, he can watch Lutz put up another .850+ OPS in AA this year. Yeah, that’s the ticket. I’d help with the takedown, but I’m a devout, peace-loving pacifist.

  11. @Shchi Cossack: @TC: From what I hear, neither of you could hit water if you fell out of a boat. 😀

    But yeah, he’s obviously got a bit more time. Still, he needs to progress fast if he’s going to be useful.

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