announced their top 100 prospects for 2013 this week.

The Reds placed 3 players on the list:

Billy Hamilton #11
Robert Stephenson #51
Tony Cingrani #66

The rest of the division lined up like this:

St. Louis: 6 players (3,25,33,43,79,84)
Pittsburgh: 4 players (9,15,54,65)
Chicago: 3 players (16,39,42)
Milwaukee: 1 player (64)

Also on the list was ex-Red (now Arizona Diamondback): SS Didi Gregorious (#63)

Any other Reds farmhands you think should have been on this list? Reds players listed too high? Too Low?

What do you think about the Cards having 6 on this list? The Pirates having 4? What does it say about Milwaukee that they only have 1?

Discuss…remember, pitchers and catchers report shortly.

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  1. Matt WI

    Milwaukee that they only have 1?… I think it’s a pretty accurate reflection that they are paying the piper in their post CC and Grienke era… they have strong talent at the MLB level overall, but not much room for any error if they are going to be successful at all. They’re leveraged, and while they will score, I don’t see them as a threat for the full season.

    Actually, I think these rankings help sum up most of the division in terms of their threat to the Reds this year. The Cards are the Cards, they reload and guys you never heard of hit .300. They’ll be the Reds main challenge.

    Pirates: They’ll be a nuisance, but probably still waiting for a few pieces to be a killer team. Keep an eye on them moving onward though.

    Cubs: Eh. Work in progress. With little talent at the top, it’ll still be awhile.

  2. Shchi Cossack

    Announced by the Reds within the past hour: RHP Alfredo Simon and OF Chris Heisey agree to terms on 1-year contracts for 2013, avoiding arbitration. Bailey, Choo, Latos, Leake remain.

  3. Steve Mancuso

    Keep in mind the Reds ‘graduated’ Zack Cozart, Todd Frazier and Devin Mesoraco last year. And that doesn’t count the Latos trade.

    (Was just looking over the Reds roster, and wow, does it feel great to see Shin-Soo Choo’s name on there.)

  4. Shchi Cossack

    The rating of the Reds’ minor league system is still suffering from the Latos deal last season. Please note I referenced the rating of the minot league system and not the minor league system itself. I believe the Reds’ minor league system is as healthy and productive as any of the more highly rated minor league systems and next season will probably see the Reds’ minor league system again rated among the very best. I believe BHam and Cingrani will spend the entire 2013 season playing for the Bats and continuing their stellar development. Stephenson should finish the season with the Blaze, although he will probably start the season back with the Dragons, and should continue his positive development as he works on perfecting his curve and changeup so he SO/BB ratio increases and his groundball rate increases. Along with these three players moving up on the top 100 list, I expect Corcino to make his appearance in the top 100 with Lutz, LaMarre and Vidal having big seasons and making a big push to crack the top 100. Then once again, we start talking about having major-league ready players with no place to play on the major league roster.

  5. WVRedlegs

    BHam was only 11th??
    With 30 major league teams, dividing 30 into 100, that makes the average of 3.3 per team. So does this say the Reds farm system is a tick below average with 3?? I think the answer to that is no. Yes, the Reds have traded away some top prospects last winter and this winter. But I think it is more of a reflection that some of the younger prospects just haven’t made a big name for themselves yet. Yet. Hamilton is universally known in the baseball world. Cingrani made a name for himself last year by quickly ascending to the majors. Stephenson is known for hitting 100 mph on the radar gun last year a few times. So given time, next year the Reds might have as many as the Cards.
    The Pirates single-A team is in my town. They have drafted pretty well the last 3 years. They have two #1 draft pick pitchers that will be very very good soon. Cole and Tallison(sp).
    This year the Reds need to concentrate on drafting some good hitters and big boppers at the top of the draft. Just look at the top 10 Reds prospects. Any killer hitters in that group??

