Todd Frazier was named Major League Baseball Players Association Players Choice Award as the National League’s outstanding rookie Monday evening. All ballots for this award were submitted by the players.

“It means a lot. It’s the ultimate award, I think, because the players vote,” Frazier said. “They understand the game. They understand how hard it is to play, the grind. It’s very meaningful to me and I’m happy to receive it.”

“Wade Miley was steady all year. He did his thing,” Frazier said. “Harper came on strong at the end. I came on in the middle when we had a couple of guys go down.

“Just understanding the presence that Joey Votto has, and Scott Rolen, to come in and play the game, not to their capabilities but to mine, it was a big value. Filling those kinds of shoes was pretty hard. But I understood at the same time that you can’t do the things those guys can do. Do what you can do and trust yourself. That’s the bottom line. I trusted what I could do.”

Brandon Phillips won the newly minted Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Awards.

The prize from the sporting goods company names the best defensive player on each Major League club, as well as naming the best defensive player in each league and the best defensive team in baseball.

The winners were determined by the statistical analysis of MLB Network’s “shredder system” along with input from the Network’s analysts.

Phillips was named the best defensive player on the Reds squad while Michael Bourn was named the best defensive player in the National League. (Our fantasy player, Mike Trout, won best AL defensive player.)

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  1. Well-deserved by both men, keep up the good work.

  2. I said it once and I’ll say it again – Phillips’ contract was a good move. I’m sure he won’t be worth $14m in 2017 but he’ll be worth $72m from this year till then.

    MLB Trade Rumors is talking about resigning Madson. For more than $2m I say absolutely not. He can rehab on someone else’s dime.

  3. After the team’s playoff flop, the individual awards have lost their luster. The individual players certainly deserve the accolades, but they just don’t have the same meaning and impact without the team acheivement. How long until pitchers and catchers report… 😕

  4. I just got back from voting, and to my shock and dismay, Todd Frazier was NOT on the ballot! Of course, I wrote in his name, like I assume everybody else did. But seriously, how could this happen?

    PS – I did resist the urge to dot the ‘i’ in ‘Frazier’ with a heart on my write in line. This is serious.

  5. @RC: Lol. That’s great.

  6. Bray was non-tendered today.

    • Bray was non-tendered today.

      If he has been nontendered this early on the Reds must little or no interest in resigning him because they would be putting him on the market when it was still pretty much wide open. That would fit Jocketty’s rep of being straight forward and willing to help someone who doesn’t fit into his plans.

      Of course they might also be hoping he will test the market, find no reasonable offers, and come back to them for a minor league deal with a spring training invite.

  7. @TC: Link? Not that I don’t believe you, just curious.

  8. @rfay00: I looked at Fay’s blog, twitter, and Lance’s blog…at the moment, I only see it on Lance’s blog & he isn’t citing a source.

  9. #njsandy Ocean County Police Blotter reports: “Ocean County Fire Coordinator Chris Aldrich, Seaside Park Police Officers along with Major Leaguer Todd Frazier and NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez. Tonight, Frazier is at Toms River East Little League on Windsor Avenue helping with the recovery effort at the league’s drop off.”
    Ocean County Fire Coordinator Chris Aldrich, Seaside Park Police Officers along with Major Leaguer Todd Frazier and NY Jets QB Mark Sanchez. Tonight, Frazier is at Toms River East Little League on Windsor Avenue helping with the recovery effort at the league’s drop off.

    There is a picture, but couldn’t get it to post here…

  10. Congratulations to Todd Frazier on a well deserved honor from his peers. Same to BP.

    I see the small GM meetings start today in California and the big GM meetings will be in Nashiville, TN on Dec. 3-6. Hope Walt and the front office team are doing their due diligence. Aside from a leadoff hitter or a big bopper cleanup hitter, I see the bench as a place Walt has to address this winter. The free agent list will grow more as teams non-tender some of their players. I was looking at the list, as it is now, and I think this is where Walt might add a couple of players from for the bench. I was surprised that Keppinger was on the FA list. I think Walt should make it a priority to sign him as he can play any INF position. At least he has ML experience at all four positions. Plus he is a .300+ hitter. The Reds sorely need someone like this. Not a Valdez or Cairo. I think Heisey and XPaul should be the backup OF’s. I think that Mesoraco starts 2013 at AAA unless he has a scorching spring training. That leaves a backup INF and C to add to the bench. No way, no how that it should be Valdez. Maybe Didi Gregorius earns that INF spot. And for C, I have said it a few times, Walt should trade with the Phillies for one of their backup C’s, Erik Kratz. Big strong guy with a very strong arm to throw out base stealers. He’s 6-4 and about 230. His stats are very good, .248/.306/.504, 9 HR, 9 doubles, and 26 RBI in 141 AB’s. For comparison, Mez had a
    .212/.288/.352, 5 HR, 8 doubles, and 14 RBI in 165 AB’s. Navarro had a .290/.306/.449, 2 HR, 3 doubles, and 12 RBI in 69 AB’s. Navarro doesn’t have the arm or the power that Kratz could provide off the bench. I feel the Reds would have a much much better bench with Heisey, XPaul, Keppinger, Gregorius, and Kratz than they had last year. The bench was a major weakness last year, as we all know. What do you guys think??

  11. Frazier’s winning the players’ vote for Rookie of the Year is well deserved and especially interesting since we know that he has NO CHANCE of winning the writers’ vote for RoY.

    BP’s winning the Wilson award as the best Reds defender is small consolation for me (none really) and I imagine that it’s not much of a consolation for him, though he would have pride in it, in terms of his respect for the defensive play of at least 5 of his teammates.

    I’d still like to know what managers voted against him. Those same managers would sacrifice their first born to have BP play on their team.

  12. @WVRedlegs: What can I say, I think you’re right. I would like Keppinger and Kratz on the bench. The Phillies would not let Kratz go cheaply though. Navarro is OK as a backup catcher, he was not part of the problem with the bench.

  13. Why is XP not in the mix for Lf and/or Cf?

  14. @seat101: I was just about to post it. Glad we got rid of him now.

  15. @rfay00:

    Me, too, although he was the guy I thought we would miss the most over the years. Reminded me of Beowolf……

  16. @pinson343:
    Yes, Navarro did a fairly good job as a backup C last year. He is also a free agent too. I just think that Kratz would be a nice upgrade. Kratz is 32 and 2012 was his first year in MLB. So maybe it wouldn’t come at a high price, but a reasonable one.
    The Phillies have an all-star at C in Ruiz. And they have another backup C that I can’t think of their name right now. I don’t know a whole lot about Kratz, but he did hit the ball hard against the Reds in GABP. He crushed that HR he hit. The Reds need that kind of power of the bench or in the lineup as a good defensive C to spell Hanigan from time to time. Remember, the Phillies owe Walt one for suckering him so badly on that Valdez deal last year.

  17. @seat101: He is scary looking, now he’s just plain scary.

  18. @WVRedlegs: Ugh that Valdez trade was awful. If we were going to trade a lefty reliever for Valdez, it should have been Bray instead. But who knew.

    I’ve seen Kratz hit and I know what you mean, he’s solid.

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