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Titanic Struggle Recap: Frazier Gives Reds Heimlich

2012’s final titanic struggle recap of the regular season at GABP….

Milwaukee 1
Cincinnati 2

W: J. Broxton (3-1)
L: J. Axford (5-8)

–Mat Latos, Mat Latos, Mat Latos.  Good grief.  Is he stepping up at the right time of the year or what?  How does The Trade look now?

–Jersey Todd.  He’s been slumpy lately.  That was good to see on many levels.

–Dioner Navarro.  Where do the Reds find these catchers?  Does Johnny Bench, the Patron Saint of Catching, have anything to do with it?

–The Bullpen.  As always.  Sean Marshall.  Money.  Jonathan Broxton.  Money.  Pitching.  It’s been the story of this season.  How fitting the home portion of the regular season should end this way.  Pitching and Todd.

–The disappearing offense.  Lots of mitigating circumstances.  It’s September.  Guys are grinding out the end of a long summer.  The revolving door lineup as call-ups play and regulars rest doesn’t help.  Perhaps batteries are just recharging.

–Attendance.  23K.  55% of capacity.  I know.  It’s a day game.  School.  But really?  The last chance for many fans to see this special team in the flesh for 2012 and this is the best the fan base can do? 2,347,251 season attendance.  Second most in GABP’s history, behind the park’s inaugural season.  An average of 1600 more fans per game than the disappointing 2011 season.  300,000 more than 2010, when the Reds won the division.  Talk amongst yourselves.


–Reds just ended the Brew Crew’s season and probably just cemented St. Louis as the #2 WC.  Do you fear the Cardinals?

Today’s Titanic Comment:  BearcatNation –  at 3:12 pm:  How about a walk-off to end the home portion of the regular season?

Get well, Dusty.


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  1. I watched ESPNNews for nearly 2 hours last night. (More like stuck watching it.) It seemed like Baseball had more time than football. It may simply be a product of some close Wild Card chases, but I was happy to see baseball getting so much air time. Yes, yes, the Reds were not mentioned at all during the period in which I watched, but the As were brought up a lot. Sorry to see Jonny strike out for the last out in their loss to the Rangers yesterday make the news. Since it was an important game with critical implications (The As are teetering between winning the ALW and not making the postseason) it got a lot of play.

  2. I’d have to think this weekend is the final opportunity to rest guys who need it. I think Phillips falls into that category for sure, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to rest Bruce either. It would also be good to see the pitch count for our starters kept to 90 or less.

  3. @littleleo1: I’ll gently disagree that Milwaukee is a better baseball town. I live up by Chicago and attend games at Miller Park here and there. Much like the Cleveland Indians of the ’90s, Milwaukee has fallen in love with their team over the last couple years. But I suspect that as soon as the team starts to stink, the fans will peel away just as they did in Cleveland, and attendance will revert back to the mediocre numbers they’ve historically drawn.

  4. @Steve Mancuso: Yup. That’s a huge advantage (roof) that the Brewers have. 81 games, rain or shine, it’s going to be nice in there. It’s so nice they’ve hosted the Tribe when they got snowed out.

  5. @Greg Dafler:

    In this economy, if attendance is trending up, that’s a good thing. I hope you are right about next year, but there are a few external factors that could really affect next years attendance. The fiscal financial cliff the country is facing in January is a looming nightmare. Will anybody have any money to spend on games next year?? Lots of things have to play out before the 2013 season, if there is one. 😥

  6. @Sultan of Swaff: I’m going to have to agree with Thom on this one. I had taped the game and watched it last night, but thought that inning and Broxton’s pitching out of trouble was the key to the game. If the Brewers lead gets larger than one run at that point the chances of a comeback become almost negligible. The jam was not of Broxton’s making – Jay Bruce (with a little help from Brandon Phillips) misplayed a pop-up in shallow right center that created a first and second none out jam. Stubbs was much too far away in center to get to the ball and it was too deep for any second baseman but Phillips to even think about reaching – it was Bruce’s ball all the way and he didn’t hustle to it. It’s always the outfielder’s responsibility to call off the infielder on a play like that and Bruce just didn’t do it. He is so talented in right I’m always surprised by little mental lapses like that but we’ve seen a few in the last month or so. I’m hoping someone on the coaching staff will show him the video and talk him through it – he’s too good to let that sort of thing happen. In any case, I thought Broxton did very well to get out of the inning with no runs scored. And that gave Super Todd a chance for some 9th inning magic.

