Some of you may have noticed that you didn’t get much TV coverage of the Reds Clinchmas celebration. Here’s an explanation, courtesy of FOX Sports Ohio:

Going into today’s Reds game on FOX, the Reds magic number for clinching the NL Central was 1. FOX Sports Ohio had every intention of covering post-game celebration live if the Reds won.

When it looked as though the Reds were going to win, we promoted that we would have live celebration coverage immediately following the game.

Unfortunately just prior to air, the signal was lost out of Cincinnati. Our engineers feverishly tried to restore the transmission but they were unable to recover it.
We will air [a] special on Monday at 8pm, featuring the post-game celebration. While this special cannot replace the live coverage lost this evening, we hope Reds fans will be able to enjoy the Reds clinching the Central Division.
We sincerely apologize for the disappointment and frustration this caused so many Reds fans.

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  1. There goes this season’s Emmy.

  2. Frustration is the right word. We have Champagne Celebration blue balls.

  3. I guess if something in the physical layer broke, all a person can say is stuff happens. If somebody didn’t have a signal path setup, for shame….

  4. I wish the Reds could play through till the end of football season.

  5. It wouldn’t have happened if George Grande was still here. Oh, George: Where art thou?

  6. Due to technical difficulties I was forced to celebrate privately by pouring ginger ale from my 1990 Wire to Wire Cup over my head. Wife didn’t seem pleased. She immediately called a professional. The question is was it my doctor, or her lawyer? Guess I’ll find out tomorrow. Darn FSO….

  7. I had a hard time of getting coverage on my plan that is supposed to cover all out of market games… how odd.

    The MLB on FOX is the third most evil thing in sports. The others being Roger Goodell and the New England Patriots.

  8. @Jared: After that debacle today in Iowa City, I can see why. The other “eyes” in the B1G were extremely fortunate something similar did not happen to them too. The biggest change I see in the Buck’s offense so far under the new regime is that is terribly inconsistent out the primarily the spread/ pistol formation instead of primarily the I formation.

  9. That was terrible. There was some coverage on MLBNetwork but whenever I checked back on FSN OH there was a message promising that coverage of the postgame celebration was coming up soon. Why the heck did they make a point to advertise coverage if they can’t do it until Monday?

    And it’s not like there was some important sporting event that they couldn’t interrupt, it was some TV show about cars.

  10. @redsfanman: …Umm, there were signal difficulties that prevented the telecast… It’s almost 2am so I would just ask you to read the blip posted above that has a quote from FSO because I feel like you didn’t…

    • @redsfanman: …Umm, there were signal difficulties that prevented the telecast… It’s almost 2am so I would just ask you to read the blip posted above that has a quote from FSO because I feel like you didn’t…

      I did read that quote above, but that doesn’t change that for more than an hour after the game the Reds’ TV channel had a message rolling across the street that coverage was coming up soon. It seems like they could have made a decision not to air anything within a few minutes rather than to leave people hanging for an hour.

  11. Mistakes/problems happen. I am out of the area and wouldn’t be able to watch anyway. It would have been unfortunate to miss but in the end no harm/no foul.

  12. Anybody out there in Reds land know where the celebrations can be watched online? I’m not in FSOs viewing area, and even though I have the package they didn’t show it live and only have a very short clip on their website.

  13. BTW, I think it’s a shame they didn’t put Hanigan in to catch the top of the 9th. Especially if the game ended in a Chapman strikeout, Hanigan deserved to spend that moment on the field with his arms in the air and the ball in his mitt. Say what you will about Dusty as a manager, but I suspect he’d have put Hanigan in as both a baseball move and as a “players’ manager” move. Still, Wooooooooo!!! Central Division Champions!

  14. Thanks RedForever!

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