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  1. Ever since WJ consumated the trade for Choo, I have heard numerous glowing reports extolling his character, effort and team play. I’m glad to hear that WJ persued a contract extension with Choo during the arbitration process. I would like nothing better than to lock up another talented, high-character player for the return to Reds glory. Unfotunately, Choo is represented by Boras and the chance of extending him are miniscule at best, so the Reds will have to settle for a compensation pick.

  2. Makes me wish he could stay around next year. That said, we know Bruce is there and it would be foolish not to play Hamilton at the league minimum salary if he continues to do in AAA what he did last year. So there’s no room without trading Ludwick. Would we be a better team in 2014 with Ludwick/Hamilton/Bruce or Choo/Hamilton/Bruce? Seems like trading Ludwick would Phillips back in the cleanup spot, which isn’t really optimal.

  3. @groujo: Having too many quality players for too few positions is a problem many MLB GM’s just wish they had. There are four wild cards in the evaluation of the efficacy of Ludwick-Hamilton-Bruce vs Choo-Hamilton-Bruce.

    1] Will BHam continue his development at AAA into a MLB ready CF & leadoff hitter for 2014? I think he will, but an entire season at AAA will tell the tale.

    2] How will Frazier produce at the MLB level in his 2nd season and 1st season as a starter? Could he be a realistic option at cleanup behind Votto? I think Frazier’s performance takes a step back in 2013, locking him in as a #6 or #7 hole hitter, but Super Todd has made believers out of doubters before.

    3] Will Ludwick hit as well in 2013 as he did in 2012? I’m also concerned that Ludwick’s performance may fall off some this year, making 2014 problematic.

    4] Will Meso regain his machismo and become the offensive and defensive force expected prior to last season? I think Meso is ready to put 2012 behind him and have a breakout season in 2013.

  4. That’s a very nice story about Choo and it fits with what I have observed here in Goodyear. He seems quite friendly and ApproachableI am concerned about him covering CF however. There were several balls hit in the gap that I think Stu.bbs would have gotten to where Choo had no chance. Of course it is early he may get better jumps and have more confidence but it does worry me.,

  5. I would love to see Choo extended and moved to LF whenever BH is ready. The lineup will take care of itself.

  6. Well, there’s no new thread to discuss observations from the 1st two ST games, so I hope Choo doesn’t mind sharing his space if I give him his due in the discussion.

    Let’s start with the man leading off, Shin-Soo Choo. Choo is 1/4 with a .400 OBP, 0 SO and 3 RUNS scored in 5 PA over 2 games. Not to beat a dead horse, but for comparison, Stubbs is 1/4 with a .250 OBP and 2 SO in 4 PA over 2 games. Fire up that Korean locomotive and follow him to the playoffs!

    Donald, Burriss & Izturis are a combined 3/13 with an OPS of .464 and 2 SO in 15 PA over 2 games. Please let’s not make the Valdez/Renteria/Cabrera mistake again, especially with Dusty as manager.

    Denis Phipps & Neftali Soto have something to prove after grossly disappointing seasons in 2012 but they have started like they want to make an impression. Phipps is 1/3 with an OPS of 1.000 in 3 PA over 2 games. Soto is 4/6 with an OPS of 1.500 in 6 PA over 2 games.

    Henry Rodriguez can play. He’s 2/3 with an OPS of 1.333 and 0 SO in 3 PA over 2 games. Give the kid a legitimate shot this spring and if he performs, take him to opening day at GABP on April 1st. I would not mind having Hanahan and Rodriguez as utility IF going into the season and I don’t care if neither would win a GG at SS.

    There’s nothing to say about the pitching at this point and the catching battle between Olivo and Meso looks very competitive. It’s very early in ST, but those are my initial thoughts and reactions through the 1st two games.

  7. Seems like a great guy and will definitely contribute to the club. However, he could stand to cut down on all the ellipses. Good grief.

  8. Hey, he comes from a culture where ellipses are very highly revered. A little cultural sensitivity, please.

  9. @SC… I second those remarks. I think that it’s a fair and accurate portrait of the first two games. It’s still early, but you summed it up well so far. Lets see how it plays out.

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