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5 thoughts on “RIP Fred Talbot

  1. When pitching, I wonder how often he “smoked him inside” before going out and pounding some Budweiser?

  2. Yes, Bill, you are absolutely right.

    I’m sure you know the following, but for others…

    Writer Jim Bouton said that Bell would give that advice (“smoke ’em inside”) to the other pitchers when going over the scouting reports and they found a hitter they didn’t know. Manager Joe Schultz was the one who always told the team to go “pound some Budweiser” after the game.

    From what I understand about Talbot (lifetime record 38-56), chances are he was hearing both comments a lot…

    Ironically….I found a cache of Seattle Pilots baseball cards on eBay. Not the original Topps cards–these were reissues, but they had every player that played for the Pilots that season, including future Big Red Machine pitcher Dick Baney.

    I also picked up Redleg rookie cards Mike Cuellar, Claude Osteen, and Jim O’Toole

  3. Always sad to lose one of the “Ball Four” gang – although “Talbert” wasn’t a very sympathetic character (and according to Ranew, he looked like a perch!)…This is EASILY my favorite baseball book of all time – (Brosnan’s “Long Season” is second). Bouton was SOOOOOO ahead of his time writing this book – not to mention, his observation and literary skills were terrific! Anyone reading this post – if you haven’t read “Ball Four” do so now!!! In the pre-steroid era, he said that if a pitcher could take a pill that would guarantee him 20 victories but take 10 years off his life, he might well take it…I first read the book in the early 80s and felt Bouton had a similar sarcastic sense of humor to mine. If you can find it, “I’m Glad You Didn’t Take It Personally” is fun as well, but Ball Four is essential reading for ANY baseball fan – I’d consider offering a refund to anyone buying the book who didn’t enjoy it, but I know you all would lie 😀 Do yourself a favor – discover “Ball Four” if you haven’t already! I’m going to go read it again!!!

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