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The Official Editorial Position of Redleg Nation re: the Wooooo

I love it. Absolutely love the Wooooo. It’s dumb fun, and I love seeing Reds fans having fun at the ballpark.

Who cares that they did it in Pittsburgh? It was an organic thing in Cincinnati on the night all the dogs came to the park. Now Reds fans are even doing it on the road (at Wrigley).

I give an open mic to the other editors here at RN to say what they’d like, but we have now had two anti-wooooo posts. I felt like I needed to stand up and say this: I could not disagree more. The wooooo is fantastic. Keep it up, Reds fans.

Fans should cheer for the Reds however they like (and that includes the people who don’t like the wooooo). As for me, I can’t wait to woooo for the Reds at GAB in the playoffs.

(Oh, and by the way, this is NOT the official editorial position of RN. Clearly, our editors disagree, as do many of you.)

19 thoughts on “The Official Editorial Position of Redleg Nation re: the Wooooo

  1. Well said Chad.

    But like I said in the other thread, why can’t these two fanbases co-exist? I’m not a “Woo”er, never will be, but I don’t see what it is about it that leads people to come out and denounce it.

    I’m not defending the “Woo”, but I don’t see the harm in it.

  2. Sorry to hijack the thread… but the bigger issue today is not the “woo.” It’s that the Reds may clinch, and I live in the Tigers’ viewing area, so I won’t get the game. When will these blackout restrictions end? I pay for MLB.tv. In addition to the money I paid MLB direction, I’ve watched countless Corona adds this year, which I’m sure brought in even more. The thanks I get is a bleeping Tigers game on what should be one of the most exciting days of the baseball year.

  3. Thanks Chad, of all the 137 other things that are annoying at the ball park, I can’t believe folks are getting their undies in bunch over the WOOOOOO!!!!!

    • I think the only solution here is an RN editor cage match. Pro-wooo vs. Anti-wooo. Only one can win.

      I’m not tangling with Steve! I wouldn’t have a chance.

  4. It is not that the “Wooooo” is itself good or evil, it depends on how it is used. I find the Tomahawk Chop intensely annoying (and well past its time) but will credit Braves fans for employing it appropriately.

    I will leave it for others to debate when, why and how long to “Wooooo”, but to “Wooooo” or not to “Wooooo” is not the question.

    • I will leave it for others to debate when, why and how long to “Wooooo”, but to “Wooooo” or not to “Wooooo” is not the question.


      And I was having fun with Shakespeare. I didn’t mean for it to be taken literally.

  5. Hmmm. I didn’t mean to turn the Wooooo into an up or down vote. And I’m certainly not giving it a categorical thumbs down. I just hope it stays related to what is happening on the field and doesn’t become a entertainment unto itself that becomes a distraction to the play at hand.

    I often sit in ballparks and watch the wave hit home plate just as the home team’s pitcher is into his delivery. That can’t be helpful. And I’m certain the players aren’t happy when a crucial at bat is interrupted by a beach ball that makes its way onto the field.

    And the Thundersticks are another blight on the scene. There is nothing worse than having guy in the seat next to you bang those things together for 9 innings or 4 quarters.

  6. The “Woooo” is like a Saturday Night Live sketch — funny at first but the longer it goes on the less funny it gets.

    Still, it could be worse. It could be vuvuzelas.

    • …. it could be worse.It could be vuvuzelas.

      Great. That non-stop swarm of mosquito sound was maddening.

  7. There’s only one way to settle this argument. WWCSD? What Would Charlie Sheen Do? I think we all know the answer to that.

  8. I have to turn the volume down late in the game. I can’t believe a person would yell “WOOO” over and over and over again at the ballpark. What the hell would be wrong with “Let’s Go Reds”!? Get a chant going. I doubt if WOOOOO really gets the players juiced up.

  9. I loved the wooo the nite I first heard it in Cincy – during a wild 14 inning game. The remaining fans were punch drunk, and their wooos captured the atmosphere of the game and in the stands.

    As far as its becoming a lasting thing, I’m on the fence.

  10. Unlike Richard, my wildest dream is that Buck and McCarver try to explain or bitch about the wooo. I would love to watch that.

  11. I am a fan of the woooo, and don’t quite care how or when it is used, but I have a problem that it came from Pittsburgh. For all we know, a Pirates fan was the one who started it the night that it started at GABP. As a Cincinnati-ian, I can’t stomach our hijacking a Pittsburgh tradition. It would be like if Bengals fans started waving orange terrible towels at their games.

  12. I am a big fan of the woooo! When the Reds starting rallying, like in yesterday’s game, a large majority of the fans started woooing! I was one of them. I really enjoyed the comradery. At least it is not a rally monkey, or something like that. Embrace it, that is my call.

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