2012 Postseason

13 thoughts on “Sad Panda

  1. Tigers are down 2-0 going home. We were up 2-0 going home. Reds implosion still cuts real deep.

  2. I hope the Giants sweep. I simply want this season to be over so we can move on to the offseason and look forward to spring training. That 3 game collapse to lose the NLDS has left a horrid, foul taste lingering in my baseball psyche that I just want to put behind me. I can’t even imagine how the players feel right now. I didn’t mind the sweep by the Phillies in 2010, but 2012 was hard to stomach. I sat through the final game at GABP in both 2010 & 2012. As depressing as the last game in 2010 was and as exciting as the last game in 2012 was, I was able to shake off the 2010 loss much easier. Here’s to a return to the post season in 2013, with a little more success this time!

  3. Can’t we just talk about the offseason and next year? . . . I don’t need any reminders of Those Three Days.

  4. Wow, Chad. My soul is still crushed, but thanks for the uplifting tweet! Jeeeez….

  5. Lol. Funny.

    Hope the Giants win, but the NL tends to have more trouble in an AL park than the other way around. Perhaps AL pitchers aren’t used to hitting, but using a bench player as a designated hitter is a huge disadvantage to overcome.

  6. Sorry, gang. That playoff choke job is still painful, and I can’t pretend to be positive or optimistic or anything.

    I’m not ready to talk about next year yet. This team punched me in the gut.

    (Yes, that’s completely over-dramatic. Enjoy!)

  7. Bad news gang…Donald Lutz just tweeted that he broke a finger fielding a bad hop yesterday. Ugh!

  8. It must have been too much party-time on the flight home from S.F. after the unlikely two game sweep. Game three was the key with Bailey in control but they didn’t get it done. Hopefully Walt will upgrade the offense for 2013.

  9. I don’t see it as a choke, especially if the Giants win it all. It appears as though the baseball gods have selected them to be this years champions, even the mighty Birds of St. Louis and all their greatness couldn’t stop the Giants. The worlds best/most dominate pitcher was made to look human (Tigers Ace) and a SF pitcher who has looked feable in the postseason was dominate last night against the tigers. The Giants are this years “team”…

  10. It’s kind of pathetic, but I feel a little bit better reading these comments and knowing that there’s other fans out there who still can’t get over it. The Giants winning the World Series is not going to make it any better but I think once the season is over I’ll be able to start thinking about something else. So hard not to look at the how bad the Tigers are playing and realize that there really wasn’t a single dominant team out there this year and the Reds really could have won it all. Then those couple of plays in game 3 come back and the decisions in game 4 and 5, etc etc and I’m depressed again. I still hope the Tigers come back but I know they won’t and I’m ready for this season to be over.
    I just hope the Reds are feeling the pain too and working extra hard for next year. Paul Daugherty pointed out that if Jay treated every at bat like he did that last one he could be the MVP. Man, I thought he was going to pull one out into right field. Let’s go Redlegs! But after a nice long break.

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