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RN Gathering: Around the Nation (Hey D.C.-area Reds fans)

Bill posted recently about the various options for scheduling a Redleg Nation gathering in Cincinnati this summer. It’s going to happen; we just need to decide on all the specifics (continue that conversation below).

There has also been some discussion about Loyal Citizens of the Nation getting together in other cities; Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. were the specific cities mentioned. Let’s make it happen. (I’d love to travel to either of those cities for a gathering, by the way.)

On a related note, we’ve heard from a devoted Reds fan in DC with news of a Reds bar in our nation’s capital:

As some of you may know, for the past eight years, Cincinnati Bengals fans in Washington, DC have been convening at the Bottom Line on Sundays to cheer on our beloved Bengals. For those of you unfamiliar with the Bengals bar on Sundays, it’s packed with people donned in black and orange, eating Skyline, drinking beer, and depending on the year, commiserating together, or singing the Bengals fight song and cheering Who-Dey!?

During recent years the bar has also become an impromptu Cincinnati Reds bar, albeit unofficially and without the organization of the Bengals bar. It’s time to change that.

Therefore, it is with great excitement, that we are announcing the first ever official Cincinnati Reds bar in Washington DC.

I know what you’re thinking. “A baseball bar!? What daring! What outrageousness!”

No other major league team has an official bar in Washington DC, and just like Cincinnati was the birthplace of professional baseball, so too will Cincinnati fans have the first official baseball bar.

Attached is a schedule showing the games for which the Bottom Line will be the official spot to watch the Reds. If football season is any indication, people enjoy themselves at the Bottom Line on Sundays so most of the games will be Sunday afternoons, with the occasional rivalry game scheduled on a weeknight (noted on the schedule with a *).

The Reds bar will function virtually the same way as during the Bengals games. We’ll have the Reds game on almost every TV, audio, and bar specials including:

– $2.50 Miller and Coors/ $10 pitchers (cheap for DC)

– Skyline

– Wings, Tater Tots, etc.

– Taking the place of the Who-Dey orange touchdown shot will be a Red concoction, currently in the R&D phase by the mixologists at the Bottom Line laboratory. The Reds shot will be distributed for every home run hit by a Reds player. (Note: We play half our games at GABP so always designate a driver).

– “Frequent Fan” discount cards

– More specials will be coming, including possible appearances by the Miller Lite girls, jersey raffles, and other festivities.

To quote Marty, “This (bar) belongs to the Reds!” We hope to see many familiar and new faces out at the Bottom Line this spring and summer.

Lastly, the Bengals bar thrived and spread by word of mouth so please spread the word about the Reds Bar to anyone you think might be interested. We are also happy to add people to the DC Reds list serve. Simply write an email to cincyredlegsdc@gmail.com. Also be on the lookout for the official DC Cincy Reds Facebook page and Twitter handle coming soon.

God Bless America (except st. louis)

Go Reds!

Wish they had a Reds bar back when I lived in DC.

13 thoughts on “RN Gathering: Around the Nation (Hey D.C.-area Reds fans)

  1. Taking a real shot in the dark here but does anyone know of a Reds bar in Detroit?

  2. I have family in DC, so I have been to a Reds game there before, one just last season actually. I went to the game where Scott Rolen actually stole a base. I was also the guy who loudly yelled in RF “You just let Scott Rolen steal on you, the guy’s like FOURTY!”… either way, the people I met there were nice enough, nice stadium. Good food. Those stadium fries have a smell to die for. Come out of the subway and you’re practically there, just gotta walk by some shipping container shanty town……. my only complaint about the stadium is from where I was in RF (about 6 rows back from the wall) there was no good view of a big screen. All the information I could see was what was on those two thin strip screens.

  3. As a hardcore DC Reds fan and long-time lurker on this forum, I am definitely down for meeting up at Bottom Line for some of those games. I’m also wondering if there’s been any discussion to see a Reds/Nats game in April??

  4. Yeeeeeessssssss!!! Totally worth a drive up from RVA!

    Go my favorite sports team!!!

  5. What a great idea. I work in NYC and would be interested in getting together with like minded individuals for some bball fun and maybe even take in a Mets game (ugh – at least against the Reds) And I’m off to Arizona next week!

  6. How awesome is this! I just moved to DC last August, so this is perfect timing for me! I went to a Bengals playoff game at the Bottomline bar and it was a lot of fun, and since the Reds are exponentially better I think it will be that much greater.

    @walshjp: I was doing some investigative work on Reds groups in DC yesterday, and found a Facebook group “Reds Fans in DC” who sound like they are planning to try and go to one of the games. I would love to make that work out.

  7. Regarding the Reds/nats series… we will be sending out information via the DC Reds listserv soon. We are planning on a Saturday pregame tailgate as well as attempting to get as many Reds fans as possible into the same section of the ballpark.

  8. Nationals single game tickets go on sale today! Just bought mine for the Reds series in April with a crew of friends. Let’s revisit this thread or start a new one in a couple months and get a good tailgate going on a Saturday morning. Saturday game is 1pm

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