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Couple of our “Exclusive” Features have been updated…

Tom Diesman has updated our “Big Board” and the “Salary Chart“…they’re always worth a few minutes of your time. (See the right sidebar for all kinds of great stuff)

Thanks to Tom for his hard work on these very informative reference tools.

9 thoughts on “Couple of our “Exclusive” Features have been updated…

  1. About the Big Board:
    On my computer at least, it shows (with a Feb 11 update date) Billy Hamilton as the starting CF at AA

    However per a Fay blog entry of 24 January:

    Reds top prospect Billy Hamilton will start the year at Triple-A Louisville and play every day in center field, Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said Thursday.

  2. You sure he’s not actually starting at SS at AA? Yeah, it currently reflects all of the comings and goings from over the winter, but most all of the minor league players are still where they ended the season last year. I’ll go through it soon and try to take a stab at the MiL promotions. Nation, feel free to chime in here with your thoughts on who will start out where in the minors to help out.

  3. Thanks Tom. I was wondering about the MiLB updates along with Jim. Actually, making our prognostications regarding MiBL assignments within the Reds’ organization could be a fun excercise. I’ll have mine shortly.

  4. Louisville:
    CF-Billy Hamilton
    RF-Denis Phipps
    LF-Felix Perez
    1B/DH-Soto and Dorn
    2B-Henry Rodriguez
    SS-Brodie Greene
    3B-David Vidal
    C-Tucker Barnhart
    SP-Cingrani, Lotzkar, Ravin, ???, ???
    RP-Christiani, Judy, Hayes, Manno, Freeman, Serrano, ???.

    Got to love this name from the Pennsacola roster: #09-Hairy Gooch.

  5. Some updates that weren’t on there that I noticed:
    -PJ Phillips is a Dodgers now — he’s no longer part of the Reds Organization. (Him and his brother Tweeted about this in the last week or so).
    -Todd Redmond should be removed from the list too since he was picked up by the Orioles
    -Billy Hamilton should be listed as a switch hitter

  6. @Love4Reds:

    The mlb.com site transactions list:

    02/07/13 Cincinnati Reds signed free agent 2B P.J. Phillips.

    The BBA site also confirms that the Reds resigned Phillips.

    I’ve removed Redmond from the DFA list, and moved Billy Hamilton to be the Bats starting CF and listed him as a switch hitter. Good catches, thanks.

  7. @Tom

    RE: PJ Phillips – I’m guessing your sources might be more formal and definitive — so not really questioning the veracity. How long does it typically take for Milb to update that kind of info?

    My sources:

    -He has himself listed as a Dodger. He said in tweets that he left the Reds and joined the Dodgers. He and his brother go back and forth about it. Plus he thanks Reds organization somewhere in there.

    -Here is a blog accounting about him signing as a Dodger dated Feb 9th 2013

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