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Chicken Little’s Chapprehension

Maybe the “sky is falling” crowd will have something legitimate to worry about this week after all. Courtesy of Mark Sheldon:

Chapman’s top speed in his 22-pitch appearance (seven of which were strikes) was 97 mph, but several of his pitches were 93-94 mph. And that had the Reds worried.

“Yeah, because his velocity was down,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “He didn’t have any pain. He might be a little tired. We might have to rest him for a while here. He was analyzed by a doctor. The doctor said his shoulder is fatigued. We’ve got to take care of him.”

Thankfully, the Reds have a 9.5 game lead so they can take whatever cautious course is indicated.

Commence quiet, low-level sense of dread.

99 thoughts on “Chicken Little’s Chapprehension

  1. I seem to recall from an interview with John Smoltz that he thought closing was not much less stressful on the arm than starting, as you are up and down so much in the pen then pitch 2-4 days straight without the extended break between outings.

    Either way, while his total innings isn’t topped out, this is probably the latest in a season Chapman has regularly pitched without a break (on the DL last year). What has happened this past week is something that seemed to happen to him if used 3 days in a row last year. That 3rd day, he was a mess. Beyond the speed, he’s lost that control he had earlier this year and that’s probably more telling.

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