  7. Somewhat related to attendance… I just got an email, and I don’t know if it’s verified or not, but it says Braun and Axford bought 5,000 tickets for the Brewers home series this weekend and are giving them away. That’s pretty classy.

  8. @CFD3000: My read on that play (without benefit of replay) was that Bruce was going to make the catch but got waved off by Phillips. I agree with your overall point, though, that Broxton didn’t do anything to deserve either base runner. Both were bloop hits.

  9. @Steve Mancuso: You may be right Steve, but we’ve all been spoiled by Phillips’ talent and range. Everyone, including Bruce, expects him to catch everything. It’s still Bruce’s job to call of Phillips, not the other way around. I also realize that we’ve been spoiled all season by a stellar defensive team and I’m just nitpicking over a tough play in a game that the Reds actually won.

    • CFD3000: It’s still Bruce’s job to call of Phillips, not the other way around.

      I definitely agree. I wasn’t trying to exonerate Bruce completely. I didn’t think he misplayed it (again, I only got one look at it, so could easily be wrong).

      I’m a little testy when it comes to Brandon Phillips’ defense. He does make spectacular plays – frequently – although there have been noticeably fewer of them this year, possibly due to injury. But his hot-dogging does bother me at times. The needless bare-handed plays, the overly casual body language on some plays, the exaggerated body language on others – I get that it’s entertaining, and especially in games like yesterday when not a whole lot was on the line.

      I hope he fields with two hands in the postseason. And I think he will.

  10. @Sultan of Swaff: It’s clear what Speier meant about the postseason roster, and I don’t like the statement. It means Cairo is on the roster. Aside from there being multiple options for a better bat off the bench, this will limit the option of having Navarro pinch hit (if Mes were on the roster instead). This could obviously impact the outcome of a game.

    I hope I’m wrong about Cairo being on the postseason roster.

  11. @Steve Mancuso: I’m a big fan of BP and believe he’s the best defensive 2nd baseman is baseball, but agree with every word you say. And his style bothers a lot of people. I listen quite a bit to the radio broadcasts by other teams, and he is widely and intensely disliked, to the point of the Pirate broadcasters, for example, saying Barney of the Cubs (who was not at all impressive on defense when the Reds played them) should get the GG.

    BP explained his having more errors than some other 2nd basemen: “I make errors because of my range, the errors are on balls that others don’t get to.” He shouldn’t be making statements like that, and in any case it isn’t true. He’s made several errors this year because of going casual on routine plays.

    It’s the managers and coaches of course who vote on the GG, and I hope this doesn’t hurt him, he does deserve another one.

  12. @CFD3000: We have been spoiled by a stellar defensive team, I’m often shocked by watching the abysmal defense of a lot of playoff contending teams, now that I’m watching them more.

    But there is room for improvement. McCarver pointed out the other day that with Heisey, Stubbs and Bruce in the OF, the Reds have 3 CFers playing, and he raved about their speed and athleticism. I agree with him, but there are a fair number of pop ups that shouldn’t drop but do. I complained the other day about Heisey seeming to have mental lapses, but it’s also true about Bruce and even Stubbs.

  13. @dn4192: The 2010 team had a winning record every month except September, when they were a little under .500.

    I think we all agree that the 2012 Reds is a better team than the 2010 one.

  14. @TC: I’ve been watching a lot of late nite baseball on mlbnetowrk tv. I’m referring mainly to their switching around from game to game, catching the live action at big moments.

    It’s fun to see some old friends playing on contending teams. I too was sorry to see Gomes K for the last out, and felt worse when Adam Dunn – who’s done some serious heroics down the stretch – K’d for the last out of that game.

    Aside from them, also enjoy seeing Keppinger, Adam Rosales, even Dewayne Wise playing important roles on contending teams. Am I missing anyone ?

    • @TC: I’ve been watching a lot of late nite baseball on mlbnetowrk tv. I’m referring mainly to their switching around from game to game, catching the live action at big moments.

      It’s fun to see some old friends playing on contending teams. I too was sorry to see Gomes K for the last out, and felt worse when Adam Dunn – who’s done some serious heroics down the stretch – K’d for the last out of that game.

      Aside from them, also enjoy seeing Keppinger, Adam Rosales, even Dewayne Wise playing important roles on contending teams. Am I missing anyone ?

      Soft J… but other than that I think you’ve got it covered. 😉

  15. @redsfanman: I’m with you except for the inclusion of Cairo. He’s had a terrible season and there are better options. And has been said, without Mes, Hanigan/Navarro aren’t fully available to PH.

  16. @pinson343: I think part of the popups problem in GABP is that the outfielders really need to play pretty deep. A lot of balls that go to the wall are effectively catchable with a decent leap. So playing deep opens up a lot of green in front of the outfielders.

