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Jay Bruce has a pain in the heel

Jay Bruce was scratched from today’s spring training lineup with a “sore right heel.” Nothing to worry about, we’re told.

I’m willing to buy that, but any injury is going to worry me a bit. The one thing standing between the Cincinnati Reds and the post-season, I say, is injury. Yes, that’s what I say. I just said it.

5 thoughts on “Jay Bruce has a pain in the heel

  1. Yes, that’s what I say. I just said it.

    Lol. That’s funny.

    We’ve been lied to too many times regarding the nature of injuries. I think it is equally possible that Jay’s foot fell off and they aren’t telling us.

  2. I’m not too worried about what they tell us, as long as they treat it as serious until it is proven not to be serious, unlike what they did with Votto’s knee.

  3. After seeing what happened with Votto’s knee last year in regards to how it was handled, I won’t believe anything!!!!

  4. Bone spur? I’ve got one and you can definitely play through it with proper stretching.

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