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Organizational News

From the Enquirer:

Last week the Reds announced some organizational news:

TODAY’S NEWS: Today the Reds named Ronnie Ortegon Major League assistant hitting coach, Ryan Jackson minor league hitting coordinator, Jim Riggleman manager at Louisville, Delino DeShields manager at Pensacola, Ken Griffey Sr. manager at Bakersfield, Jose Nieves manager at Dayton, Pat Kelly manager at Billings and Eli Marrero manager at AZL Reds; promoted Nick Krall to Director of Baseball Operations, Jeff Graupe to Director of Player Development, Sam Grossman to Director of Baseball Research and Analysis, Jeff Taylor to Special Assistant to the GM and John Morris to Special Assistant to the GM; named Reed MacPhail Baseball Operations Assistant and Will Harford professional scout…in 2012, Riggleman managed at Pensacola, DeShields at Dayton and Nieves at AZL Reds…Marrero was the hitting coach at Bakersfield…Jackson had been the hitting coach at Louisville…Griffey will manage his third season at Bakersfield and Kelly his third at Billings.

Couple things of note… Delino DeShields leapfrogs over Ken Griffey Sr. and takes over in Pensacola. Senior stays in a tough situation in Bakersfield (from what I’ve been told..not a real strong franchise, bad ballpark, low attendance, but the organization believes he’s the best guy to help those kids deal with that situation). Riggleman moves up to AAA, I read another report that said he had offers to coach in the bigs, but stayed with the Reds.

Other interesting thing to me was adding Ronnie Ortegon as “Major league assistant hitting coach”. This should make many here happy who have called for the head of Reds hitting coach, Brook Jacoby.

UPDATE: Just read that the Reds have re-signed Corky Miller to a minor league deal with an invite to ST.

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  1. The reason te Braves moved him was because they had a ton of starting pitching depth and wanted him to reach the Majors quickly. They knew he had good stuff; they were simply too impatient to use him as a starter, which was justified with their starting depth. The Reds also have depth; however, I could still see him being converted in AAA, although I think it’s more likely he’ll be a setup man to Broxton next year.

  2. @Shchi Cossack:Well said, and well thought out (and diplomatic to boot). Your stats, 2012 or career? Still don’t get the Dusty proof line of thinking. If WJ does nothing, and there are no LH’s besides the 8th inning guy Marshall, there are 5 or 6 guys that pitch better vs LH’rs according to your line of thinking. So what would WJ accomplish by bringing in a 2nd LH reliever? In theory, the bullpen is already Dusty proofed …

    • @earmbrister:

      So what would WJ accomplish by bringing in a 2nd LH reliever? In theory, the bullpen is already Dusty proofed …

      You are correct; I did not translate that thought from my head to the blog. If there is no LHP in the bullpen other than Marshall, then Marshall will default to a LOOGY in Suty’s bullpen rather than maintaining his role as a setup pitcher. Dusty demonstrated this repeatedly last season.

  3. And I just received my opening day tickets in the mailbox this moring. I am taking all the kids and grandkids. We will have our own little caravan complete with pillows and blankets for the trip home. It will be the first Reds game for some of them and the tradition grows and continues.

    • @dc937:
      The article makes a very compelling argument regarding the value that Price brings to a pitching staff and quite frankly, throws down the gaulntlet regarding his status as the best in his craft. What really caught my attention in the article was the description of Price’s pithing philosophy:

      As you can see from the list above, Price stresses getting the leadoff batter out — of course, all pitching coaches do — but the Reds throw strikes (third-best walk rate in the NL) and succeeded despite a tough home park to pitch in.

      What more compelling argument can there be for success offensively than the success Price has had everywhere he’s been for fielding a superior pitching staff.

      A pitching staff that keeps the leadoff batter off base succeeds and a pitching staff that doesn’t keep the leadoff batter off base doesn’t succeed.

      In the reverse, an offense that gets the leadoff batters on base succeeds and an offense that doesn’t get the leadoff batter on base doesn’t succeed.