  6. LWBlogger

    The Reds having 3 players in the top 100 and a couple that probably only slightly missed the cut, all after the Latos, Marshall, and Choo trades is a testiment to how the Reds’ farm system has improved. As @Steve Mancuso said the Reds also brought up Cozart, Frazier, and Mesoraco last season. Impressive.

    The Cards having 6 players on the list feels about right. Their farm system just continues to churn out quality players. Taveres, their #1 prospect has serious talent. He gets on base, can hit for avererage and power with a short stroke, runs well, and can play defense. Shelby Miller slipped some last year as he struggled at AAA but his last month or so was pretty good. I think he’ll turn it around this year. Two solid guys there for sure.

    The Pirates having 4 prospects and a young, talented roster, shows that they are a team on the rise. I think they’ll break .500 this year and with some breaks, they may have the staying power to be in the hunt all year.

    The Cubs are a ways away but getting better.

    The Brewers have enough talent on the MLB level to make things interesting but are obviously thin when it comes to top talent in the minors. That said, they have some fill-in players down there that could step in and do a decent job. If they fall out of contension though, I’d look for them to trade for some first and second tier prospects.

  7. LWBlogger

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the Cards’ Trevor Rosenthal. I’m not sure how he’s not higher than 43 on the list. The guy has ace stuff and showed last season that he can over-power MLB hitters. It’s a very small sample size but honestly, I think he compares favorably to Chapman. He’s that good. If Stephenson can gain some consistency and work on his secondary pitches, I could see him moving up on this list quickly too. He is similar to Rosenthal.

  8. Shchi Cossack

    I also see Votto, Cueto and Choo conspicuously absent (Knock on my old wooden noggin and praise be this holds true!) from the WBC rosters and play starts in just over a month from now.

  9. Matt WI

    @Shchi Cossack: I think Choo was on record as not wanting to play in the WBC in order to prepare for this season (maybe even before the trade).

  10. redsfanman

    I think the best way to put it is that the Reds skimmed a layer of talent and big names off the top of their farm system (Frazier, Mesoraco, Cozart, Grandal, Alonso, and so on), which is sometimes misportrayed as the organization losing young talent.

    I was disappointed about Tony Cingrani, I think he deserved to be ranked higher after he’s pitched so well. I don’t think he gets enough respect around the game, which is unfortunate. I guess low expectations stick with a prospect no matter what he does.

    I was annoyed to see so many Cardinals on the Top 50 prospect show – Rosenthal, Shelby Miller, and Oscar Taveras, I think. Boooo.

    I don’t understand why anybody expects the Milwaukee Brewers to do well, either in the regular season or with the farm system. It even came up on this week’s 700wlw weekly Reds show thingy with Marty and Thom – some caller mentioned something about the Brewers being a contender, even Marty and Thom basically just laughed at him. They got worse, much worse, after losing Greinke, Marcum, and others over the past two years and they’ve suffered a major injury to Corey Hart. They haven’t been able to add good players by free agency and they aren’t even committed to rebuilding – they still have guys like Axeford. I think the Brewers are years away from a .500 season.

  11. hotto4votto

    Corcino should have been on there. The way this list was created left itself to some oversights and major subjectivity. Winker, if he continues to replicate his success will be on this list by next year. Travieso and Reynoso are also candidates to move up if they put together strong full seasons. Considering that Didi was just traded, combined with the graduations of Cozart, Meso, and Frazier as well as the trades of some top prospects, I’d say the Reds system is sitting pretty.

  12. steveschoen

    I thought I remember hearing someone saying the Cards are too old, and their minors have nothing. Well, that was wrong.

  13. redsfanman

    @hotto4votto: I’m not surprised about Corcino being left off. They’re still hoping that he’ll put things together like Johnny Cueto did rather than expecting him to build on some great performance. I think Winker, Travieso, and Reynoso still have to start playing full seasons.

