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Choo walks, clogs bases, scores [Updated with Votto home run video]

The Reds are playing the Brewers this afternoon. They just finished the first inning. Here is the Gameday link. Also free radio broadcasting through the MLB site.

In the first inning, Shin-Soo Choo walked and scored from third base on Joey Votto’s ground ball out. In three games, Choo has already walked and scored more than Willy Taveras did in 400 AB for the Reds (at least it feels that way).

Finally, a lead-off hitter who gets on base by the walk.

If Choo stays healthy, he’ll score 100 runs this year, easy.

UPDATE: Spring is in the air (Votto home run video, courtesy of the Enquirer.)


32 thoughts on “Choo walks, clogs bases, scores [Updated with Votto home run video]

  1. Steve, Choo’s leadoff AB was even more impressive than simply walking to leadoff the inning. He took the 1st two pitches without hesitation then fouls of the 3rd pitch, ala Joey Votto, making the pitcher work and working the count until he gets the pitch he wants. So down 0-2, what happens? Choo walks, goes to 3B on an AZ sun aided double by Burris and scores when Joey Votto grounds to the right side with no outs. That folks is winning baseball.

  2. And Joey’s HR followed a BUNT!!! base hit by Burriss. This offense is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

  3. Votto hit a homerun, Votto hit a homerun, Votto hit a freaking homerun. Finally.

  4. I love the term “clogging the bases!” It’s refreshing to have the table set for Votto. Speaking of Joey: he hit a homer! That is so good to see. It looks like he is recovering from the injury. I feel so relieved.

  5. Absolutely the best thing I’ve heard this season was the call of Joey V’s last AB…”look at him sprint down to 1st!”

  6. The Reds have hit some shots that have simply gone as hard-hit outs. That’s just another good sign of things to come.

  7. Has Joey Votto proved (to you guys, he has to the Reds) that he’s healthy enough to play in the World Baseball Classic?

  8. Also, Drew Stubbs was able to get on base by a walk, he just couldn’t hit well enough to combine those skills for a high OBP. Shin-Shoo Choo can.

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  10. Home run, Joey Votto!! I did not hear it and just saw that it happened on MLB, but I had this feeling a few hours ago that something wrong about the universe had just righted itself.


  11. @redsfanman: Stubbs could walk, Choo is even better at doing that: last year Choo’s walk rate was 38% better than Stubbs’s.

    • @preach:

      Not that AZ is a good guage, but what’s the early returns on how Choo looks in the outfield?

      I would disagree with you regarding AZ being a good gauge. Defense is defense, no matter what the talent level of the players and AZ is a tough place to play OF defense. By my accounting, Choo has made every play without a hitch. He’s taken good routes to the ball. Today, there were three misplayed balls in the OF, but Choo was flawless. I have heard only one question regarding his CF defense to this point and that regarded his decision to yeild to Heisey on a fly ball between LF & CF. The ball was played flawlessly by Heisey, so I would hardly fault Choo for not calling him off.

      Personally, I think Choo will perform admirably in CF this season. He has the talent, speed and desire to play CF. Maybe not at a GG level of performance, but certainly at an acceptable level of performance. I have some concern regarding his health, but sometimes you just have to roll the dice on that question. From what I’ve seen and heard regarding his performance, I’m not convinced at this point that Heisey coming in as a late-inning, defensive substitution would necessarily be in CF. It might just as well be in LF.

  12. @Shchi Cossack: AZ may be a poor gauge, merely because the outfield is so much larger than at GABP. The stadium at Goodyear may give some insight as to how Reds defenders will fare in the bigger parks on the west coast, however. I have no worries about Choo playing CF at home, but depending on how he adapts to playing center this year, it may be worthwhile to give Heisey (or Bruce?) some starts in center on the road while shifting Choo to a corner or resting him. Glad that he’s passed your eye-test so far though.

  13. Well, of course, Choo deserves no praise, since Stubbs could have reached base maybe once in the first 3 games…and, in fact, did once in the first 3 games!!! If we still had CP or Willy Taveras, they would have started…Almost disappointed we don’t have a total incompetent that idiot could stick in the lineup – better find one by opening day…

  14. I see Stubbs hasn’t changed his tune. As I read it this morning, 6 AB’s, 3 K’s, 1 hit, 0 walks. As I have said, nothing but a high defense, low offense player.

  15. He’s already got on base more than Stubbs did all of last year!! In Choo we trust!!

  16. @steveschoen: I went to the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s site and Stubbs said that he’ll lose his power if he cuts down on his strike outs and he won’t do that. He also has a new smaller leg kick that will help him. How will that help him stop watching third strike fastballs right over the middle of the plate?

  17. I thought I read that the MLB.com radio broadcasts were free in the exhibition season? MLB won’t let the radio stations stream them on the internet…any ideas?

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