2013 Reds

It’s Official

Reds announced that Ryan Ludwick has been signed to a 2 year – $15M deal.

Walt Jocketty is quoted in the article:

“Ryan was very important to our success last year, and we’re looking to keep that momentum going into next season,” general manager Walt Jocketty said. “He and his agents made it clear he enjoyed his time here last season and that he wanted to continue to play in Cincinnati. We know he had other offers, and we’re glad we were able to reach an agreement to bring Ryan back for at least two more years.”

The breakdown of the contract is not given, but I read elsewhere that it’s $7M / $7M / $1M buyout on a mutual option for a 3rd year.

11 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. Those details allay my only concern regarding the contract. The option almost has to be for $7MM, making this contract almost exactly mirror the Willingham contract from last year. Now about that leadoff position…

  2. I am happy he re-signed. Not only does he help on the field but his clubhouse impact is also really good for the team. I am very optimistic for the upcoming year!

  3. I hope the guy can deliver it again next year. I’d like to see Ryan Ludwick get a first basemen’s glove and get some work at spring training to be able to be a backup some for Joey V. when needed. I think age 34 is a good time to pickup that skill and would be a handy thing to be able to use.

  4. Like most everybody else, I’m also eagerly awaiting what might come next to settle the top two spots in the lineup. With Ludwick in left, and Frazier at third, that leaves three players, Phillips, Cozart and Stubbs (or whoever plays CF) to hit 1, 2 and 7. That assumes that Hanigan MUST hit 8th. Lotsa time left between now and spring training to figure that out, I realize. …… But I’m getting more and more curious about what Walt will do for bench help. Dusty has demonstrated that he’s gonna use his entire roster, great philosophy if you have the personnel, so these guys have to be productive. Seems like the idea that a team can always go out and find bench help is fine, provided you’re willing to make adjustments during the season when Plan A doesn’t work. And Cairo and Valdez didn’t work out, but the Reds didn’t make any changes. Thankfully the shortcomings were overcome with great pitching.

  5. I am very glad they brought Ludwick back. He had a very good year and hopefully he can have another few of those seasons.
    I truly like having stubbs on the team. He is one of our best defensive players and he does have value to our team………only if he bats 7 or 8. I like the 4 (5 if you count fraizer) outfielders. Yeah, we definetly can use upgrades in the OF, but this is a playoff team, especially with this re-signing. My lineup: 1. phillips 2. cozart/hanigan 3. votto 4. luddy 5. bruce 6 fraizer 7 hanigan/cozart 8 stubbs.

    Also, are valdez and cairo still on the roster? I haven’t heard either way.

    Thanks guys!!!

    • Also, are valdez and cairo still on the roster? I haven’t heard either way.

      Thanks guys!!!

      Valdez and Cairo are both free agents. Valdez is likely to get a new job on some team’s bench due to a need for shortstops while Cairo is likely to retire.

  6. @thebigd19: Naw, neither has been re-signed, though I don’t think their replacements have been pegged yet either, unless we’re counting on Emmanuel Burriss (sp?) to come through. He was a first-round pick that was a bust for the Giants, who finally gave up on him.

  7. I’ve not heard anything about Ronny Cedeno. Could he be an option for backing up SS & 2B, maybe even bringing him in on a minor league contract with a ST invite and an out clause? I would be comfortable with Henry Rodriguez as a switch-hitting utility IF, but I think he will be a Bat in 2013 and I really hope Emmanuel Burriss is inteded for minor league depth. I hope the Reds sign Hannahan for a corner IF utility role, because Rolen scares me if he is signed for a utility role.

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