      It’s a little simplistic, but it’s a pretty sound basis for success. Hopefully Mr. Baker has enough options for 2013, that he can’t help but put a solid lineup on the field.

  4. @BloodyHo: I was just going to point That out as well. How can you value getting the lead off batter out defensively, but not value getting the lead off batter on offensively? Price and Baker should have a talk.

  5. Considering how much money has been doled out for Cody Ross and Nick Swisher over the past couple of days, I got to say Uncle Walt did pretty decent with the deal he got with Ryan Ludwick.

  6. Last year on Christmas I was the only one post comments. I had quite a conversation with myself. I hope there is more activity this year. Just because it’s Christmas, baseball is still relevant.

  7. @TC: Between Christmas for the kids and Christmas for the grandkids, I may give you a little diversity and reprieve from your soliloquy TC.

  8. @redsfanman: BP just grew up, I’ll accept Ludwick was helped by GAPB as much as anything… my overall point is that Votto and Hannigan, if influenced by Jacoby, are his only good pupils in terms of plate discipline. Jacoby has been the hitting coach since ’06. Name a player outside of Votto who has steadily improved at the plate. It’s the constant knock against Bruce. Or, as others were saying above, where is there any organizatinal influence of getting on base offensively, when Bryan Price knows the value of keeping people off the bags defensively. That’s not all on Jacoby of course.

    I guess I would break it down most simply as this: If a pitcher is struggling, I trust that Price might really help that guy. If a guy needs to “get going” offensively the Reds answer to that is to let him hit in the two hole in front of Votto. I think that’s a problem.

  9. All I want for Christmas is some spicy Cuban every 5 days or so.

    Hope you all get what you want this Christmas. Make a great day of it! And continue to GO REDS! WOOOOOO!!!

  10. Merry Christmas everyone. TC (which I assume means Tubular Christmas), you are not alone. Another hour or so of wrapping; I’m too old for this nonsense …

    Have a great day with your families.

  11. Looking at the available list of FA left handed relievers, Gonzales or Howell seem like the best options to me.

    Pedro Feliciano (35)
    Mike Gonzalez (35)
    J.P. Howell (28)
    Rich Hill (32)
    Will Ohman (35)
    Manny Parra (30)
    Rafael Perez (31)
    J.C. Romero (37)
    Hisanori Takahashi (38)

    I’m betting WJ makes a quick, last minute deal to get a LOOGY. A bullpen without a LOOGY really isn’t a problem, but it doesn’t fit the old school model. Wish he had Horst back. Perhaps THE worst Jocketty era trade.

  12. Mike Gonzalez signed with the Brewers. The Reds didn’t sign him, which was no surprise. Pursing him (or trading away an extra starter) would be an indication that they were serious about converting Chapman to the rotation, and they’re not. They know it’s a bad idea and they’re just trying to make people happy by advertising the possibility that he’ll switch roles.

    Jocketty tried to make last minute deals to get a LOOGY last season but the guys ended up getting sent to the minors and didn’t pitch for the Reds. I expect the same this year.

    • Jocketty tried to make last minute deals to get a LOOGY last season but the guys ended up getting sent to the minors and didn’t pitch for the Reds. I expect the same this year.

      WJ will get a deal done. However, the asking price for a LH reliever is out of sight. Even for one with only 1-2 years of service time. It may have to wait until spring training is mostly over and teams are fine tuning rosters for the season. Masset and Arredondo will hopefully be on the trading block by then and could bring back something in return.

      Pedro Feliciano (35)
      Mike Gonzalez (35)
      J.P. Howell (28)
      Rich Hill (32)
      Will Ohman (35)
      Manny Parra (30)
      Rafael Perez (31)
      J.C. Romero (37)
      Hisanori Takahashi (38)

      Whew. P-U. I wouldn’t sign any of them to a minor league contract.

  13. Per MLBTR, the Indians announced that they have designated outfielder Thomas Neal for assignment.

    25 years old
    Career minor league slash line of .299/.376/.464
    Last year at AA slash line of .314/.400/.467

    He’s fallen out of favor over the past couple years, but I sure would like to see the Reds pick him up on a minor league contract if possible.

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