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Ryan Hanigan

All of us here at Redleg Nation are HUGE, HUGE Ryan Hanigan fans. (Personally, he may not be my favorite Reds player, but he’s in the top 2 or 3.)

Undrafted FA who fought his way up through the organization and is now one of the best catchers in the game….

John Erardi has an absolutely brilliant article/interview with Ryan Hanigan.

Take the time to read it, you won’t be sorry.

11 thoughts on “Ryan Hanigan

  1. Nice article and nice feel good story. I think some fans tend to regard him too much as an offensive player because he hits too well despite pitchers always raving about his ability to catch and call games.

    • What a manager that guy will make. Can’t wait to see it!

      @Jared Wynne: Agreed. Other than the not being able to wait part. I look forward to watching him catch for many years to come.

      How many catchers can say the called a no-hitter?

  2. I’m hoping Hanigan gets to catch strike three of the last out of the Series. A 2-2 low fastball that he frames perfectly. . . that would be fitting.

  3. Hanigan is a “foxhole” guy and is my favorite Red. Thanks for the link, Bill.

  4. WJ’s extension of Hanigan was a great move. I love the way Hanigan handles pitchers, gets them to focus, sets a target with confidence. His throwing out would-be base stealers, especially those trying for 3rd, has helped the Reds “big time”.

    Also, next to Joey, he has the best strike zone discipline of any Reds hitter.

  5. I remember when Hanigan came up for just a few ABs in 2007. He hit better than I expected, and I’ve liked him more and more ever since. How about that HR against Sabathia ? Turned that game around.

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