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Congratulations, Redleg Nation, your votes got Joe to the fan finals of the 2013 Ford C. Frick Award!

In this 10th year of allowing fan votes, the Hall of Fame has expanded the voting to two rounds. The first round consisted of all 222 eligible broadcasters, those with 10 or more consecutive years of experience for a team or network. Voting narrowed that down to a field of 41. The full list in alphabetical order:

Joe Angel, Richie Ashburn, Alan Ashby, Bert Blyleven, Lou Boudreau, Thom Brennaman, Rodger Brulotte, Joe Buck, Steve Busby, Skip Caray, Joe Castiglione, Tom Cheek, Don Chevrier, Gary Cohen, Jerry Doggett, Jacques Doucet, Dick Enberg, Ed Farmer, Ray Fosse, Hank Greenwald, Tom Grieve, Tom Hamilton, Ken Harrelson, Mark Holtz, Pat Hughes, Jim Hunter, Todd Kalas, Bill King, Mike Krukow, Duane Kuiper, Eric Nadel, Joe Nuxhall, Phil Rizzuto, Ron Santo, Mike Shannon, Charlie Slowes, Dewayne Staats, Steve Stone, Pete Van Wieren, Mike Wilner and Bert Wilson.

The final round of fan voting begins this week and ends October 5th at 5pm. The top 3 vote-getters will be placed on the final ballot with 7 other broadcasters selected by the Hall.

Nuxhall has been on the final ballot five times. Let’s make it a 6th time this year!

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  1. So is Thom. Baffling.

  2. I didn’t know Thom had 10 years of service to a team or network. It must be Fox Sports. I’m not nearly as down on Thom as others here, but it’s a pretty loose list to have him included.

    I know others will slam me for this, but my favorite is Jeff Brantley. I hated, I mean I really hated him when he first came on. His voice gave me mental images of the trucker I once saw wiping his backside in a truck stop with no stall door. The scene scarred me. Anyway, I digress. The Cowboy has grown on me. I find him very insightful.

    I didn’t grow up with Nuxhall. I only remember him from his later days. To be honest, I didn’t think much of him as a broadcaster, but the stories that came out about him after he passed showed me just how a gem he was to Cincinnati (Fairfield in particular).

  3. Hey, Thom’s up there too. I actually don’t mind Thom… he might get a vote from me as well. As long as Joe Buck doesn’t make it. Man, he kills me. If he’s doing a game, I watch the game on mute.

  4. Every now and then, I see a photo or a piece of writing about Joe and I miss his voice all over again. With so many walk off wins the last few years, I would give just about anything to hear him call a few these days.

    Having said something that’ll be popular, I’ll undercut with something that might not be: I find The Creeper a lot more entertaining and insightful than Brantley, but maybe it’s just because Cowboy’s accent gets to me. Welsh just seems more upbeat. Not delusional, just upbeat. If he could stop saying “You’re right about that” after everything his broadcast partner says, he’d be great.

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