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Hey, the Reds can actually walk and Choo gum at the same time!

Thoughts about this base-clogging Opening Day lineup? Here’s Chad’s podcast to get you started.

  1. Choo RF/CF
  2. Phillips 2B
  3. Votto 1B
  4. Ludwick LF
  5. Bruce RF/CF
  6. Frazier 3B
  7. Cozart SS
  8. Hanigan C
  9. Cueto P

With this (!) starting pitching rotation:

  1. Cueto
  2. Latos
  3. Chapman
  4. Bailey
  5. Arroyo

And this bullpen:

  1. Broxton
  2. Marshall
  3. Massett
  4. Hoover
  5. Simon
  6. Arredondo
  7. LeCure

And this depth:

  • Mike Leake SP
  • Logan Ondrusek RP
  • Chris Heisey OF
  • [Update per comment] Xavier Paul OF
  • Jason Donald IF
  • Devin Mesoraco C
  • [Update per current events] Jack Hannahan 3B/1B

Still to acquire for the final Opening Day roster:

  • Left-handed reliever

228 thoughts on “Hey, the Reds can actually walk and Choo gum at the same time!

  1. I agree with earmbrister on Chapman, but keep posting redsfanman, I am with you most of the time.

    Chapman in 2010 pitched 109 innings and started 13 games. He was a starter the previous years.

    in 2010 in 109 innings, he walked 57
    in 2012 in 71 innings, he walked 23

    24 walks in 2010 is another 10 innings worth of pitches…

    Leake in his first year out of asu made 22 starts and pitched 140 innings

    There is no reason that Chapman can’t handle 150-160 innings in 2013 and remain healthy. remember, his injuries and fatigue have come each of the last 2 years in relief.

    The only thing that makes sense for the team and Chapman is to have him pitch every fifth day on a pitch count. Dusty is worse at managing relievers than starters these days.

    and the best thing for a championship team is to have a LH #1 starter split Cueto and Latos in the postseason.

    first half of 2013, let Chapman piggyback Leake. Leake starts and goes 5. Chapman pitches 2-4 innings for the first half season. By all star break, Chapman is starting and runs through the post season.

    13 starts at 4 innings per game in the first half of the year is 52 innings. 13 starts in the second half at 5 innings is 65. Then you have 20-30 inning in the playoffs.

    Chapman pitches every 5th day, prepares as a starter, and is available for the stretch run.

    Price is a smart guy, he can figure this out. They do it with young arms every year

  2. That’s good. His decline to mediocrity was a bit startling. Glad to know there was a reason.

  3. @TC: My reply didn’t irritate as usual and you will reconsider burning my house down as a result? SWEET! If you change your mind I live within the I-275 loop so you can start with burning houses in there.

    I think it’s just a matter of issues like Chapman’s use and Stubbs’ value being more controversial and open to debate while the bench is much more straightforward.

    I think Hannahan will take some starts from Todd Frazier in the form of a platoon (more than a worse hitter like Burriss or Costanzo), but I expect that would be received much better (as smarter managing) than benching Frazier for another righthanded hitter.

  4. I was wanting to attend opening day anyway, but this news just seals it. I wonder what the Reds fans reaction to J Hamilton will be when he comes to bat for the first time?? A standing ovation? Or a smattering of applause? Or a houseful of Woooooooo’s?

    • I was wanting to attend opening day anyway, but this news just seals it.I wonder what the Reds fans reaction to J Hamilton will be when he comes to bat for the first time??A standing ovation?Or a smattering of applause?Or a houseful of Woooooooo’s?

      My money is on a very enthusiastic cheer.

  5. dn4192
    I think you underestimate his slider. While it might not be above average, with his stuff, it buckles opposing hitters.

    I would agree that a change needs to be added with his fastball

    that said, I think you are mis-remembering his control. if you are thinking of 2010, yes it was not good.

    But in 2012, he was excellent. 23 walks in 71 innings was the best for any Reds reliever (save Marshall), and he only gave up 35 hits. and struck out 122 of course. And Marshall has a rep for not walking guys.

    and the other relievers were giving up a hit per inning.

    as a starter, I see the need for him to go to 75% fastballs from 95. a 2 seam fastball from Chapman would be very interesting

    I can actually see Chapman get better as he learns how to pitch and command an additional pitch or 2.

  6. Those looking for a LH reliever forget that Cingrani was a reliever in college and at this point has 2 above average pitches. Perhaps they could use him in that spot.

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