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Redleg Nation Needs You!

We’re excited to announce a new project – The Nation Reports – where our commenters write original content for the site concerning the upcoming Reds caravan tours. The Reds have planned three routes with a total of 15 public stops over 2,800 miles, taking place Jan. 24-27.

• The Northern Tour, with stops in Athens, Parkersburg, Columbus, Lima and Dayton, will feature Marty Brennaman, Brandon Phillips, Chris Welsh, Tucker Barnhart, Bob Miller and Gapper.

• The Southern Tour, with stops in Huntington/Ashland, Charleston, Cincinnati (GABP), Bowling Green (KY) and Lexington, will feature Jim Kelch, Jeff Brantley, Super Todd Frazier, Logan Ondrusek (1/24 & 1/25 only), Billy Hamilton, Dick Williams and Rosie Red.

• The Western Tour, with stops in Louisville, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Muncie and Hamilton will feature Thom Brennaman, Walt Jocketty, Jay Bruce (1/24 & 1/25 only), Homer Bailey (1/26 & 1/27 only), Corky Miller, Ryan LaMarre, Phil Castellini and Mr. Redlegs.

Itinerary details here. At each stop, the Reds will raffle off two tickets to the April 1 Opening Day game vs. Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols and the rest of the LA Angels.

If you attend a caravan event, we’d like to publish your original reporting on what you saw and heard – from basic factual reporting of the Q&A, to your analysis, impressions or commentary related to the event.

Here’s how The Nation Reports will work: If you want to participate, sign up via email steve@redlegnation.com and let us know which event you’ll attend. You’ll receive a reply with a confirmation. If we have too many volunteers for a single stop, we’ll make choices based on first-apply. After the event (and timeliness is essential) you email your report to us and we’ll look it over and post it as an original item on the site.

A few conditions: Your reporting must follow the site’s commenting guidelines regarding profanity, personal attacks, etc. Balance brevity with thoroughness. And we reserve the right to edit or decline to publish.

One last thing – you have to report using your real name. One of the distinctive practices of Redleg Nation is that the editors publish by their actual names. It adds integrity and context. So, for your report to be part of The Nation Reports it has to be under a real byline. If you want to return to anonymity as a commenter, that’s up to you. (Although, I’d love to see more people comment here with their true names.)

We hope this project will generate unique and interesting content for the site as well as feature our many wonderful and loyal commenters. If this works well for the caravan, we may extend it to spring training and Reds road trips, as a way to underscore the nation in Redleg Nation.

Please participate if you can!

24 thoughts on “Redleg Nation Needs You!

  1. I won’t be attending any of these events, but this post excites me for the upcoming season.

  2. I cannot guarantee attending either. I loved the caravans at OU in the 70’s. joe would nurse a beer and the crowd waould chant ’til he chugged it.

    If you are attending a caravan, it will be worth your while to ask Marty what it was like to ‘broadcast’ with Joe Garogiola.

    • it will be worth your while to ask Marty what it was like to ‘broadcast’ with Joe Garogiola.

      It would be funny if we had someone at all Marty’s stops all asking the same question which would surely irritate him. I love irritated Marty.

  3. I love this idea. I normally attend the Louisville stop, but alas, I am expecting a new Reds fan any day now. I can’t wait to pass on my Reds passion and knowledge to my first boy.

  4. In unrelated news (sorry no good place to put it), the D-Train goes all the way to Wriggly now. You gotta to respect Theo.

  5. This is slightly unrelated, but:
    I noticed that Joey Votto is not participating in the Caravan. The Reds are paying him $225 million over the next 10 years. You would think he could spare three days out of his offseason to meet and greet fans. Members of the Nation always seem to want Votto named as an official captain–but not attending the Caravan seems distinctly uncaptain-ey.

    Just so ya’ll don’t think I’m a heretic, I love MVottoP. I just thought his absence should be noted.

  6. @beens999: Well Beens, if your time were worth $61,643/day don’t you think you’d use it pretty carefully? (kidding)

  7. I’d be up for covering the Hamilton, Ohio stop… I warn the nation now, that it will be all things Corky Miller. I get enough odd looks enough spring training when he gets a bloop single and I erupt in the stands.

    • one name that is no doubt going to stoke some hot stove league grumbling fires around these parts, Cesar Izturis

      My only grumble in the number he chose for himself.

    • Mr Fay has posted the list of nonroster invitees to Reds Spring Training complete with one name that is no doubt going to stoke some hot stove league grumbling fires around these parts, Cesar Izturis, whose name Fay saysis “The name that jumps out…..”.

      Izturis is notable in that he’s the only non-roster invitee who’s been an everyday player before. The others are young guys, part time MLB playes (Burriss and Corky Miller), or nobodies. I’m hoping for some conspiracy theories involving Izturis, who looks like the third string shortstop now behind Cozart and Donald.

  8. We received quite a few volunteers for The Nation Reports today. Almost half the caravan events are covered by at least one person. Email me at steve@redlegnation.com if you’re interested in participating.

    We need members of The Nation in Kentucky and West Virginia. Indianapolis and Lima, OH, too.

  9. Does Cesar Izturis take off on the Ides of March? I would if I were him.

  10. My iPad is kerfluffing bad. That was concerning TC’s idea about Marty getting the same question at every stop.

  11. We’ve picked up a few more volunteers today. Still need a couple more covered, though. Hard to believe no members of the Nation from Lexington or Indianapolis will be attending their events. Also looking for help on the GABP and Hamilton stops. And West Virginia, where are you? Email me steve@redlegnation.com if you want to help.

  12. Can anyone who has ever attended one of the stops tell me if the players actually take time to sign autographs? The announcement is kinda vague and only says “while time permits”. I would like to hear from a fan’s perspective if they ever have in the past.

  13. @RedTitan19: Get there at least 1.5-2.0 hours early to make sure you get an autograph. Yes, they all sign one autograph and they are all very gracious. I have been to Bloomington, Lexington, and Louisville stops and the two latter stops have a TON of people show up. Two years ago, Matt Maloney and BP went through the line after the time was up to sign for people who didn’t get through the lines. It all depends on the stop because they are on a strict time frame. Usually you hear some interesting questions/answers and/or stories before the autographs start. If you are an autograph seeker, it is a great opportunity to get that. If autographs are not your thing, then I suggest you don’t go.

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