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Are you a Reds fan?

Our good friend Freekbass got together with Bootsy Collins and a bunch of Reds fans to make a new video for “Reds Fan.” I know most of you have already heard this; check out the update:

3 thoughts on “Are you a Reds fan?

  1. Being far away, I hadn’t seen this. I especially like the kid surreptitiously donning his Reds hat when the teacher wasn’t looking. Thanks, Chad.

  2. This is great! I’ve been a Red’s fan since I was a littler girl.

    Btw — I was discussing the Red’s with my older brother the other day and we started talking about 3rd baseman Buddy Bell. He recalls a play where Bell threw the ball to 1st base from lying on his back and made the out. I would LOVE to see a video clip of it. I know the MLB online archives don’t go back that far.. any idea where I could track it down?

  3. I’d also be curious whether anyone has listed what Reds audio clips were used in that video. … Of course, some are obvious from the broadcast itself, but for example, there is what appears to be a walkoff homer from Tony Perez, and I’m curious as to whether that was a game in which the Reds scored 4 or 5 in the ninth to beat the Giants in the first game of a doubleheader at Riverfront. I’m sure Perez had more walkoff homers than that one, but I was at that game so I wax nostaglic for it!

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