    This used to be the case in Denver till they humidor’ed the balls.

    But if you get burned in GABP, the ball rattles around a lot off that screwy scoreboard.

    Stubbs does a decent job going back on the ball. Bruce doesn’t. Heisey is vastly overrated as an outfielder. Ludwick is better going to the line, being a lefty. Paul is very ordinary in the OF.

    • @Johnu1:


      Stubbs does a decent job going back on the ball. Bruce doesn’t. Heisey is vastly overrated as an outfielder.

      Really? Stubbs goes back on balls that end up landing in front of him, so I guess he has a lot of practice ‘going back. Heisey is average/above average. And that is how he is rated. Not overrated.


  17. I was looking at the league leader stats and came across the OBP leaders. Posey at .405 and McCutcheon at .403. I looked up Joey Votto’s OBP. Its at .475. Absolutely incredible. For a player to get on base nearly 50% of his plate appearances is unheard of. Glad he is on our side. And some people were advocating last season and off-season to trade him and keep Alonso for 1B. Whoa.

  18. @pinson343: @Johnu1: On outfielders…

    To my eyes, Stubbs reads and reacts simultaneously and continuously. Bruce is essentially the same as Stubbs but perhaps not as quick and certainly not as fleet of foot.

    On the other hand Heisey seems to read for a split second THEN react. I think some of Heisey’s questionable routes result from the fact that he doesn’t read as well on the fly as the other two and has trouble of getting “ahead” of the ball in his mind, if that makes sense.

    In the end there are any number of reasons why first rounders are first rounders and 17th rounders are 17th rounders. Heisey may be a hard worker and may be getting everything out of his abilities there is to get but just simply lack some innate skills the other two possess.

  19. @WVRedlegs: I’m convinced that one reason Joey Votto is playing every inning every game is to try and get close enough to that magic number of 502 plate appearances that he can take the 0fers required to make the number and still maybe still the batting title etc.

  20. I normally buy my tickets from stubhub… for the playoffs, my name wasn’t drawn so i just called ticketmaster and asked for th cheapest seats/best available. I was suprised it was only 40 bucks. I’ve never been to a playoff game so I’m pretty stoked. I was at the “play-in game” against the Mets but i was pretty young for that and it’s kind of a blur. I mostly remember fans running on the field and doing the YMCA. lol (yes i’m pretty young compared to most on this page)

  21. @WedgieSanders: Did you get a single for the playoff game? And which game are you going to?

    According to the TM web site, there’s NOTHING available for game 1, and only sporadic singles for games 2 and 3.

  22. @renbutler:
    If his ticket was $40, then it must have been a Standing Room Only ticket. A ticket in the last row of the upper deck was going for $58 on TM, and that was game #2.

  23. @OhioJim: If I did my math correctly, which I probably didn’t, I think if Joey didn’t take another PA this season, he’d still end up with a .426 OBP if you gave him o’fers to get to 502. If that’s right, that’s just amazing.

    121 H + 88 BB + 5 HBP = 214
    368 AB + 88 BB + 5 HBP +2 SF= 451…. 214/451= .475 (His current #’s)

    Add 51 more to the bottom number to represent hitless/walkless AB’s: 214/502= .426

  24. @Matt WI:

    As long as Joey V is feeling good, I really expect him to play every game remaining in the regular season. That would leave him only 25 PA, more or less, short of 502. He is not only going to make a mockery of the OBP qualifiers, but he might very well come into play for the OPS qualifiers if he can continue to refine his power stroke. Unless he goes on an absolute hitting tear, the BA probably won’t come close even though he has a higher BA right now than any of the qualifiers. Factoring in an 0 for 25 will pound the BA pretty hard, but he should still finish among the league leaders in BA & SLG even with the 0 for 25 factored into his final results. I think Big Bob got a bargain and Joey V is happy too.

    If the Reds win both of the remaining series (2 of 3 for each series), they will finish with 98 wins. Savor that bouquet Reds fans…98 victories…

    I still contend that this team is 1 or 2 years away from plan completion and they could win 98 games this year with a serious push for a ring.

  25. @BloodyHo: If I’m not mistaken, the rule change they passed for this year to keep Melky from stealing the batting title was basically “no adding plate appearances to give a person enough to qualify.” So Joey can’t qualify for th OBP title. Which isnt so bad, because it’s not exactly as prestigious as winning the batting title; anyone who understands the value of OBP understands Votto has been awesome this year with or without him being credited with 502 PA.

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