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Is Nick Masset Done?

I know there are varying opinions around the Nation as to how good Nick Masset is/was, but the recent retirement of Brandon Webb got me thinking about shoulder injuries, and thinking about shoulder injuries seemed like a great reason to write a quick post instead of grading essays.

Shoulder injuries have become the new elbow injuries. That is, they are very often career death. Nick Masset has not been healthy in over a year. He’s not going to be ready to start the season. This is all starting to sound familiar.

I could be wrong about this, of course, but I don’t think we should consider Nick Masset to be a viable option any more. He’ll probably pitch in the majors again, but I doubt he’ll pitch very much or very well. I hope he proves me wrong, because I’ve been a bit of a Masset fan, but I think he’s done. Shoulder injuries like he`s had seem to be more likely to end a career than to be a mere bump in the road.

What do you all think?

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  1. I went from thinking they brought Masset around just because they got him for Griffey Jr and they felt obligated to use him to really liking the guy. He had his phases of losing it, but by and large I grew to really appreciate him. The circumstantial evidence on his health sure isn’t good though. He’s been “close to back” multiple times since the first injury, but never made it over the hump. Not good.

  2. I have to say he’s done. I was and am a fan of his. But, I don’t believe he’s pitched in a game in over a year. It sounds to me as another “Jared Burton” case. I would have to say “time to cut bait”.

    • I have to say he’s done.I was and am a fan of his.But, I don’t believe he’s pitched in a game in over a year.It sounds to me as another “Jared Burton” case.I would have to say “time to cut bait”.

      Well, if Burton is the comp for Masset, the Reds might want to bring Masset back next season. Burton last year turned in a career best season for the Twins after being out two seasons with injuries. Note also that Masset will probably continue to be newsworthy since he’s made 2.4M and 3.1M last year and this.

      • Well, if Burton is the comp for Masset, the Reds might want to bring Masset back next season. Burton last year turned in a career best season for the Twins after being out two seasons with injuries. Note also that Masset will probably continue to be newsworthy since he’s made 2.4M and 3.1M last year and this.

        For someone who hardly pitched in 2 years for your team? Awfully big bet especially for a reliever (as packed as our bullpen was), a position that could probably easily be filled. Especially with the kind of money Masset is getting paid. Don’t get me wrong, I loved to see Burton come back like he did. But, we can’t hold a position on our 40 man roster for someone who hasn’t played for 2 years when we have players coming up who deserve a spot if we don’t want to lose them to something like the Rule 5 draft or something, not when our pen is one of our strengths.

        If Burton would have taken a minor league contract and earn his position with the Reds after being out for 2 seasons, great. Same with Masset if he doesn’t pitch this season. I believe that’s what happened with Burton. He wanted free agency. So, he went that route and hooked up with the Twins. More power to him.

  3. I came to this conclusion 18 months ago. And Masset was no Brandon Webb, that’s for sure.

  4. Hate to say it, because he was pretty good at one time, but I had already counted him out.

  5. The Masset thing is an incredible overplayed melodrama. Look at it this way: we can argue about how good he was, but he certainly wasn’t great. Let’s suppose he was “good”. It’s just not that big of a deal to lose a “good” relief pitcher. If Masset was something like a Broxton, there’s a Broxton type that you can trade for at the trading deadline every year. In the case of the Reds, it’s not even clear that Masset pre-injury would have played a key role.

    I actually liked the guy, but I’ll worry about Votto’s knee, not Masset’s progress.

  6. I think Nick Masset might be finished with the Reds but I doubt his career is over. Steve made a good comparison in Jared Burton. Former Red Grant Balfour (at least he signed a contract but was never healthy to pitch, and his primary problem was an elbow, not a shoulder) missed almost 4 years with injuries before rebuilding his career with the Rays and A’s. Masset is 30 and still has plenty of time to reestablish himself somewhere.

    I think that, like with Scott Rolen, the Reds have already moved on from Nick Masset, we just hear a lot of an ‘overplayed melodrama’ about both because there’s little other news to report.

  7. @steveschoen: If memory serves, Burton was plucked off the waiver wire by the Twinks as the Reds were trying to outright him. So, the Reds never had a chance to offer nor Burton accept or reject a minor league deal.

  8. I have always had a bit of a quick hot button for guys who seemed to have the physical tools but were unable to get the mental side of the game figured out. That is how I categorized Masset.

    Now that the extent of his physical issue has become known, perhaps that is why he couldn’t close some of those innings after two easy outs or on certain days would come on and walk a man (or two) before he seemed to start to get dialed in.

    I certainly would not count him out as being a reliable MLB reliever at some point with some team in the future. However, I think it is fools gold for the Reds to finance and wait for that possible revival given the depth of arms in their organization. Wish Masset well and move on.

  9. Nick Masset has a career 3.4 WAR for the Reds. That puts him in the same rough company as Willie Greene, Chris Stynes, and Michael Tucker.

  10. The point being: There’s no way the Reds would be hand-wringing about whether those guys could come back – in their 30s.

  11. @TC: Let me clarify mu thoughts. There is no reason for the Reds not to play out the string with him this year. His salary is a sunken cost; and, they can put him on the 60 day DL where he won’t cost them a spot on the 40 man roster. I would expect that they would do just this.

    However I think it is wildly optimistic to count on him for anything this season; and, at the end of the year, it is time to wish him well and let him get on with his career elsewhere.

  12. Premature to even consider…he’s under contract for this year and next. So, there is no positive to cutting him loose, it makes more sense to hang on to him and see how he comes along. No harm done, the money is already spent.

  13. Pardon this interruption for a quick note on a different subject, but as I type this, the MLB channel on satellite radio is replaying Game 4 of the 1961 World Series, Yankees at Reds, for those who see this in time and have that subscription. It’s in the third inning. Fun to hear some of the names … O’Toole pitching, Robinson and Pinson in the outfield, Gordie Coleman, etc.

  14. I have been a Nick Masset proponent since he joined the Reds in 2008, Injury(s) pabably had a big negative impact on his performance in 2011 and certainly sidelined him for all of 2012, resulting in off season surgery. I sincerely hope that Masset can recover and return to form sometime this season. It certainly won’t be at the start of the season as some (including myself) had hoped. I Nick Masset fully healthy and on top of his game would be a huge asset for the Reds bullpen, but at this point, I think he needs to prove himself healthy and capable before getting the ball on the mound at GABP. I think Masset starts the season on the 60 day list and only after demonstrating that he can help the Reds’ bullpen does he again make the majoe league roster. If he can’t help the Reds this season, I don’t think he is signed with the Reds for 2014, unless he comes back with a minor league contract. Masset still has a real chance to continue his success as a major league relief pitcher, possibly even as a back end relief pitcher, but with the existing competition in the bullpen and the desire to squeeze Parra into that bullpen, Masset is certainly one of the pichers on the outside looking in at the end of spring training. I hope he comes back and can fill a setup role in the bullpen, but the jury is out and the odds may be against him, especially with the Bray fiasco still fresh in the Reds psyche.

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