    The Reds have been able to dump a bunch of young players – Didi Gregorius, PED Grandal, Alonso, Juan Francisco – who I don’t miss one bit.

    @steveschoen: I think the 2013 Cardinals will be pretty old. They have some notable prospects but they won’t necessarily be helping out in 2013. Yay for Windows of Opportunity for the Reds.

  14. LWBlogger

    @hotto4votto: Yes, I would expect at least Corcino to be on Baseball America’s Top 100 list. They seem a little more focused on tools and ceiling.

    • Tom Diesman

      @hotto4votto: Yes, I would expect at least Corcino to be on Baseball America’s Top 100 list. They seem a little more focused on tools and ceiling.

      In his chat session for the BBA top 10 list J.J. Coooper had the following to say when asked how many of the Red’s prospects were top 100 worthy:

      “The top four. I think Corcino has a very solid case to be a Top 100 guy. After him, I don’t think anyone else in the Reds system would make a Top 150 and no one may make the Top 200. The system can really be thought of as the top four guys, big gap, then from No. 5 to No. 20 or No. 21 guys are all bunched pretty close together.”

      The top four were Hamilton, Stephenson, Cingrani, and Corcino by the way.

  15. LWBlogger

    @redsfanman: I don’t know. I would expect to see Taveras, Rosenthal, and Miller at some point this year. Will all three succeed? Who knows? I think those three are guys who could help the Cards this year though.

  16. dn4192

    Since he is a local boy, I was just wondering what people thought of Tucker Barnhart? He worked his way up to AA last year and seems to have spent this offseason working on his hitting.

  17. BJ Ruble

    I don’t put much stock into these prospect lists; Cueto wasn’t that big a prospect, Votto was only considered the Reds 3rd or 4th best prospect when he was coming up and look at him now. I really like our talent in the minors and it is far better than it had been for a long, long time.

  18. redsfanman

    @LWBlogger: Oscar Taveras had a great season in AA in 2012 but my impression (having done no research or anything) is that he’ll head to AAA after spring training. Maybe they’ll see Taveras, maybe we’ll see Billy Hamilton, but I don’t expect either guy to be a big contributor to their team in 2013. Then again, who knows?

    I expect Rosenthal is headed to the AAA rotation, like Tony Cingrani for the Reds. Again I doubt either guy will be a key part of a team’s rotation for a playoff run even after they get promoted.

    Shelby Miller, I have no idea what they plan on doing with him. Bullpen again? Starting spot? AAA rotation? He could be an interesting guy to watch in the spring.

    @BJ Ruble: Just like Daniel Corcino Cueto was a short little guy (heck, I’m taller than him) who was too small to be a top prospect. Also Cueto was always hidden in the shadow of super-prospect Homer Bailey. Cueto obviously put things together, hopefully Corcino can too.

    Don’t forget Ryan Hanigan, I don’t think he was ever considered one of the team’s top prospects… and look at him now.

  19. LWBlogger

    @redsfanman: Good call on Hanigan. I don’t think anyone really saw how good he was going to be, save perhaps the scout that signed him.

  20. TC

    Picking top prospects is like picking the ponies. I love prospect watching, but you never know how they’ll turn out until they’ve been in the majors for 3 years.

    • Shchi Cossack


      Picking top prospects is like picking the ponies.

      I absolutely love that simile. I don’t think I could have come up with a better analogy regarding prospect watching if I had as many years to go as I’ve already had gone. It might be topped only by the ‘box of chocolates’ and then only due to entertainment value. Kudos TC!

  21. TC

    I’m one of the biggest prospect watchers here I think. So of course I’m interested when these lists come out. The problem with the lists is that they look at the average for players over a full season in the minors. They don’t take in to account the peaks and valleys, which I believe says more about a person and is a better indicator of what the player is really capable of.

  22. athensRed

    Speaking of the Blaze, isn’t our lease up with them or are we still there for this season? I’ve heard that Bakersfield is not a place where most teams want to be.